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Chase Ritz-Carlton credit cards-top two nights + air claim

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Chase Ritz-Carlton credit cards-top two nights + air claim

The card location

  • Long term (cost of $395/years)
    • Ritz-Carlton Hotel lovers
    • Need an airport lounge
    • Can handle the annual $300 aviation claim
  • A year (cost $395)
    • Card owned any luxury hotel for two nights (value $800+)
    • Opening day at the end of the $300 aviation claims, the second year began to take over the time-consuming and $300 (value $600)
    • One-year airport lounges and Ritz-Carlton Hotel deals

My reviews

According to sources, April Chase "two five-card rule" is likely to spread to the Ritz-Carlton and Chase introduce high-end joint card.Current opening rewards are any of the Ritz hotels for two nights.Due to the Ritz-Carlton hotels are all high-end branded luxury hotel, if we change the highest cat4 (Marriott Cat 9) hotel, retail price, it is probably $800.Moreover, the card LOUNGE donated by CLUB members also gives you free access to airport lounges.In addition, the $300 air claims that you can use in each year, equivalent to the annual fee decrease equivalent to $95, to know the UA provides airport lounge Club card annual fee but $450.If you just want to use the level a year at most, you get a free two-night aviation claims +$600 +Lounge Club members a year for free, is very worthwhile.

This card happened before 140k card incentives, so that we have shot in applications.Because the points are points in the Marriott and Ritz generic, if you get the 87.5k of the 140k with the highest rewards and Marriott Rewards, Marriott Travel Package-Marriott is just about enough Exchange package (7 nights 1-5cat Marriott Hotel +55K UA mileage).If you want to get the points to get gift bags can 140k offer, hopefully in April "two five-card rules" before the emergence of this Offer.

Credit card introduced

1. application

  • Application link
  • Difficulty of application: it is recommended that applications for credit histories for more than 6 months, after the Chase getting started is easy to apply to
  • Application status
    • Online query (with a Chase account login, applications may fail to see)
    • Telephone enquiries: 888-338-2586
  • Matters needing attention
    • Occurs when the application to fill out the Ritz-Carlton membership number, if you want to stay with Marriott points accumulate, you need to call the Marriott account into Ritz account.
    • Before applying please read the "Chase Bank property" + "Chase two years five-card rule" to avoid rejection of direct
    • Chase credit card application for more than one a day, will merge Hard Pull, and reduce the impact of credit, see "AOR introduction"
    • 24 months did you get this card open card rewards applicants to obtain a card reward, please see "Churn introduction"
    • Not immediately adopted, 888-245-0625 applications, please see "Reconsider techniques"

2. the basic characteristics

  • Opening bonus: free nights worldwide any of its hotels
  • Consumer Ritz-Carlton Hotel points
    • Ritz Hotel consumption 5x
    • Website to buy tickets, car rentals, restaurants 2x
    • Other 1x
  • No currency conversion fees (No Foreign Transaction Fee)
  • Annual fee $395

3. highlight

  • Card rewards cool: a rewards gift any of its hotels for two nights in the world, $800+ convertible top-grade hotel two days, especially suits with sister paper
  • Aviation claims: this card each year $300 air claims, including baggage fees, fee for seats, lounge and other incidental expenses, not including airfare consumer.Claims need to call customer service or send Secure Message.But some Internet users through the purchase of $50 AA airline gift card to obtain the reimbursement, if you want to take the non-official network, note that each purchase amount is not too large, call or send a SM, they were said to be aviation fees on the line.
  • Airport lounge: this card provides a Lounge Club free membership, cooperation can go to the airport and Lounge Club Lounge, but also bring along a companion to get into.Moreover, the secondary card of the card holders can also enjoy the free membership, a second card has no annual fee.A few more for my family was great: yy.
  • Membership benefits: free RC Golden membership for the first year, second year member of consumer $10K grant, $75k Gets the Platinum member
  • Rose room voucher: each year gets three liter coupon, can you pay for room upgrades for RC Club, enjoy better benefits
  • Hotel discount coupon: with this card for two nights in a row the RC hotels, $100 hotel discount coupons can be obtained, used for eating, SPA, recreational activities
  • Metal material: thick texture, caught sister artifact

4. shortcomings

Application link

Chase Ritz-Carlton credit cards-top two nights + air claim

Hotel map

  • New York's Ritz-Carlton hotel lobby

Chase Ritz-Carlton credit cards-top two nights + air claim

  • Tokyo Ritz-Carlton Hotel window at night

Chase Ritz-Carlton credit cards-top two nights + air claim

Chase Ritz-Carlton credit cards-top two nights + air claim
Chase Ritz-Carlton credit cards-top two nights + air claim
Chase Ritz-Carlton credit cards-top two nights + air claim
Chase Ritz-Carlton credit cards-top two nights + air claim

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