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Chase Slate–free interest free loans

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Credit card in addition to give you rich rewards, usually use the cash back rewards, clever use of words can also get a free of charge an interest-free loan.

Chase Slate--free interest free loans

The card location

  • Long term (cost 0/year)
    • Credit history-view the credits
  • Short term (cost 0)
    • 60 days before to get fees from interest-free loans

I'm with this card

I have not applied for the card, being more comfortable.However, if you open temporary cash flow problems, need small loans up to $15K, may wish to consider applying for this credit card via Balance Transfer working capital.Fees free of interest-free loans but good.Analysis on Balance Transfer, please see:

Interest free credit card

1. application

2. the basic characteristics

  • Card rewards
    • Opening Balance Transfer no fee within 60 days (fee=0)
    • Opening Balance Transfer for 15 months without interest (APR=0)
  • Consumer free cash back
  • No annual fee

3. highlight

  • Monthly free FICO score
  • Blance Transfer artifact: the card within 60 days of your Balance from other credit cards can be transferred free of charge to the card and enjoy the 15-month interest-free period before this card.When your only minimum 15 months in arrears.Higher the lines of your card, being able to Balance the more, the loans, the more (30 days of no more than $15K).After 60 days, you can transfer the balance to enjoy from the opening started 15 months interest-free, but charge 3% fee.
  • See Balance Transfer analysis: introduction to Balance Transfer

4. shortcomings

  • 15 months later, the main advantages of Balance Transfer disappeared into a drawer card

Application link

Chase Slate--free interest free loans
Chase Slate--free interest free loans
Chase Slate--free interest free loans
Chase Slate--free interest free loans

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