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Citi ThankYou Premier–travel helper

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Citi ThankYou Premier--travel helper


Design classic, fully functional.Travel partners travel, a good helper.

Love me, take me away.

The card location

  • Long term (cost of $95/years)
    • Travel-related high rebate
    • Points use simple
    • No overseas charges
    • Citi's generous retention
    • Other benefits also make do
  • Short term (cost $0 value $650+)
    • First year annual fee
    • Card rewards sent 50k TYP points (60k is out of date)
    • Before the crossing points can be transferred (air miles or turn other people)

I'm with this card

Bloggers have been held before Citi AA and Dividen and not contacted the TYP (Thank You Points) that a Citi Rewards Program.The reason is very simple, before TYP values are low, 1:1 Exchange gift cards can only be used to (such as Wal-Mart).Now Citi TYP has undertaken major reforms, first of all, is part of the points can be converted into airline miles (SQ) and TYP in Citi Travel booking, you can zoom in point value.If the Premier can point up to 1.25 ($125 ticket 10K TYP), and holds the high-end Prestige card you can enjoy when you purchased AA ticket 1.6 magnification, 1.33 activities in other ticket to enlarge.Of course, this card for travel rebates are also very good, so bloggers applied for the card.This time to play in the Disney is also a good use: Disney Consumer summary

Introduction to tourist card

1. Application

  • Application link: 50k application link (open card three months consumption $3000, 50k TYP)
  • Application for medium difficulty: in Citi checking even if you have Gold, then the application will be easier.If your credit history in less than a year, it is not recommended as the first photo of Citi Cards.Before you apply, please read: Citi Bank features.
  • Note: words appeared just after application needs to call, call, check the identifiable information, limit part may also need to go to this card.Application did not immediately get the results can look: Reconsider

2. The basic characteristics of

  • Card rewards
    • 50k ThankYou Points
    • Complete open card after the first check card rewards
    • Other related issues, please see: card rewards
  • Credit card return TYP points
    • Refueling, air tickets, hotels, car rentals, public transportation, cruise fares and consumer 3X TYP points
    • Meals and recreational activities (including theme parks, movies, concerts and sports tickets) 2X TYP points
    • Other 1X
  • TYP points higher use value
    • Point tickets can enjoy the 1.25 times zoom, AA ticket up 1.6 times magnification (need to meet a Presitge)
    •  Can be converted into airline miles or hotel points (to go list)
    • Can 1:1 Exchange gift cards
    • Card before I turn off the points do not expire
  • No outside use fees
  • $95 annual fee (annual fee waived for the first year)

3. Highlights

  • Travel wide coverage, high return multiple
    • 3X contains fuel, airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, public transportation, cruises and fares and more travel than a larger place.A journey can save a lot of points.And come on usually get.
    • 2 x includes dinner, entertainment (movies, concerts, sports tickets, and so on) also covers the remaining travel expenses.Buy NBA or tickets is also quite good.
  • A perfect trip cancellation protection
  • No foreign fees: travel card required properties, or booking a hotel card in a foreign country is cheating.
  • TYP points using the flexible value good
    • All TYP points are earned cards (Forward,Preferred,Premier,Prestige,ATT series) can call TYP accounts together, so that points can be used.
    • In cases with Premier card, Thankyou Travel car rental, booking air tickets, book hotels in TYP+ available to all consumer credit card.Dots per 10K TYP $125 deductible expenses (open cards worth a total of 50k points $625 tourism-related consumption).
    • In case of useful Prestige card, Thankyou Travel car rental, booking air tickets, book hotels in TYP+ available to all consumer credit card.For AA flights each consumption 10K TYP points to $160.For other airlines, points per 10K TYP $133 deductible expenses (open card arrived in $800 AA 50k total of consumption or $665 for other air consumption).
    • TYP tickets not mileage points for tickets, flights can continue to accumulate miles.
    • TYP points can also be used to exchange the gift card, such as Wal-Mart and so on, but 10K TYP $100 can only exchange the gift card (card 50k s $500)
    • If the card is in, TYP points do not expire, TYP points the card after you earn will expire within three months.
    • TYP points to be transferred to friends, points moments into account, but the turning points in three months out of date
    • TYP points can go air miles and hotel points: to go list
  • Citi card benefits
    • Price Rewind: Citi is on sale there fill the difference
    • Free FICO credit score from Equifax, history can be drawn on the chart
    • Private Pass: posted a free ticket, but I missed
    • Retention more generous: pay annual fees threat levels, may receive some Promotion

4. Disadvantages

  • After the first year, travel not too hard to earn its annual fee by credit card, unless it has good retention in all years offer

5. Summary

A good card for travel, covering every aspect of the trip, usually can also be used to refuel or buy theme parks, movies, concerts, and sports tickets.More if you travel or entertainment expenses, can be considered long-term holders.Otherwise, do not have good retention after a year off, remember to spend or TYP, March.

Application link

Citi ThankYou Premier--travel helper
Citi ThankYou Premier--travel helper
Citi ThankYou Premier--travel helper
Citi ThankYou Premier--travel helper

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