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Talking about the credit card application–Reconsideration

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At the time of applying for a credit card, we often encounter a situation, that is, application pending/under
review/reject。It makes our hopes and instantly become a worry, at this time, we will ask ourselves, what exactly is blocking our application, seconds become guilty.In fact, reviewing your application is a very common phenomenon, can take the initiative to communicate with banks in General (reconsideration), get quick replies.For the rejection of applications, call the reconsideration is also a good way to bounce back to the Jedi.

Today we will talk about an important skill in applying for a credit card–reconsideration.

Talking about the credit card application--Reconsideration


1. What is Recon (reconsideration)?Process like?

When you apply for a credit card did not immediately pass (instant approve), or unfortunately was rejected (reject), can call the dedicated staff in charge of auditing credit card application, request to review your application.

Process: call-check identity-checking application information and answer the question–and wait for the results

2. What is Recon

In General, credit card application is examined (pending for further review), or reject the following situations, the Recon's role as follows:

  • Weak credit history/score: Recon and audit applications to communicate, express your ability to repay and credit history, get the confidence of the audit.
  • Application materials are full/address issues: Recon can immediately know what materials are needed, provided can continue to audit as soon as possible and speed up the whole process.
  • Too many applications: Recon allows you to apply for Analyst review at once, as soon as possible after the adoption card
  • Repeat application is considered to be: Recon can be expressed clearly do need these cards, making audits continue to

Recon main role was the first, for example your credit history on a relatively poor indicators (short-term HP/new accounts, high debt ratio), which leads to low your credit score, so applications are not immediately passed.At this time, communicate and audit staff, confirming your credit capacity, often through.

3. Recon main asking any questions, how to deal with

Recon we want to analyze the audit team that we have sufficient reasons, has enough capacity to hold the card.So answer the question from this perspective it is easy.Common situations and issues are as follows:

  • To verify your address, SSN, and other information
    • Required to provide all the information you need
  • How do you HP/a new account so much?
    • Requiring a recent big costs, so apply for a credit card
    • Each card is different, it is useful to me
    • I have good credit records, monthly repayments on time, I am fully capable of managing the credit card
  • Why did you apply for this card?
    • Easy to use, all advantages of the cards listed, it is best to combine their information notes
  • Your repayment habits are like?
    • According to his description, such as monthly bills to pay off.If you miss a payment, be sure to mention at that time, and after that will not miss.
  • What is your job, the salary, how much is the rent?
    • According to its own description best not hoax
    • Students can show their bank deposits and family support
  • We give you enough of the credit limit, you can change part of the line/turn off from the other card a card?
    • General transfer lines indicates the acceptance
    • For this, turn off some of the same bank card, you need to measure their own worth.
  • We cannot apply through your
    • Repeating your credit history and history
    • To transfer credit card (see above question)
    • Hang up again a Recon call

4. Bank Recon phone (from the DOC articles)

  • AMEX: 877-399-3083
  • BOA: 888-593-6092, 866-865-7843
  • Barclays: 866-408-4064
  • CHASE: 888-245-0625,
  • CITI: 800-695-5171
  • Discover:888-676-3695
  • Us Bank: 800-947-1444 , 800-685-7680

5. Matters needing attention

  • Chase Recon generally do not answer any questions, analysts will look at your credit report on your own, listening to music results
  • Barclays Recon issues more, I hope you have a good preparation.If necessary can go line card
  • Citi Recon may be asked to return, so no way to really
  • Recon may have extra HP, so it's best to ask

6. Summary

Recon is applying for a credit card is a very important skill, may call for the first time will be a little nervous, but more skilled.Blogger had made Recon one-third credit card, it is probably, as long as the Recon questions ready, largely through is no problem.

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Talking about the credit card application--Reconsideration
Talking about the credit card application--Reconsideration
Talking about the credit card application--Reconsideration
Talking about the credit card application--Reconsideration

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