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Citi Dividend–print bench

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Citi Dividend--print bench


Silver is gone, remnants remain.

I never far away, only to be people calling.

The card location

  • Long term (cost 0)
    • Each quarter rotated 5% cash back
    • Citi's generous retention
    • No annual fee
  • Short term (cost $0, returns 0)
    • Cannot apply directly, go card did not reward

I'm with this card

Say, this is the second credit card blogger, to $2000 lines from the outset.Buy tickets or replaced only $500 lines of big-ticket consumer discover credit cards.Then this cash back card launch 5% pharmacies, making heroes of days by buying vanilla and serve a year $300 cash back-filled.Recently, the blog host card for two years, customer service and easy to 5% the retention of all cash back, makes this card becomes a rewarding consumer choice.However, with the advent of $300, and finally against the cash back, waved and said goodbye, let this card in Citi AT&T Access More …Goodbye, my Citi AA, let you live again.

Introduction to print replacement card

1. Application

  • This card cannot apply directly, only through the other existing Citi Cards go cards are, and more Citi cards usually require one year after the card holder for go cards need to call customer service, generally two weeks will receive a new card.

2. The basic characteristics of

  • Opening bonus: 0
  • Credit card cash back, four-quarter rotation 5% (for this year)
    • First quarter of Macys, Home furnishing Store
    • Second-quarter Home Depot, Home Garden Store
    • Airlines in the third quarter, Hilton consumption
    • Bestbuy in IV quarter, Department store
  • Other categories of cash back 1%
  • Highest annual total cash back $300
  • Cash back need to $50 Exchange, Exchange need not be multiples of the $50
  • No annual fee

3. Highlights

  • Can be obtained through the turn card
    • Some annual fee Citi Cards, such as Citi AA, opening one year later when it comes to annual fee into this card.Can save years of credit cards and lines of credit and credit score accumulation.
  •  5% cash back quarterly no upper limit (but the amount is less than the annual Cap $300)
    • Sometimes 5% falls on the good categories, such as greengrocer, pharmacy, you can brush a quarter full year $300 cash back
  • Citi card benefits
    • Price Rewind: Citi is on sale there fill the difference
    • Free FICO credit score from Equifax, history can be drawn on the chart
    • Private Pass: posted a free ticket, but I missed
    • Retention more generous: threat level, you may receive some Promotion

4. Disadvantages

  • Exchange requires $50 cash back against
  • Return to category 5%, an annual ceiling $300

5. Summary

Cannot apply for this card, however, can be transferred from other annual fee cards, 5% and a certain value, it is also worthy to become a substitute for Citi Cards.When you turn off the Citi card can be considered into this one, maybe you can brush a year $300 cash back.

Application link

  • Need to call Citi customer service, will now be held for more than a year of Citi card into the card

Citi Dividend--print bench
Citi Dividend--print bench
Citi Dividend--print bench
Citi Dividend--print bench

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