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Chase Secure Message (SM) user guide

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To contact the Bank by phone on the back of the card is the fastest way, but called often different levels of training will face all sorts of customer service, customer service and bad luck will be around the buck.However, some banks offer good Secure Message system to make up for this problem.Secure message system here will give you the Chase.

Chase Secure Message (SM) user guide

1. What is Chase Secure Message System

Chase Secure Message system is one of Chase online account contact customer service functions.General consulting and checking account (Checking account) or credit card account questions.In General, problems in 1-2 are answered within one business day.

Why should I use this system, rather than a direct phone call?I personally feel that, sometimes called customer service relatively easy been hoodwinked or buck.Ask questions through the Secure Message, if the customer does not determine the answer, your questions will be sent to other parts of the professional customer service to answer.In addition, customer service reply Message in black and white you can be saved as a record, also have plenty of evidence to support in the future.

If your question is urgent, such as credit card theft issues such as brush called them directly on the line.Secure Message is not an immediate problem-solving systems are only suitable for the kind of problem.

2. How to use the Secure Message

The system is simple to use:

  • Land accounts will find the Secure Message Center of the Chase, there are number of new messages will be displayed directly

Chase Secure Message (SM) user guide

  • You need to select the required prior consultation questions

Chase Secure Message (SM) user guide

  • Selected questions corresponding to the credit card, edit your problems on the line and, if necessary, you can also add attachments

Chase Secure Message (SM) user guide

  • In 1-2 days, customer service will respond to your message, you solved the problem

3. Secure Message can do

Basically you can think of using the Secure Message can solve the problem, such as the turn card, points, down lines, lines of Norway, card reward and so on.Here are a few common examples:

3.1 credit-related

Chase credit card to reduce or convert between Chase card lines do not need to pull your credit report, nor does it affect your credit score, so through the Secure Message is very convenient.If you want to increase a card limit, it is recommended that calls for first and ask if you need to pull your credit record.

Lower limit: If you think your Chase credit card limits are too high, you apply for a new Chase credit card, SM to reduce a line of credit.On the need to lower my credit card shows to line fell as much as you can.Can get back in the day, as follows:

Chase Secure Message (SM) user guide

Convert amount: If you feel that drawer card limit is too high, and some commonly used card limit is too low, you can also request the drawer card limit to cards.Remember to say which cards go to which card, on the line.Common replies are as follows:

Chase Secure Message (SM) user guide

3.2 opening bonus

Get bonus time: If you have completed the opening card, want to know when I can get the card rewards, you can ask SM.Common replies are as follows:

Chase Secure Message (SM) user guide

Match card rewards: If you apply for a Chase credit card, see a better rewards within three months, you can send an SM to demand better opening match this card rewards (see: Match card rewards summary).You can add attachments when sending a better offer screenshots, or apply directly to the link in the message.Common replies are as follows:

Chase Secure Message (SM) user guide

IHG 60k opening match to 80k

Open card terms: If you're not sure opening period of consumption recommended SM customer service ask about, is which.Recommended consumption slow novice when I get a card or credit card SM confirmed this can give their own records, in case of missed deadlines.Customer service will be based on your opening time calculation to determine the date, so it is very convenient.

3.3 account-related issues

Associated card account jointly: Chase has many hotels and Airlines signed a card, if you are applying for when there is no fill in your number of rewards program, the Chase will make hotel or airline you are applying for a new number, gets your credit card airline miles or hotel points will be associated with that number.So, after you receive cards, it is best to ask the number, then that number in the corresponding hotel or airline website to activate your account.

Chase Secure Message (SM) user guide

Ask IHG hotel number

Negative balance check: If the balance on your credit card account is negative, you can ask customer service to send you check in an SM, very convenient.

Chase Secure Message (SM) user guide

Go card: go card can be carried out through SM's, of course, make sure your card is you can go into a different Chase cards.Go card to card holders after one year to go, to go into visa signiture type cards need a minimum amount of 5000.(See: credit card transfer card stock)

4. What is not suitable for Secure Message

While the Secure Message is useful, but there are a lot of things not fit to solve by SM.For example:

  • Emergencies: If with the credit card was fraudulent or his credit card was decline of emergencies, please call card directly behind the phone, as soon as possible.(See: credit card fraudulent)
  • Retention: retention generally is to talk to customer service, sometimes even threat level to get the retention.By SM threat level accidentally close your card really is not worth it.See: retention introduction
  • Upgrading lines: Chase Bank, reducing lines or in the credit transfer amount is not required to call the credit history, it will not have an impact on your credit score.Ascending line arrived, probably will need a Hard Pull, and this affects your credit score.So the proposal call and find out whether you need Hard Pull and then decide whether you want to upgrade.
  • More complex issues: for example, businesses are not satisfied with, to dispute charge, calling it is recommended to solve, a question-and-answer more clearly
  • Benefits: Chase credit cards have travel protection function, if your flight is delayed you want to use this feature, or call solution is better.Because generally these need a lot of evidence.

Chase Secure Message (SM) user guide
Chase Secure Message (SM) user guide
Chase Secure Message (SM) user guide
Chase Secure Message (SM) user guide

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