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Chase credit cards United Club-high-end travel + consumer

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Chase credit cards United Club-high-end travel + consumer

The card location

  • Long term (cost of $450/years)
    • UA flight very much, likes to lounge and check two pieces of luggage
    • Consumption of especially high and in need of UA mileage
  • A year (cost $350 or $0)
    • Card rewards or $100 last year for free
    • One-year unlimited UA benefits such as lounge, checked baggage

My reviews

According to sources, April Chase "two five-card rule" is likely to spread to the UA and Chase introduce high-end joint card.The main benefits of this card is the card holders can be an unlimited number of times during the UA into the airport lounge and part of Star Alliance lounges worldwide (participating Star Alliance affiliated lounges worldwide).Also, use this card to buy tickets and mileage tickets, free checked bag or two.Take a UA on a business trip to the party's God card.Of course, this card provides all consumption of at least 1.5mile/$, one of some consumer favorites.Of course, you non-business travellers receive a no annual fee card rewards, concerning this card a year x, is also possible.After all, if home can check two pieces of baggage, you can also make a purchase of a large sum of money.Remember a year later go into "UA card with no annual fee" or points directly on the line.

Credit card introduced

1. application

  • Application link
  • Difficulty of application: it is recommended that applications for credit histories for more than 6 months, after the Chase getting started is easy to apply to
  • Application status
    • Online query (with a Chase account login, applications may fail to see)
    • Telephone enquiries: 888-338-2586
  • Matters needing attention

2. the basic characteristics

  • Opening bonus: $100 cash back, but annual fee OR first year annual fee
  • Consumer UA mileage
    • UA website to buy tickets 2x
    • Other 1.5x
  • FTF-free foreign currency conversion fee
  • Annual fee $450

3. highlight

  • UA and Star Alliance lounges: cardholders directly to gift United Club Membership (website price $550), unlimited access to UA, and part of the Star Alliance member lounges
  • Check two pieces of baggage for free: UA fly their flights can check two bags for free, a fellow who can get a free two (need a reservation), you need to pay with this credit card to buy tickets or mileage tax and enjoy.View the "UA baggage free interpretation"
  • Any consumer 1.5x: this is the one and only 1.5 times unconditionally accumulated mileage credit card, if you consume a very high need UA mileage 1.5x 50% more than 1x is.Compare credit cards AMEX EDP only needs 30 consumer 1.5x,AMEX SPG card to full 20K to get 1.25x mileage, UA Explorer card requires a spending 25k get 10K reward 1.4x.
  • Mileage advantage:
    • XN holdings can be seen miles, greatly increasing probability of finding a mileage tickets
    • Mileage tickets 21 days removed from the $75 close in booking fee
  • Flight Primier Access: queue priority, priority, priority baggage handling and other security, see "website to explain"
  • Hyatt Platinum members: Platinum members of the direct gift of Hyatt hotels, you need to: register here
  • Metal material: thick texture, caught sister artifact

4. shortcomings

Application link

Chase credit cards United Club-high-end travel + consumer

  • Links members 2:UA directed links (after logging in some people can see from the first year annual fee, there is no $100 bonus offer)

Chase credit cards United Club-high-end travel + consumer

Chase credit cards United Club-high-end travel + consumer
Chase credit cards United Club-high-end travel + consumer
Chase credit cards United Club-high-end travel + consumer
Chase credit cards United Club-high-end travel + consumer

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