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Introduction to Discover the double cash back credit card

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New first year doubling all cash back card user, Discover events are always so sharp

Introduction to Discover the double cash back credit card

1. Brief introduction of double cash back

New users get a Discover credit card get all cash back during the first year, will be doubled next year.Which is the first year you get $25, then after the first year, Discover will send you $25 again.Discover credit card took part in the event include:


  • Only new applications to the card user can use
  • New users do not need to register to participate
  • Get the card after a billing date, last 12 bills months, get back now will be double (one-time only)
  • 13th statement date received
  • Official double cash back Q&A.

Discover the double cash back includes all different types of Discover credit card, the following chapter I individual cards to analyse this double cash back.

2. Analysis of double cash back Discover IT:

In the above four categories of cards, Discover IT access to back up.Therefore, this chapter first Discover IT.

2.1 double cash back includes content

According to Discover the official explanation, the double cash back includes the following:Introduction to Discover the double cash back credit card

  •  Card rewards: card rewards will also double (double $50 to $100)
  • Generally shopping 1%: all 1% back now will be double the shopping gets into 2%
  • Discover all the cash back Deal Gets: Discover Deals cash back network allowing you to shop for all the cash back will be doubled
    • Discover the end of deal doubled the cash back itself to some businesses, such as stores such as Sephora,Nordstrom, 10% and returned, combined with double cash back at 20%, people shopping to chopping hands
    • Usually Discover Deal Apple.com and BestBuy.com are 5% cash back, double 10%, iPhone,Mac are very good
    • See guidelines for using Discover Deals
  •  Quarter of credit card 5%: 5% return on the different categories of the quarter is now doubled to 10%
    • Quarter holiday shopping cash back 5% now becomes 10%, and 10% can discover this deal perfectly superimposed so that online shopping reached horrible 20%+ cash back, even can reach 30% (especially cosmetics and department store categories)
    • This quarter they could eat film 10% back next quarter, Amazon 10%
    • See credit card quarterly summary 5x
  • "Expired" counter Apple Pay day of the 10% cash back rewards: according to similar activities of double cash back Discover Miles card users, who in February last year to get double miles miles card activity includes end of 2015 Apple pay 10% cash back.So, all credit card users can also look forward to discover it.

2.2 use Discover Cashback

Double cash back is very seductive on the one hand, and on the other hand, actually Discover cash back can exchange to any amount not only checking account or statement credit, you can exchange a lot of merchant gift cards at a discount.Discounts are often between 10%-50%, summarized as follows:

  • $20 Exchange $40: car rental voucher, cruise tickets
  • $20 Exchange $25: include Staples,Overstock, a clothes shop
  • $45 Exchange $50: including most of the business, such as department stores, beauty products, food shop
  • $70 Exchange $75: oil card, whole foods

So, if you want to get more out of these double cash back value, Exchange gift cards are a great way to.In addition, sometimes Amazon will give some and related to discover cashback promotion, such as 50-15 or something like that.All reference to discover cashback please see:

2.3 my analysis

As you can see, double cash back the scope is very broad.So, if you're most likely to get a lot of cash back shopping 5% category and quarter consumption is very high, you can apply for this credit card to get double cash back activities in the first year.Not only that, but also very flexible to Discover cashback uses either an unlimited amount of cash, or can be exchanged for gift cards at a discount.Is an extra bonus.

After the first year, discover credit cards it is worthy of long-term holders.In addition to the quarterly 5% and online shopping to force foreign cash back network, this card can provide free credit scores, shopping for price protection, no foreign currency conversion fee (Union pay channel, is China's best credit card options), and fee-free cash at the supermarket, the most important is no annual fees!No annual fee credit cards on the market can be said to be cost-effective.

The Discover website doesn't give DiscoverIT series credit card offers rewards.In terms of recommended links, NHL version does not offer card rewards referral link, so I do not recommend non-NHL fans to apply.Discover IT student version and the regular version can recommend by Discover credit card cardholder, access to $100 ($50, then $50 for the second year) card rewards.Interested can use affiliate links on this site to apply for.

3. Analysis of double cash back Discover Miles

3.1 return to now include content

Comparing cash back Discover IT from many sources credit card, Discover miles cash back then is very simple.So far, only:

3.2 use cash back

Although the card is classified as travel by Discover credit card, and earn "miles".But the "Miles" can actually 1:1-redeemed for cash, so the equivalent is 1.5% all cash back credit cards.Canadian travel consumer 1:1 to offset, so it is the most convenient cash.

I personally did not Discover Miles card, were not clear about the return of "miles" can be exchanged for gift cards at a discount like discover it.Please leave a message please have this card reader just to be sure.

3.3 my analysis

This card 1.5%+1.5% for the first year, and second-year 1.5% cash back for those without reward categories (outside supermarkets, fuel, stores, online shopping and other consumer, such as tuition fees, insurance and pay medical bills, daycare billing) very high consumption of people.First year of 3% is not the highest reward category credit cards.Moreover, you can also use the cards to buy gift cards, go to those businesses that don't accept Discover consumption.Go to Costco site buy cash card, and then use the CashCard in the Costco consumer.

In short, double cash back's role in this card did not discover it so obvious.So, unless you have special needs, still choose to discover it is the analogy is good.But this card provides the $30 claims the use of WiFi on planes a year, is also a good use of people.Details, please see:

4. Analysis of double cash back Discover IT Gas&Restaurant

3.1 return to now include content

Compare cash back Discover IT from many sources credit card and the Discover miles of single source, this card is centered.

  • All consumption doubled from 1% to 2%
  • Restaurants and fuel consumption: doubled from 2% to 4%
  • Discover Deal cash back network (please have this card reader of the message to confirm whether discover deal)

3.2 use cash back

I personally do not have this credit card, I guess this should be Discover card's cash back card IT series use the same.Please have this card reader mail confirmation.

3.3 my analysis

This card 2%+2% dinner and come on in the first year is not bad, if you come on a special, select this card as well.However, after the first year, meals come on 2% is of little value.Citi Double Cash (all 2%), Basic you can win this card.However, on this card has no annual fee, concerning a spent a year, and then threw the drawers of credit history can be saved.For details, please read:

5. Analysis of double cash back Discover Secured Card

This card back structures and Discover IT Chrome credit card exactly the same, there is no analysis.Major highlights are:

  • Secured card for someone with no credit history or poor credit records than they can by way of saving and consumption, through this card build credit history
  • Double cash back under the meals come on 4% for the first year, other consumer 2%.A good secured card no annual fee
  • The Discover card has the potential to turn the card into the common, but do not know whether the scope of including best discover credit cards it
  • See: Discover Secured Card introduction

6. Summary

Double cash back is always good, and the discover credit card has no annual fee, it is still very easy to use.Card was bad after the first year, need not worry year charges off.If there are no special demands, or choose the most comprehensive discover it is better.

Introduction to Discover the double cash back credit card
Introduction to Discover the double cash back credit card
Introduction to Discover the double cash back credit card
Introduction to Discover the double cash back credit card

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