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Chase credit card is fraudulent experience

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The saying goes good, major credit cards, which have not been stolen.Even if you're careful, avoiding the lost wallet such embarrassing things, also are likely to leak your credit card information merchants, even the Bank's database is not unbreakable.So, it's not not be fraudulent, but can be found as soon as possible, quickly put an end to further danger.Today speak to my Chase credit card was stolen a few days ago after brushing experience.

Chase credit card is fraudulent experience

1. Fraudulent credit card profiles

Credit cards stolen brushes can be referred to in English as the Unauthorized Charge, which is that the consumer is not authorized by the cardholder spending.Credit card stolen brushes for many reasons, such as missing credit card, merchant or Bank database compromised, stolen personal information and so on.Of course banks will not idle, will adopt a variety of methods to prevent fraudulent.But for us, we do not bear any responsibility for fraudulent, it is often said that the United States credit card zero liability principles.Specific detailed analysis, we can see on the fraudulent credit cards:

2. Brush my Chase card was stolen from a to z

2.1 the middle of Fraud alert

X/xx/2016 23:53, I also receive emails and text messages received, claiming that I used credit cards Chase UA, PURITANS PRIDE consumption, I confirm that:

Chase credit card is fraudulent experience

Of course I'm not for consumption, decisive in the message click on NO.

2.2 after you confirm the fraudulent

As the message says, if confirmed to be fraudulent, my credit card will be temporarily frozen (Hold) and cannot be used for other spending.Chase behind the suggestions immediately call your credit card number, and Chase's Fraud Department to confirm the information.In line with the principle of early settlement, I'll call the card behind the phone, and then transferred to the Fraud Department.

  • Me: Hello, I received an email saying the unauthorized charge, I confirm that this is not my spending
  • Customer service: OK, let me see.Can you tell me your SSN, please?
  • Customer service: thank you.I view your record, and indeed with xxx consumer records, you sure it's not authorized by you.
  • Me: of course
  • Customer service: OK, I have to cancel your credit card, 3-5 working days you will receive a new card, the card number is not the same.I will remove the charge.
  • Me: OK, thank you.What do I need to do that?Do I need to contact the fraudulent businesses?
  • Customer service: no, you don't have to do anything, you will receive the card within 3-5 days.Because there is a new card number, others were not fraudulent.
  • Me: Oh, I feel like I did before in this store, is that businesses caused by fraudulent credit card exist?
  • Customer service: no, you don't have to do anything, you will receive the card within 3-5 days.Because there is a new card number, others were not fraudulent.You also don't have to pay the money
  • Me: Okay, thank you.
  • Customer service: is there anything else I can do for you?
  • I: wooden

This dialog shows the following two points:

  • Brush after it was stolen, the card will temporarily freeze, but you need to speak to credit card fraud department after verification, will issue you a new card
  • Customer service will not tell you is fraudulent or simply does not know who is sending you a new card

So, brush after it was stolen, as soon as possible, and the best customer service calls, confirm the facts.

2.3 receiving a new card

Five days later, I received a new card.Expiration date of the card, card number, and all three-digit security code on the back of the card.I further checked the closing date and the due date of the credit card, and the original credit card.

Chase's new card is emailed to, it is very slow.A year ago my Citi credit card because the target data breach was fraudulent, is overnight shipping for Citi sent me a new card, really rich wayward Ah!

3. My speculation about the fraudulent events

3.1 reasons for fraudulent

We want to understand the causes of fraudulent, because your card was fraudulent, and other cards are also likely to be fraudulent.So, my Mint account manager reviews the prior consumption records, found that this card is basically a supermarket and Target painted in China, but the two places I have brushed many other card, no problem.So I decided not to take other actions, for other credit card numbers.

3.2 How to detect fraudulent Chase?

I see a bit of time, the fraudulent consumption occurs, Chase sent me emails and text messages at once, let me check.Also, the consumer is happening on the Internet.So, I guess someone stole my credit card number (there may be security codes and expiration time), and then test on the net the card can consume, if passed, another big.And he did my billing address, so the Chase when validating the card find the billing address is wrong, then inform me let me confirm that consumption.

4. Summary

After the credit card was fraudulent, you don't have to panic, just and Bank one a period consumption and which are you, what is not yours.General banking investigation, will remove what is fraudulent spending, and then send you a new card.For fraudulent, banks may not be able to immediately detect, especially when the amount is very small.Therefore, it is best to always check your consumer record, see if there is anything strange consumption.

If you have many credit cards (>10), Mint can be used to manage all of your credit card.So you can see the same site you all of the recent credit-card spending, I was viewing consumption records on a regular basis to see if consumption does not know.About mint this accounts software, you can view

Chase credit card is fraudulent experience
Chase credit card is fraudulent experience
Chase credit card is fraudulent experience
Chase credit card is fraudulent experience

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