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Discover IT Secured Card introduction

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Discover IT Secured Card introduction

The card orientation:

  • No credit history or poor credit records of applicants
  • Restaurants and high fuel consumption
  • Enjoy no annual fee

Discover IT Secured Card Description:

1. application

2. The basic characteristics of

  • Opening bonus: the first years back now a second year of double
  • Secured card: needs saving consumption, amount = save money
  • Consumer cash back: restaurants and refueling 2% cash back, other consumer 1% cash back
  • FTF-free foreign currency conversion fee
  • No annual fee

3. Highlights

  • Double cash back: this card is the first to receive all cash back are doubled, so the first year this card can do refueling consume 4%, 2% other cash back cards.Detailed analysis see: introduction to Discover the double cash back
  • Graduation options: If the card on time or money in the first year, to good use.After that could be transferred to the normal version of the discover credit card, without first saving and then use the
  • Price protection: the purchase price within a certain time, this part may require the credit card companies return post
  • Free credit score: your monthly TransUnion credit score (FICO), so you can keep track of changes in your credit score.This is the best credit score provided by several banks, detailed comparison see "free credit a strong"
  • FTF-free: all non-card swipe fees outside, discover China UnionPay channel, so returning the most convenient, many places don't accept the VISA and Master card.
  • Extended warranty: for items purchased with credit cards, automatically extend the manufacturer's warranty period of one year.

4. Disadvantages

  • You need to save, and then use the.Credits and save money, not overdraft
  • Although secured card applications still need to fill in the SSN

My analysis:

This card is best for people, of course, is to establish a credit record or rebuild credit history people.Because this is a first deposit in order to use the secured card, so it will be very easy for approval.After getting the card, to good use, pay on time, can give you accumulate credit, improve credit scores.You can check your credit score for free each month, always monitor their own.Furthermore, one year after the card holder, you can also "graduated", give this card to Discover more benefits IT credit card, is also very good.

In addition, this card in cash back is the best card of its kind.This double cash back card the first year activities under fuel consume 4% cash back and other consumer cash back, restore original 2%/1% after returning for the second year now.This Secured card is the best of all.Because most secured cash back card is fixed 1%.So if you hesitate in the several similar card, this card is your best choice.

Personally, I have not applied for the card, since I first came to the United States after get SSN, directly apply for a student credit card Discover IT.If you have a certain income (working in schools, for example, as TA,RA), you can skip this secrued card, directly apply for the student version.If you are applying for the normal version was rejected, you can call the Discover request for approval this secured card, and the second year and then go into the normal version.

Application link:

Discover IT Secured Card introduction

Discover IT Secured Card introduction
Discover IT Secured Card introduction
Discover IT Secured Card introduction
Discover IT Secured Card introduction

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