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10% cash back Discover Apple Pay profile and update

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In the article "Discover Apple Pay payments can get 10% back now!"We introduced an incredible offer, prior to December 31, Apple add a Discover credit card to Pay, will get additional cash back 10%.Two months later, many unclear things, have now emerged.Today, I updated specifically on several issues.

10% cash back Discover Apple Pay profile and update

1.Offer details

Apple add a Discover credit card to Pay and receive Apple Pay merchants using Apple Pay consumption, will be able to get extra cash back 10%.Several points to note below:

  • Time: from now until December 31, 2015 (now closing!
  • For consumption: the need for consumption in the shop, gift cards cannot get 10% cash back
  • Applied merchant: official website receives a list of Apple Pay merchants (not in the list of businesses can also use, see Apple try Pay logo)
  • Get cash back: in addition to its own get cash back (quarterly or 5% consumer 1%), might be able to get the 10% back now.
  • Cash back limit: 10K Apple Pay before spending can get 10% cash back (up to $1000 cash back)
  • Equipment: Iphone6/6s, Apple watch

10% cash back Discover Apple Pay profile and update

2. new user superimposed double cash back

For new users of the Discover credit card, they can automatically register a double cash back Offer, the effect from application through the first Bill, 12 bills (basically a year), all get back now will be double, concerning the situation of double cash back, you can see: Double Cashback Promotion.So, combined with the Apple offer, use Apple Pay consumption, at least you can get:

  • General consumption: (10%+1%) *2=22% cash back
  • Quarter 5%: (5%+10%) *2=30% cash back

Now 20 days a month, enough to apply to the card, and then take advantage of Christmas brushes, get the 22%-30% back now (5% in the fourth quarter are department stores, clothing stores and AMAZON).Are interested to apply for a Discover card may apply using the following recommended links (the official website to apply for any open card reward):

Details on the discover credit card, you can see the link below

3. Gift cards will ever get to 10%?

Offer just when most of us are gearing up, ready to use Apple Pay to purchase a gift card to get cash back.However, Discover quickly modified the term and condition to exclude gift card cash back.Of course, we don't believe discover resolution gift cards and non-gift card capabilities.The result, discover a faint:

  • Automated warning that a consumer large transaction, indicating that this part of the provided return (did not change until the term consumption will leave 10%)

Of course, if you were a normal shopping, discover may flag your consumption, and later made an unreasonable request

  • Customer provides a receipt to prove that the consumer was not to buy gift cards

So, if you use Apple Pay consumption, best to leave the receipt, so as not to discover fire.Of course, after you upload the receipt, discover will be good for the money.

If you really want to buy gift cards, to try to take advantage of points (after all, there are a maximum of 30% cash back), I recommend doing the following steps:

  • Minimize the amount of the gift card (for example, 100)
  • Gift card spending and consumer mix (makes the final amount is zero)
  • If you have a Discover card, in as much as possible on the card (avoiding to take advantage of too many points)
  • All tickets reserved (even discover gift card is identified several consumer, you can also upload receipts, other parts of the 10% got)

4. In cases without Apple Pay to buy Iphone6/6s

I did not use Apple Iphone 6/6s Pay, but I want to use Apple Pay to get the 20% back now, what should it do?My personal Iphone 6s is through the purchase, get the 10% cash back (until next year also can get 10%).Specific methods are as follows:

  • And Apple store employee explained, you want to use Discover Apple Pay to purchase the Iphone (the following steps to explain a little bit)
  • First to use other credit cards this Iphone
  • Remove packaging, added in the wallet of the iPhone app adds your Discover credit cards
  • To shell to the clerk, demanding return and rebuy (back first and then use Apple Pay to buy)
  • Shop operation is completed, with your Iphone using Apple Pay back pay for the Iphone
  • Wait about two bills, you can get the 10% cash back

10% cash back Discover Apple Pay profile and update

Of course, if you have friends with iPhone, directly on their Apple add your Discover credit card to pay, and then used to pay on the line.

5. how best to use the Disover Apple Pay Offer

22%-30% cash back is no laughing matter, after all, places where I can use Apple Pay, I will use Apple Pay for consumption.Buy food and go some place with Apple Pay.Especially not a discount product, use Apple Pay to buy the most appropriate.You can choose Apple Pay shop:

  • Electronics: BestBuy
  • Supermarket to buy food: Whole Foods,Sprouts
  • Beauty products: Sephora
  • Seller: Walgreen
  • Department stores: Macy's, Saks, Bloomingdale
  • Toys: Toy r Us,lego
  • Office, sale Ipad:staples
  • Oil: Chevron
  • Pets: PETCO
  • Phone: ATT

The last 20 days, we have to hold on to.Of course, if you use Apple Pay shopping, but wants to return, I suggest you step back into Store Credit, this preserves Offer get the 22%-30% cash back.You used 22%-30% discount, buy a merchant gift card.

6. Matters needing attention

  • Keep using Apple Pay ticket in order to discover queries
  • When it comes to single-use Apple Pay, best not to divide two integers, there are zero good
  • Be aware of when purchasing gift cards amount, it is best to mix normal consumption, reserve tickets
  • Do not ApplePay on a Discover card to buy too much, can be distributed across multiple discover best
  • Notice that the time Apple Pay Offer, limiting the time and upper
  • Best to return back into store credit


10% cash back Discover Apple Pay profile and update
10% cash back Discover Apple Pay profile and update
10% cash back Discover Apple Pay profile and update
10% cash back Discover Apple Pay profile and update

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