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I Orlando, Disney's strategy–connecting transportation: Shuttle and uber

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Determined over the flights and hotels, then consider connecting traffic.Because most of the hotel has a shuttle to all major Orlando theme parks (specific trips you can contact the hotel), so don't worry, the rest of the traffic between the airport and the hotel.Normal access mode, there are four: public transportation, car rentals, taxi, shuttle and uber.This blogger experience is two, you travel up to one of these two ways all too familiar, but there are some small details to save money you may not have noticed.

I Orlando, Disney's strategy--connecting transportation: Shuttle and uber

1. Feeder options

  • Public transport

If you are focused on theme parks, such as Disney, water parks, Universal Studios, you can rest assured that hotels provide shuttle service shuttle to the Park.If you want to go to downtown Orlando, you can choose this way to save some money.Because we have four days to focus on Disney, and ORD-MCO aircraft is 10 o'clock to Orlando, then cannot take the bus arrives at the hotel in Orlando from Hotel/Disney Orlando Sanford (SFB) airport during the day, but due to travel far, there is no convenient public transportation (transfer 5 times, 4 hours).Therefore, public transport Pass.

  • Rental cars and taxis

Search the following, five-day car rental and offsite (MCO car, SFB) cost approximately more than 200, but the thought of 1. Except for the first day and the last day will be car, lived on the edge of Disney, and a shuttle to and from 2. hotels and Disney needed additional parking fees, so it does not take into account rental cars for a long time.And if you rent it for a day from the hotel to the SFB airport, $60 many cheaper, also consider the refueling, car car troubles, rather than a taxi.Bottom of the taxi as a way, the advantage is called, it is convenient, the disadvantage is that prices would be higher.So rent a car Pass, and taxi options.

  • Shuttle

To save money, everybody will choose shared Shuttle, or drivers to pick up after you and others will take you by the road a, and of course the prices are relatively cheap.However, the most important is to choose a good shuttle companies, that's not enough, is a high evaluation of the local people, in different places because each company-owned vehicles, service attitude is very different.The scheduled shuttle, blogger, dear.

  • Uber

Now very popular taxi services, the price is cheaper, that is also very convenient, the key is to have a lot of Promotion.This time select the Uber as a way of Sheraton/Disney to the Sanford airport was a great success.Was also to use the Uber from MCO to the Sheraton, but later because the flights arrived late at night, afraid of what this service normal robbers, for security reasons, you pass.

2. Specific practices and ways to save money

MCO-Sheraton (tragedies)

This is called the SuperShuttle shared Shuttle, the company seems more formal, the site is also good, but also in major cities have, so bloggers chose this company.On his website you can enter your own destination and origin, time of arrival, he will work out a price, and then you set on the line.After the plane arrived, he sent links to your online check in, he would reply with a position such as you should (generally the parking lot number), you'll be right there on the line.Last price was $20/people

Practice: flight from 11.4 to the MCO airport, immediately after online check in, then in the past.Results for more than an hour, the car came.Called 4 times in the Middle, two customer service pledge guarantee vehicles already on the road, 20 minutes is sure to come, Ghost shadows are not waiting for 40 minutes, other company shuttle has walked two or three times.Then another phone call, said customer service checked the car on the road, about 15 minutes, and was very smart to say, you don't want to cancel it now, I give you your money back.Had already waited for 50 minutes, and wanted to continue.Results, and waited half an hour to get to.Ask the driver, the driver said he was driving more than 10 minutes before being called up from the bed, this proves that they are lies, there are no arrangements (estimation is to have several guest pull together, because more than 10 minutes before the car came to the SuperShuttle guest two).So, if you want to select a shared shuttle people to choose, pick a good local reputation.Finally, it's almost two o'clock in the morning to the Sheraton, because rooms are suites that have been sold, also be the conservation of character.

  • Ways to save money:
    • Some fare discount code can be found on the Internet, such as 10%off and so on, when scheduled to fill in on the line
    • Scheduled end, a place to fill in frequent flyer, you can fill in your Chang Fei, drive a mile
    • Choosing the right credit card payments, credit card can I get a 3X or 2X such as CSP,Premier points, if not, choose EDP credit card 1.5X is also good.

Sheraton-SFB (pleasant Shun yi)

After the painful lessons of the shuttle before this return feeder decisive choice of uber.

Practice: back room, in uber x APP, five minutes here, we didn't finish a plate of landlords were to hand.Go, Wow, this car than our own home to senior

I Orlando, Disney's strategy--connecting transportation: Shuttle and uberThe bus, chatting with the driver, about work, about life in Orlando, about this APP and so on uber.Contrary, the shuttle before a look of resentment when the driver, it is a nightmare.For nearly an hour this time uber ultimately paid for how much money?I Orlando, Disney's strategy--connecting transportation: Shuttle and uber-20 promotion of new accounts using the Uber discounted for the first time, need to be registered by other recommended links to arrive.Long trip, not a promotion to finish $38 is explosive shuttle.Also, Blogger uber connected SPG account, get SPG points and discount 15-5 conditions $18 met AMEX Offer eventually cost only $13.

  • Ways to save money
    • Selected others recommend registration, can I get a $20 off discount by car for the first time, such as my referral link,
    • Link your Uber and SPG accounts, get 1 point for every uber spent $1 of SPG points, and, at SPG hotels accommodation if you also receive an additional 1 SPG point: links
    • Choose the right credit card payments, such as CSP, Premier 2X,3X points provided on credit cards
    • AMEX Offer: remember to see if you have the corresponding offer

I Orlando, Disney's strategy--connecting transportation: Shuttle and uber


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I Orlando, Disney's strategy--connecting transportation: Shuttle and uber
I Orlando, Disney's strategy--connecting transportation: Shuttle and uber
I Orlando, Disney's strategy--connecting transportation: Shuttle and uber
I Orlando, Disney's strategy--connecting transportation: Shuttle and uber

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