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Chase United MileagePlus Explorer (UA) the hidden advantage of credit cards

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About this Chase and United Airline credit card, we should not be too strange.Due to the UA name, mileage is known for its simple and easy to use, this is also my first accumulated mileage credit card.And General Aviation joint card, this card also provides priority boarding, United States territory to provide free luggage and relatively abundant card frequent flyer miles.However, this mannered credit card or there is a lot of hidden attributes.Give everyone a secret it today.

Chase United MileagePlus Explorer (UA) the hidden advantage of credit cards

1. United MileagePlus Explorer introduction to credit cards

As United States native of one of the three major airlines United Airlines (UA) and Chase together launched a joint mileage card.This card looks great, basic characteristic is as follows

  • Opening bonus: card spending 1k, send 30k UA mileage plus a secondary card, gets extra mileage 5k
  • Consumer fees: annual fees $95 (first year), United Airlines, consumer 2mile/$, other 1mile/$, no use outside fees
  • Aviation-related: Group 2 priority boarding, United States territory of free checked baggage
  • Year: year two UA Club Pass annual spending $25k, top of the 10K mileage

For people who travel often sit UA, this card free baggage is worth the long-term holding.After all, United States $50 check a baggage fee twice earned back annual fees.No fee VISA card outside China's consumption in Europe is also very convenient.I took the card back before China, duty-free shop at the airport went smoothly, and VISA card at some merchants also have an additional 5%off discounts, use essentially shopping malls in China are also brushes.Annual incentive is good, two Club pass let you NAP in turnaround time in the lounge, for every extra 10K mileage is equivalent to every $ 1 you can get UA 1.4 miles.

Evaluate the quality of an airline co-branded cards in addition to long-term holders give you benefits, a large reason is that accumulate mileage whether this card.Card reward 35k and usually consume the accumulation of mileage if not out, is no good.You like this card, the biggest reason is the UA mileage is easy.

  • Check is simple: most mileage tickets (including most partners fly ticket) directly on the UA website queries, without calling
  • Strong capacity: Sino-US airline United Airlines (UA), all Nippon Airways (ANA), Asiana (OZ), Eva economy class mileage help could cover most of the time, but really checked the ticket, also can go the European turnaround.
  • No fuel tax: UA mileage out of himself and partner mileage no fuel surcharge (YQ).In contrast $200 of ANA Mileage surcharge is really shame.
  • Travel and opening: If you like the game, UA mileage is very good.Round-trip mileage tickets a Stop over and two open jaw, passed European way, stay a few days, it's cool.

If the card's basic features and interest in UA mileage use, you can look at the articles below to view details:

For those who have this credit card and be familiar with UA mileage, da Lu Huo Yuan described above should be considered.The following will give you some easy to overlook the characteristics and some of the hidden attribute.

2. Application advantages

Here the advantages mentioned, in fact all of Chase's aviation and hotel group cards are applicable.

2.1 merge Hard Pull

This is a credit card issued by Chase, so if your application you applied for the card and apply for a Chase credit card (like Freedom), your credit report it will only leave a Hard Pull (HP), which is the so-called merger of HP.In the previous article "impact of new credit cards on credit history and score" in our analysis, HP is going to have a negative impact on a credit score in the short term.So if you can spend only one HP is dealt two cards, or even three or more Chase cards, that's a good bargain.Of course, one important reason is also owned by Chase has a lot worth applying for credit cards, such as:

Pick one or more and the UA card application together is also good.Of course, pay attention to the Chase credit card "two five-card" policy, available here interpretations

And more than anything else, Chase application for more than one card with HP.You applied for one, failed to pass the deal, leaving no extra HP has no impact on your credit history.Are the so-called shenbaibushen, in case it was.Free chance to try or don't pass up good.On applying for, see this article:

2.2 two five-card does not affect

This card is to Chase out, but because it is airline co-branded cards, five card is not subject to a two-year limit.Meanwhile, if you have Chase Freedom or CSP can be said to have entered into the Chase.This card application for degree of difficulty has been in the Chase for you is very small, have rarely been refused.

2.3 you can repeat the application award

AMEX credit cards is very good, but only one of the same card rewards.By contrast, Chase is quite generous.As long as you're within 2 years did you take the card open card rewards, you apply for a card, can get a card reward.Of course, again on condition that you have not applied for the card.So, if you Churn once in two years, the card rewards are pretty good.On Churn, you can read this article:

3. Advantages of 1-2

For many people, open air and hotel group cards are not intended for long-term holders, purely in order to open the card rewards and no annual fee the first year.In addition to having a relatively good card this card rewards and no annual fee, there are also worthy of holding only one or two years.

3.1 two UA free Club Pass

If you use the two Club Pass, then something is also good.However, if you are in the United States domestic transfer, was not how much time dedicated to the restroom is quite troublesome.However, the two Pass is an out of date, never wasted.In fact, many people do not know, UA Club Pass is sold on eBay (although according to term,pass are not transferable), price of each Pass on eBay probably around $20, after deducting fees and shipping costs, making $15 is no problem.Of course, expiration prices far higher and higher

Furthermore, the UA Club Pass is your opening time.Your card will be sent by just two, near the first anniversary of the opening and will send two.So you also confiscated first year annual fee you may receive two tickets for the following year.Which is the best case, for your first year you can earn 4, or $60.Of course, if you want to hold, then sold the two Club pass or equivalent annual fee is $95-$30=$65.If you intend to sell Pass, the best received was hanging out so effectively for a long time, high prices will sell (the auction).

