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Discover IT introduced Chrome credit card

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Discover IT introduced Chrome credit card

The card orientation:

  • Restaurants and fuel consumption more of the students
  • Enjoy no annual fee, and prefer to take cash back
  • Like a card, don't like the rewards will change each quarter

Discover IT Chrome Description:

1. application

2. The basic characteristics of

  • Opening bonus: the first years back now a second year of double
  • Consumer cash back:
    • Restaurants and refueling 2% cash back ($1000 will be available prior to each quarter, then 1%)
    • Other consumer 1% cash back
  • 0 APR: opening 12 months consumer debt zero interest
  • FTF-free foreign currency conversion fee
  • No annual fee

3. Highlights

  • Double cash back: this card is the first to receive all cash back are doubled, so the first year this card can do refueling consume 4%, 2% other cash back cards.Detailed analysis see: introduction to Discover the double cash back
  • Balance of consumer 0APR:12 consumer within one month, just pay the minimum each month will have to pay interest.Please read the "credit card 0APR money"
  • Good students: If you are a United States students, each school year GPA>3.0 can get $20 bonuses for 5 years
    • Only the new account can access (effective from now on), users do not enjoy
    • When their identity must be filled for the College student (for other benefits and your credit card will not be affected)
    • Good students can take up to five years, or get your graduation
    • If combined with the recent application can get double cash back, good student award can double the first year $40
    • Specific official explanation and procedure, please see: official links and gets rewarded step
  • FTF-free: all non-card swipe fees outside, discover China UnionPay channel, so returning the most convenient, many places don't accept the VISA and Master card.
  • Cash back network (discover deal): discover your own cash back network, including Wal-Mart, Sears,Staples,Apple store at least 5% of businesses such as cash back, this section can and cash back credit card itself perfect overlay.Discover buy cash back deal meet the Discover Network in the fourth quarter, coupled with the recent double cash back, in some shops can do cash back 30%.See "guidelines for using Discover Deals"
  • Discover credit card benefits
    • Price protection: the purchase price within a certain time, this part may require the credit card companies return post
    • Free credit score: your monthly TransUnion credit score (FICO), so you can keep track of changes in your credit score.This is the best credit score provided by several banks, detailed comparison see "free credit a strong"
    • Extended warranty: for items purchased with credit cards, automatically extend the manufacturer's warranty period of one year

4. Disadvantages

  • 4% good for the first year, but the second-year refuel restaurant back to 2% back, slightly shabby
  • Quarterly restaurant refueling times the lower limit for cash back, is not suitable for people with high consumption

My analysis:

This card is best for people is, of course, restaurants and fuel consumption more than the crowd, first year 4% cash back is very significant.But the biggest drawback is that the upper limit on 2% cash back categories is very low, only $1000 per quarter.If your consumption is acceptable.

Personally, I have not applied for the card, since I first came to the United States after get SSN, directly apply for a student credit card Discover IT.If you take care to notice of each quarterly return to category 5%, should choose to Discover IT by credit card.Because Discover credit cards IT one quarter of every year is the restaurant 5%, another quarter come on 5%, the average seems to be worth than this card.It is important, all other benefits (including student awards) are like this card.

Application link:

Discover IT introduced Chrome credit card

Discover IT introduced Chrome credit card


Discover IT introduced Chrome credit card
Discover IT introduced Chrome credit card
Discover IT introduced Chrome credit card
Discover IT introduced Chrome credit card

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