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My Orlando Disney tips – saving money tips

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Theme parks in Disney as a chain is perfect, trying to save money is more difficult.Tickets for the first year-round discounts, and secondly, due to tourists all the year round full, park surrounding the hotel and the hotel is also rising.And such a big theme park to play all day and never likely to go out to eat, then go back and play.Nevertheless, the majority of Disney lovers is summed up a number of ways to save money.Today I combined with the actual conditions of our trip to Disney and we share, of course, I will focus more on already in the United States people live.This paper mainly introduces: transportation, accommodation, entrance fees, meals and shopping, download play photos of some economical skills.

My Orlando Disney tips – saving money tips

1. Communications

Tickets: spot booking TYP, BA and lower Airways

From the big cities to Orlando air tickets will not be too high, so if you have a Citi Prestige credit card, use TYP purchase is a good choice (1.6c).Of course, if in the 4500/7500 BA points within the Canadian range of ORD, BA (British Airline) points (which can be transferred from UR or MR) purchased the League AA mileage is also a good choice because miles within the first 21 days of ticket booking, without additional cost, and cancel mileage can also refund the mileage.And if in smaller cities, may wish to use the Google flights, check your city ticket to Orlando Airport (SFB in particular), are likely to find cheap air tickets.Low mileage Exchange and aviation considerations refer to this two articles: ticket article 1, an airline article 2.

Feeder transport: free shuttle, uber

From the hotel to the major theme parks will have free shuttle, but pay attention to the first and last flights of the shuttle, shuttle is sometimes pick up a hotel and Disney's four parks, so check in the top circle of the possibilities.Transportation from the hotel to the airport can be Uber or Shuttle.Ways to save money can refer to this article: feeder review

Select can be, of course, you can always drive to the Park and leave, more freedom.However, requires a certain amount of car rental, hotel and Park in parking fees.If you spend most of the time at Disney and other theme parks, and the price of freedom is high.

2. Hotel

Around Disney's Hotel cash prices will be higher, if you bid the masters course directly Priceline or Hotwire guess hotel is to save money.Using points to book hotels in the hotel generally for high value, we can according to their own hotel points, refer to this article: the article.Disney Park Hotel you can dine and Park tickets bound to buy, if you want the convenience and can be used in this way, the website provides vacation package can also refer to.

3. Tickets

Aolanduodishini (Disney World) tickets are higher than California, and official website to purchase tax, one days expenditure is very high (official website).According to this travel bloggers, not counting airfare and hotel, with two-thirds of money spent on tickets, so we care most about is how inexpensive secure buying Disney tickets.For FL residents, of course, the best option is to pass, not discussed here.Here are a few methods of saving money to buy tickets, and save money and security to discuss

Official website booking: using credit cards and gift cards

Official website tickets of course most safety, and fares are rising year by year.Current bloggers thought of the best way to buy tickets is as follows:

  • Buy discount target gift card (about 6%-8% off)
    • Such as Raise the purchase was 6% off (no account: register here, new accounts are through a single $5)
    • Or purchase from Staples.com, ink (5X UR), Citi ATT More (3X TYP) payment
  • Purchase fares less than or equal to the target website Disney gift card (5% off+2% back)
    • Use the target before the red card and gift card payments, lump sum can get 5% off
    • EBates cash back when buying network 2% cashback (no account: register here, new account $10 gift card)
  • Official website tickets, Disney gift card and Citi Premier/Chase CSP payments (credit card payment section to 2X)

Overall worked out should be around 12% off, is still very good.Of course, if you do not want to bother or don't have time to complete the whole step above, you can select a Target Red Card or discount target gift card directly at the target store to purchase Disney gift card.If you really really have time, choose Citi bought directly Premierthank you preferredchase CSP's official website, should be able to get a 2X of TYPUR points.

Agent purchase (discount varies)

Tickets are sold online there are a lot of agencies can take, including a number of Web sites at a discount, student discount tickets and used Web sites (Craigslist, eBay, etc).For the secondary site, we do pay attention to fraud and ticket limits, such as the famous class ticket requires you to listen to some talks will give, is a waste of time.For discount tickets to other Web sites, bloggers and not seen much, but it should be safer but more expensive than second-hand website.Student discount tickets are only available to all University of FL students, but students can help other people to buy.So if you know that several University students, allowing them to purchase four days costs $244 per person, than the official website of the tax $325 save 25%, and Citi Premierthank you also can get 2X TYPUR preferredchase CSP payment points.

Vacation Package

Typically include hotels, tickets, meals, you can buy on your own, especially the lack of time to prepare cases, buy convenient but also less expensive.

4. Eating and shopping

Park's other expenses are eating and shopping, and now think the best way is using MagicBand, but this method is only valid for people who live in the Park.Principle is the MagicBand Inn can all be used to pay for, but for this money you can charge to room, which is displayed on your room bill.So when you finally pay, you can choose a hotel have high rebate credit card (such as the Premier 3X) paying all of the costs, and this amount may correspond to a hotel (SPG) as a qualified purchase, also got 2X-3X points.Of course, if you don't have such a chance, eat high rebate credit card payment directly on the line, this blogger is the selection of credit cards AMEX PRG 2X MR points, equivalent to 4% cash back.

5. Download photo play

If to had Disney of people may will know, Disney in some had mountain car, and jumped machine, some stimulus project of place usually installation has camera (in export at of screen found you of photos, then with tickets card in below brush about, on and you bound has), and roadside also has many people provides photo service (need to a Zhang Photo of card), some and Mickey Mouse like characters met of place also was to you photo (will to you a Zhang Photo of card).The photos you can found their accounts from the Disney website, browsing is free, download or photographs is to pay extra, photos will expire within a certain time.Here and share with you a free photo, this photo is not the highest of versions, of course, but used as a souvenir and flushing is no problem.This approach is in accordance with this video, you can view here.

  • Open/download Firfox browser
  • Open Disney's photopass account, found a picture of a garden
  • Clear browser cache
  • Click the slide view, photo finish on one of our shows
  • After that open a new window, enter about:cache in the address bar of the browser?device=disk
  • Find some great links, click on each open, you can see the pictures
  • Download each one, and then repeat the above steps for every download of the parks on the line

6. Summary

Disney is that several ways to save money in General, if you are a family with children, the most important thing is having fun, not necessarily to do all roads lead to the money.Poor tour students can refer to the article, of course, also welcome message your way to save money, I will edit into the article in a timely manner.

 Please pay attention to the series article, I Orlando, Disney's introduction:

My Orlando Disney tips – saving money tips
My Orlando Disney tips – saving money tips
My Orlando Disney tips – saving money tips
My Orlando Disney tips – saving money tips

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