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Orlando Disney Guide-I-ticket news: ORD-MCO

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I believe we read many Disney strategy, a hornet's nest, great God of us poor tour network, penning many pages under the strategy, stunning, Disney is a deep and enormous subject.A few days ago, blogger to four day Orlando Disney, of course, as a person to understand credit and mileage points, see point of view is different.Series consists of: point tickets and practical travel, hotel reservation and actual itineraries, access transport options, and these can be migrated to other parts of the travel arrangements.Went on to describe for playing Disney's money tips and a rough itinerary introduced, playing experience of various projects and ideas for Disney.

Orlando Disney Guide-I-ticket news: ORD-MCO

1. Travel arrangements

Truth be told, the bloggers have always been others arranged before the trip, one that starts with people directly, this time to bring a wife his plan was a first.Fortunately, the final arrangements are quite happy to play.In fact, the two most is simple, grab a few important points arranged, others want to how to play how to play on the line, don't have everything arranged every hour, every step.

And the most important point is: airfare, hotel, connecting traffic.Among them, the ticket must be determined, because cheap tickets, or miles time often have no choice, set a ticket between the hotel and shuttle transport after the match, minimization of time should do the trick.

Because the route, bloggers need ticket twice, ORD (Chicago)–MCO (Orlando International Airport) and any airport – a small city of Orlando.Goal is of course to use the most cost-effective exchange mileage or saving money.

2. Ticket ORD-MCO

Here are some travel programme (all on a single basis)

  • UA mileage: 12.5k+$80 (due to booking within 21 days prior to departure, and have extra ticket 75)
  • AA mileage: 12.5k+$80 (due to booking within 21 days prior to departure, and have extra ticket 75)
  • BA AA mileage: 7.5K+$5.6 (BA AA mileage tickets can avoid ticket fees within 21 days, and low tax)
  • The cheapest ticket: $139 (AA), by the Google flights queried
  • Use the TYP and Prestige ticketing: 8.7K (Typ combined with prestige 1.6c way ticket to each point)
  • Use UR or MR votes: 11.6K (UR or MR in the official website of the travel site with each 1.2c votes out of the way)
  • Counterparts in using US Airways tickets

How should we choose so many ways we, first of all, mileage ticket within 21 days an additional fee for United States domestic air tickets, account for a large proportion, and AA/UA flew Central America and from more value, so the first two programmes directly pass.And finally a programme using the combined value of URMR points higher than $139, so the pass directly.US Airways counterparts requires a round trip, clearly this is not.

For BA, direct pay and TYP scenarios, disadvantages of using BA Miles is flight cannot continue to accumulate mileage, but for BA to swap out 1.8C's sake, is definitely preferred.And eggs!BA enquiry and no mileage tickets the same day!So only second, the choice between cash tickets and TYP.If the TYP and Presitge credit card, of course, choose points booking well.Points save for spend, after all, had not spent waiting for depreciation only.TYP booking has the advantage, is the ticket can still get frequent flier miles, of miles one way 1k ORD-MCO, can be considered a bonus.Following is the final Exchange, two individuals with a total spending TYP17.3K

Orlando Disney Guide-I-ticket news: ORD-MCO


Before the ORD-MCO, ORD AA Club experience, used last year to apply for complimentary Us Airways Club pass US Airways credit cards (now AA Admiral Club pass), a I used to bring one guest.Is in need of attention, the door staff may check pass on the name and ID.

Orlando Disney Guide-I-ticket news: ORD-MCO


Is not much to eat in the Club, mainly some cookies, coffee, soup and carrot, and coffee is good.Club with the networks and all the flight departure and arrival screens, it is quite convenient.

Orlando Disney Guide-I-ticket news: ORD-MCO


Finally an episode, we went back to the gate and found the plane is late, then went back to the Club and the staff explained the situation, and produced using the Club pass before, and cool for an hour.

Here are some blogger, this time with tickets to the tool, for reference use:

 Please pay attention to the series article, I Orlando, Disney's introduction:

Orlando Disney Guide-I-ticket news: ORD-MCO
Orlando Disney Guide-I-ticket news: ORD-MCO
Orlando Disney Guide-I-ticket news: ORD-MCO
Orlando Disney Guide-I-ticket news: ORD-MCO

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