3.2-25k consumer incentives

Mentioned the card after $25k will throw 10K UA mileage, which is equivalent to the consumption of $25k, got the 25k+10K=35k UA mileage.The 35k UA Mileage Plus card, just 70k out of a Sino-US miles round-trip, economy class tickets.The 10K rewards if you can get it, equivalent to using the card for $ 1, you can get UA mileage 1.4 (35k/$25k=1.4mile/$).Known as the UA for high-end card's annual fee $395 Club card can only do 1.5 mile/$.Worth noting is that the 10K bonus is measured according to the calendar year.

  • If you opened this card in March this year, to December flowers 25k, won 10K Awards
  • By March next year if it took 25k, you can get the 10K award

So, finish twice in the annual fee before the first anniversary of 10K tasks, annual fee levels are also good.Also, if you are interested in senior members of the UA, the 25k consumer demand can help you relieve the PQD

Chase United MileagePlus Explorer (UA) the hidden advantage of credit cards

3.3 Retention

1-2 was mentioned in the title, because the card has some probability to the retention offer.Take my own experience as an example, although card holders spent in the first year of 5k less, when called to prepare for the crossing, customer service was very generous to me of $150, so I continue to hold this card.Annual fee $150 $95,Club pass can earn $30,retention also gave me, I have no reason to refuse it?About retention, see this article:

Accept the retention offer, of course, continues to take slightly ~

4. Predetermined mileage advantage

And unlike other airlines, UA mileage ticket has two positions.Economy class, for example, UA members can schedule in general position is x miles and credit card holder can see the position of the UA mileage ticket for XN.

  • Denver (DEN)-San Francisco (SFO) mileage tickets August September (first is the UA card, and the second is not)

Chase United MileagePlus Explorer (UA) the hidden advantage of credit cards

Chase United MileagePlus Explorer (UA) the hidden advantage of credit cards

Click on the different dates (for example, 8.22), you can see the UA card account can see XN holdings, and the votes in the General account was going to see

Chase United MileagePlus Explorer (UA) the hidden advantage of credit cards

Please don't underestimate this, XN also appears many of UA flights between China and, at this time no UA card who does not get this ticket (UA senior members can see).Moreover, in the United States in connecting flights, XN tickets for domestic flights will be used.Before I bought a ticket for the economy class mileage is on the XN holdings.So, if you have a lot of reservation UA mileage account Sino-US flights, and no senior members may wish to consider applying for and retain this card to increase your probability of finding a mileage.

5. UA associated with special benefits

In addition to the flights, credit card rewards, earn UA UA card three way beyond mileage, there are lots of small projects can earn UA mileage.UA the cardholder of the credit card on that also has special benefits.

5.1 MPX extra 25% rewards

If you have a UA card, use MPX this APP when I purchase gift cards, you can get an additional 25% UA mileage award.Gets the award does not require the use of UA pay by credit card, also UA card need not be added to the APP.

Chase United MileagePlus Explorer (UA) the hidden advantage of credit cards

If you are a fan of MPX, UA card is essential.Presentation on MPX this APP, you can:

5.2 MileagePlus Shoping Portal bonus

MileagePlus Shoping Portal is a rebate of the UA network, click on other Web sites through this site shopping, you can get UA mileage, and function like cash back network.UA cards held, gets back to point ratio will be greatly enhanced.For example:

  • UA card

Chase United MileagePlus Explorer (UA) the hidden advantage of credit cards

  • No UA card

Chase United MileagePlus Explorer (UA) the hidden advantage of credit cards

As you can see, no UA UA card can get the mileage is between 1.5 to twice times the card, so people who prefer online shopping save UA mileage holds this card is good.

5.3 increased incentives for opening new accounts registered projects

Following this link, we can find all UA mileage-earning additional methods:

Basically all of these methods for the UA card cardholder has additional incentives, such as:

  • FTD flower&Gifts (extra get 200 miles each)
  • Opinion Miles Club (extra gets 300 miles)
  • Vinesse Wines (extra gets 6500 miles)
  • My Points (extra gets 250 miles)

So, if you haven't UA card, some things can be registered later.If you have a UA card, so hurry before the checkpoint to register these items with bonus

6. Summary

Overall, the benefits of this card is good.Chase and UA are doing very well in every detail, reflecting the cardholder of the card everywhere benefits, advantage.If you are interested in this card in the following link application and view the introduction to basic benefits:

Chase United MileagePlus Explorer (UA) the hidden advantage of credit cards
Chase United MileagePlus Explorer (UA) the hidden advantage of credit cards
Chase United MileagePlus Explorer (UA) the hidden advantage of credit cards
Chase United MileagePlus Explorer (UA) the hidden advantage of credit cards

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