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Citi Double Cash–cards as the name

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Citi Double Cash--cards as the name


Is very simple, just a simple

The card location

  • Long term (cost 0)
    • Cash back the party's favorite, all costs 2% cash back
  • Short term (not recommended)
    • No annual fee no checkpoints
    • No card rewards do not have to repeat the application

I'm with this card

I did not apply for this card, and does not intend to directly apply for this card.The reason is very simple, this and don't have a rewards card (card rewards received $100 of the few letters), and the card can be obtained by other transfer credit card card Citi.Therefore, the correct method is to apply for a Citi card rewards high and first year annual fee-free credit card, such as Citi AA (open card 50k AA mileage), Citi Premier (opening to 60k Thankyou Points), in the second year into the Double Cash card.On the go card details you can see "credit card trick-turning cards".Card rewards aside, this card is worth get through these means.At least 2% all cash back is good, can return to now cover some 5% within the scope of consumption.

2% introduction to cash back card

1. application

  • Application link: official website linked Citi Double Cash
  • Difficulty of application: If you have no Citi card, the credit period is less than six months, to apply directly for more difficult.Credit history for more than a year, HP do not generally have in the near future.Before you apply, please read: Citi Bank properties
  • Request status:
    • Online query: query link official website (requires Application ID)
    • Telephone enquiries: 1-888-201-4523
  • Notes:
    • This card is really not recommended for direct application, best way is to turn card.
    • Application did not immediately get the results can look: Reconsider

2. The basic characteristics of

  • Opening bonus: none
    • Very few people will receive $100-$200 letter card rewards
  • Credit card cash back: 1%+1%
    • Consumption of 1% cash back
    • The cash 1% cash back
  • Cash back can pay the bills directly or to check
  • No annual fee

3. Highlights

  • 2% cash back
    • No limit
    • Consumer to fit 1% payment 1% brain-free brushes
  • Can be obtained through the turn card
  • Citi card benefits
    • Price Rewind: Citi is on sale there fill the difference
    • Free FICO credit score from Equifax, history can be drawn on the chart
    • Private Pass: posted a free ticket, but I missed
    • Retention more generous: threat level, you may receive some Promotion, see: introduction to Retention

4. Disadvantages

  • No card rewards
  • Gameplay is not strong, is purely a 2% cash back card
  • 1% for particular consumer would get only cash back (such as identifying Bank cash transactions)

5. Summary

As a 2% of all consumer credit card is worth holding.But please note that to use a roundabout way to get this card, the maximum profit.

Application link


Citi Double Cash--cards as the name
Citi Double Cash--cards as the name
Citi Double Cash--cards as the name
Citi Double Cash--cards as the name

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