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"Limited-time 50k offer" Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP)-absolute core

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"Limited-time 50k offer" Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP)-absolute core

Sapphire metallic, the absolute core of UR points.

The card orientation:

  • Long term (cost $95)
    • Tourism can be mindless brush, car rental nice
    • Can UR points into airline miles and hotel points
  • Short term (cost 0, return about $800)
    • "Limited time offer" card reward 50k+5k UR
    • First year annual fee waiver
    • Freedom saved points of a wave can be spent before the remaining checkpoints back to Freedom
    • Get rewards after two years can then apply for a card rewards

I was with this card:

I do not apply for this card, because the first 2X on his journey back to points is not very attractive to me, AMEX and Citi Premier PRG basic coverage of all aspects of the trip.So this card in my opinion is mainly used to activate UR points, so you can apply when UR point more.While recent Chase card new policies also hinder important reason I applied for this card.

Core cards Description:

1. Application

"Limited-time 50k offer" Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP)-absolute core

2. The basic characteristics of

  • Open card reward 50k+5k UR points
  •  Swipe UR (Ultimate Rewards) points
    • Travel-related spending (including meals, rental cars, airline tickets, hotels, and so on) 2X rebates
    • Other consumer 1X rebates
  • Points Exchange
    • Cash: 100UR=$1
    • Can be converted into airline miles or hotel points 1:1 (mainly UA,BA,SW,HYATT)
    • Chase Travel 100UR=$1.25 in paying for airline tickets or hotel
  • No overseas charges
  • $95 annual fee (annual fee waived for the first year)

3. Highlights

  • 2X travel consumption across a wide, no overseas charges
    • Rental cars, hotels, cruises, theme park tickets and even parking included
  •  Activate UR points
    • 1:1 cash
    • UR point or can be ordered directly in UR travel plane ticket.May 100UR Exchange $1.25 ticket fee.Than direct cash to buy as many ($1000 tickets with a value of $800 points, the equivalent points value up to 1.25 times)
    • Points you can own all of UR 1:1 go to the airline or hotel points, view the list of partners.Turning UA, just 70k UR point can change a Sino-US round-trip ticket, go BA United States territory pay from just 4.5k one way, go HYATT Hotel 10K about $160 can be exchanged for value, changed his SW you cheap United States domestic ticket.
  • Rental car insurance: and the UA card, this card offers Prime Insurance, car rental use this card to pay, you do not need to spend extra money to buy insurance.
  • Workmanship: metal, heavy, hard to break.
  • Cash back network (UR Mall): Chase own rebate network also includes Wal-Mart, merchants such as Sears,Staples,Apple store rebate, is also a good way to quickly save

4. Disadvantages

  • Their consumption is similar to many other cards
  • No particular place to play

5. Summary

Activate UR points as a piece of card, no matter what, or to Port Dickson.If you're going to long-term holders, can apply now, and if you intend to take the card away, freedom such as it can save some of UR points, to apply for this card, a wave crossing points spent

Application link:

"Limited-time 50k offer" Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP)-absolute core
"Limited-time 50k offer" Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP)-absolute core
"Limited-time 50k offer" Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP)-absolute core
"Limited-time 50k offer" Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP)-absolute core

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