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Orlando Disney Guide-I-Hotel News: SPG hotel reservation

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Booked up tickets, the next step will consider the question of where to live.The purpose of this trip is not to spend money trying not to spend money, determined by point award night.Since blogger only two SPG, IHG hotel points, and then choose a hotel chain owned by SPG.The results happen to SPG points out the value of each point 5.5C, of course, is not so smooth.Points exchange for blogger was the first hotel probably will be novice, hope that God will forgive me.

Orlando Disney Guide-I-Hotel News: SPG hotel reservation

1. Points booking process

SPG.com website search for all Orlando hotels owned by SPG, fill out the check in time, we can see the result

Orlando Disney Guide-I-Hotel News: SPG hotel reservation

Disney entering addresses, you can mark specific locations, then pick the hotels around enlargement

Orlando Disney Guide-I-Hotel News: SPG hotel reservation

Referring to SPG points for Free Night is the ability to order the room, 3000 in the figure are the every day needs of the lowest point of the booking number.SPG website given above and we can compare the prices, if the exchange rate difference, such as $100 10K SPG to order value-a-night room

  • SPG $100*100/10K=1c/SPG equivalent to the conversion value of each point point

Then we don't have to Exchange.In General, each point in 2.5C, we can consider the Exchange.

2. Calculation and analysis of the points value

Blogger eventually selected the figure of a cat 2, Sheraton, needs points 3k.This is because a day is a weekend, weekend cat 2 3k (now regrets not day weekend).And usually need points 4k points.It required for the five night or 19k SPG points (less than SPG card I sent 25k), on average only every night 3.8k SPG.And such a room are for sale from the SPG website $154 (according to the SPG's lowest rates, which is the lowest of the whole network), the calculation of points from each point is the value of 4C.From another perspective, I passed the SPG credit card, each $1 spent get 1 star point, and every bit of SPG worth 4 cents (used for booking this hotel), so the SPG credit card cash back card is equivalent to a 4%.

This is not finished, the lowest price we can find that $154 is not the final price, plus taxes of nearly $40 (contains $19.95 places charge) using SPG points booking, room rate is 0, so naturally no tax, only attractions.This way is equivalent to SPG points out ($154+$20) value of/3.8k=4.6c, equivalent to 4.6% SPG card into a cash back credit card.Orlando Disney Guide-I-Hotel News: SPG hotel reservationThe lowest price is not including cancellation fees, that is, after you cancel a fee.If you want to cancel in advance, every day plus $10.Looking back at SPG points for hotels, without cancellation fees, on a specified date (usually three days prior to arrival) to cancel, do not charge extra fees, better be dispensed with SPG points will instantly back to your account, you can use right away.

3. Green Choice

Finally, Blogger set out the room, and before check out finds a small wool, green choice.Fact is that you don't have to clean my room, the hotel will give you 500 SPG points, of course, do not hesitate to check.Equivalent to spend 19k, returns the number of 2k (because the last day does not count).Orlando Disney Guide-I-Hotel News: SPG hotel reservation

4. The actual combat

This all seems very good, but to the hotel in the middle of the day when the accident happened.Front desk woman advised the original good King bed rooms have been sold out, now only has two bed rooms, but is facing the swimming pool, once moved again the next day, if you want a kingbed.At that time, I do not dispute, put down the baggage to live well.And this idea is so wrong.You book rooms in advance, and the hotel was sold to the room you, it is certainly their right.Is the so-called crying baby get milk, in the United States this is unfair must fight each other wrong things.So we are very serious to clarify its position and said it is the SPG credit card cardholder, and old lady continues to search, we upgraded our floor facing swimming pool suites, drawing room, bedroom and a balcony, original price plus taxes $210.So, accidentally swapped out every SPG 5.5C value.

(Thank plotinfo good photo)
Orlando Disney Guide-I-Hotel News: SPG hotel reservation

Across the room swimming pool

Orlando Disney Guide-I-Hotel News: SPG hotel reservation


Orlando Disney Guide-I-Hotel News: SPG hotel reservation


5. Member fighting upgrade

In fact, good room which sleeps five and spend a day in the evening, but the suite is also pleasurable.At the thought of spending 19k, and returns the 2k feel better!Especially this 19k from the SPG credit card reward part of the 25k, it is equivalent to opening sent $1200.Moreover, the blogger was found later, can also be used as a member of the original points for upgrades from relegation STAY and NIGHT, coupled with the SPG credit card sent every year 5 NIGHT,2 STAY.Rose Gold member in the space between the.

Orlando Disney Guide-I-Hotel News: SPG hotel reservation

Orlando Disney Guide-I-Hotel News: SPG hotel reservation

  • 5night1stay+ credit card 5night2stay+ Disney 5night1stay=15night4stay

6. Summary

  • SPG points for 3rd means the room are free to return, points to get back to the account.Cash book needs extra money will pay check can be returned or the idea that a higher price room to achieve points booking results
  • If there are no special requirements, use the Green Choice gets daily 500 (250) SPG points
  • SPG points for weekend booking discount, CAT2 30,001 evenings
  • Tourist attractions near the hotel price is too high, but using SPG points from the impact season
  • Using SPG points cash booking booking may be exempted from tax
  • Booking SPG points to get the Night used by members to avoid relegation and Stay.
  • SPG points is very valuable, hard to earn, by credit card is the fastest way: SPG credit card profile, opening with 25K

 Please pay attention to the series article, I Orlando, Disney's introduction:

Orlando Disney Guide-I-Hotel News: SPG hotel reservation
Orlando Disney Guide-I-Hotel News: SPG hotel reservation
Orlando Disney Guide-I-Hotel News: SPG hotel reservation
Orlando Disney Guide-I-Hotel News: SPG hotel reservation

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