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"3.31 updated: online application!"Chase Freedom Unlimited–all 1.5x

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"3.31 updated: online application!"Chase Freedom Unlimited--all 1.5x

"2016.3.31" is now available for online application!Can also send secure message will chase their cards into the card, call cannot be transferred.

The card location

  • Long term (cost of $0/years)
  • No special award category consumption more
  • Ultimate Rewards faithful fans

Credit card introduced

1. application

  • Difficulty of application: it is recommended that applications for credit histories for more than 6 months, after the Chase getting started is easy to apply to
  • Application status
    • Online query (with a Chase account login, applications may fail to see)
    • Telephone enquiries: 888-338-2586
  • Matters needing attention

2. the basic characteristics

  • Opening bonus: $150/15K Ultimate Rewards (three-month spending $500) +$25/2.5k UR (plus a pair card)
  • Ultimate Rewards consumption: all 1.5x (1.5 UR/$)
  • UR Exchange: 100UR=$1, go Airlines travel points out higher value
  • Consumption and 0 APR:15 month Balance Transfer interest free
  • Annual fee $0

3. highlight

  • 1.5x all consumption: 1% cash back credit cards are generally, 1.5x cash back equivalent of Kato 50% than the average.If you have a Chase credit card CSP, you can very well use these build up UR points.
  • Balance of consumer 0APR:15 consumer within one month, just pay the minimum each month will have to pay interest.Please read the "credit card 0APR money"
  • BT 0APR:15 months Balance Transfer interest free (should be 1.5% fees), part of loose money.Details please see "Introduction to Balance Transfer"
  • Flexible UR points, after a Chase credit card CSP:
    • Order air tickets directly on UR travel 100UR airfares can be exchanged for $1.2, value of 1.2 times.
    • 1:1 points to the Unitd Airline mileage, 35k can be exchanged for one-way ticket between China and worth about 1.6 times.
    • 1:1 Hyatt points, 5k points can be exchanged for one night's accommodation, worth about 1.8 times
  • Cash back network (UR Mall): Chase own rebate network also includes Wal-Mart, merchants such as Sears,Staples,Apple store rebate, is also a good way to quickly save

4. shortcomings

My reviews

According to the insider news, this card is Chase a new card to be introduced in April, the biggest feature is: no annual fee + all 1.5x.Its main purpose is to fight against Citi Double Cash (all 2% back now), and Capital One Quick Sliver (all 1.5% back now).This card is an independent product, he would not take the Chase Freedom (5x quarterly cash back).After the introduction of this card can be directly applied for can be obtained through existing transfer Chase Freedom card.


So this card really worth it to apply for or go card?First, look at and compare similar to the no annual fee card:

Based on the above analysis, this card is of little value without the Chase credit card CSP than Citi Double Cash 2% cash back.If you hold credit cards Chase CSP (paying $95 fees), does 1.5x of all airlines spend rebate by going to the hotel play a role.However, if you have plenty of other credit card allows the consumer to have double cash back when fewer left to cover consumption, in order to 0.5UR/$ to apply for this card the opportunity costs are very high.Therefore, I will not specifically apply for this card.

However, for those award categories-free consumption (insurance, utility bills, tuition fees), more people, more 0.5UR is considerable.Especially if you have a Chase credit card CSP, use UR point is experience, Exchange a higher value, then you can apply for this card.But my suggestion is that if you want to quickly build up UR points, still rely on the Chase Freedom 5x-quarter rebate.This card can only be used as a supplement of the daily consumption.


Applications for this card should also be affected by the Chase's "two five-card policy", so if you have been approved for nearly two years for more than five cards, you can only rely on existing Chase Freedom or CSP go card.If you look at the United States, my advice is:

Of course, if you are a Chase UR loyal fans, you can follow the steps above.Because you don't apply for another card, "two five-card policy" not limit you.If you want to sweep all the Bank, you need to control the rhythm of the application, within two years five cards, you can catch up with the Chase of CSP duplicate applications

Application link

"3.31 updated: online application!"Chase Freedom Unlimited--all 1.5x

"3.31 updated: online application!"Chase Freedom Unlimited--all 1.5x
"3.31 updated: online application!"Chase Freedom Unlimited--all 1.5x
"3.31 updated: online application!"Chase Freedom Unlimited--all 1.5x
"3.31 updated: online application!"Chase Freedom Unlimited--all 1.5x

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