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Citi AAdvantage mileage Platinum–province card

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Citi AAdvantage mileage Platinum--province card


Basic functions, I have, and can help you save mileage.

UA mileage aside, business-first class I.

The card location

  • Long term (cost of $95/years)
    • AA/US Airways official website tickets 2X mileage
    • Priority boarding, free shipping first luggage
    • Mileage Exchange 10% return home can sometimes be bought discounted mileage ticket
    • Citi's generous retention
    • Other benefits also make do
  • Short term (cost $0 value $800+)
    • First year annual fee
    • Card rewards sent 50K AA mileage
    • After the checkpoint, AA miles won't expire

I'm with this card

This is the second blogger Citi Cards, when application is to get the mileage Exchange China and a roundtrip ticket (economy class return 70k Exchange).Later, I heard that this card can repeat application after 8 days (Churning), then take one card rewards.However, as was the mileage novice, didn't dare to start applications, eventually changed churn Citi card policy, can only be crowned wait 18 months.When I apply for a 50K AA mileage card rewards, plus transfer 25k AA points (20K SPG AMEX SPG credit card points turned around), China eventually exchange the two men fly United States one way ticket total cost 70k AA mileage, due to credit card and return a 7k AA miles, is still very cool.And this 63k AA mileage Exchange two ticket total value $3000 (mileage Exchange approximately 5C), because this vote is to take off that morning, please see: ticket exchange fire

Introduction of mileage cards

1. Application

  • Application for medium difficulty: in Citi checking even if you have Gold, then the application will be easier.If your credit history in less than a year, it is not recommended as the first photo of Citi Cards.Before you apply, please read: Citi Bank features.
  • Notes:
    • Words appeared just after application needs to call, call, check the identifiable information, limit part may also need to go to this card.Application did not immediately get the results can look: Reconsider
    • Card rewards will hit your AA frequent flyer number, if you already have a regular AA prior to the application, application please fill in.If not, we recommend that you register a member from the AA website, gets a regular number.If you do not fill in automatically assigns a number to you but need to call Citi asks a specific number.

2. The basic characteristics of

  • Card rewards
    • 50k AA mileage, worth about $ $800.
    • Complete open card after the first check card rewards and incentives in the Bill, a few days later to the AA regular
    • Other related issues, please see: card rewards
  • Return to AA credit card miles
    • AA official website tickets paid for with the credit card 2X
    • Other 1X
  • AA miles wide
    • One way needs the US and Europe 30k/50k/62.5k (economy/business class/first class)
    • One way between China and need 35k/55K/67.5k (economy/business class/first class)
    • Off-season exchange policy
  • Air card benefits
    • Priority boarding (Group 2)
    • United States first bag free shipping
  • $95 annual fee (annual fee waived for the first year)

3. Highlights

  • Mileage 10% to return
    • Each calendar year before the exchange of 100k AA mileage can enjoy 10% back
    • This discord Barclays Aviator 10% overlay (a AA account can only take back in total 10K)
  • Discounted AA mileage Exchange
  • First-and business-exchange deal
    • Compared to UA,DELTA AA in first class and business class mileage Exchange requires less mileage, and 10% return
  • Brush with 30k sent $100 AA airline discount tickets
  • Citi card benefits
    • Price Rewind: Citi is on sale there fill the difference
    • Free FICO credit score from Equifax, history can be drawn on the chart
    • Private Pass: posted a free ticket, but I missed
    • Retention more generous: pay annual fees threat levels, may receive some Promotion

4. Disadvantages

5. Summary

This card is worth as a drawer for a long time, gets the 10% Exchange return, discounted mileage ticket and Aero basic benefits card, usually not suitable for brush AA points.Of course, you can also choose to go to another one year after Citi credit card.

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Citi AAdvantage mileage Platinum--province card
Citi AAdvantage mileage Platinum--province card
Citi AAdvantage mileage Platinum--province card
Citi AAdvantage mileage Platinum--province card

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