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Skill-class credit card conversion

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Bank one credit card when it is launched, providing not only a huge card rewards, many times certain categories of bonus is also provided.In department stores in gas stations, Amazon, for example Chase Freedom 5X integral; AMEX Blue Cash/Everyday 3% back to/4.5x points provided by Preferred in supermarkets; home improvment of the Discover credit card offers, clothing store, Amazon 5%, cash back and more.General users will follow in several categories of real consumption, get double cash back or rebates.In fact, if through clever means to convert, you can make the most of your consumption (or even all) get high cash back or rebates.Today, we'll play credit card one of the most important skills-class conversion (Category Swap).

Skill-class credit card conversion

1. Two examples

Before you begin to explain in detail a wide conversion, first two examples, let everyone have the intuitive feeling:

Example 1: Bob only a Discover it on credit cards, drive cars, take $400 a month on petrol.Discover credit card 5% cash back in forth quarter in AMAZON,Clothing Store, Department Store a few categories.That he does to real at the pump when brush the Discover credit card, take this 1% back to cash?

Solution: category translation (Department Store->Gas Card->Gas Station)

  • Bob can go to Sears (the Department store category defined belonging to discover) card purchase a shell oil (shell gift card), as well as provide in Department store 5% to Discover cash back
  • Use Shell Oil card at Shell gas station to meet fuel demand
  • Equivalent to using the Discover credit card at a gas station to get the 5% cash back

Skill-class credit card conversion

Example 2: Fang got an AMEX EveryDay Preferred credit card (providing supermarket 4.5x rebate) and usually go to the supermarket a lot, does not accept AMEX cards and Chinese supermarkets, only VISA/MASTER.How to make ponytail supermarkets in China can also enjoy such a high return points?

Solution: category translation (United States supermarket->Visa Gift Card-> the Chinese supermarket)

  • AMEX Everyday Preferred cards to local reception of AMEX cards United States supermarkets (like Kroger), buy a VISA Gift Card (get 4.5X rebates), paying a small fee ($500 about 1% fee)
  • Shopping with a VISA Gift Card in Chinese supermarkets, to meet the demand
  • Equivalent in China's supermarkets are using AMEX EDP card for 4.5x return (paid 1% fee)

Skill-class credit card conversion

2. What is category conversion?

Nutshell is: you use in the class a stores have high rebate and cash back credit cards, buy the things one can use to payments in category b, then to category b of the shop which is equivalent to get cash back at high magnification in category b.

Combining the above two examples, example 1 in category a (Department Store) use power cash back credit card (Discover 5%), bought one in category b (gas station) used to pay for things (Shell Gift Card) to gain high return (5%).Similarly, cases 2 through the United States buy VISA gift card, get 4.5x return, and then use the Visa gift card in the Chinese supermarket to get high return.

3. Practical how to operate?

  • First you have to look at yourself now what's on the credit card in hand, what categories have been covered (such as department stores, supermarkets, Amazon, etc)
  • Think about what my spending not covered by these categories?(Such as oil)
  • Has covered categories of shops there can pay categories not covered shops Gift Card?(Such as most supermarkets have sold oil, shell, Exxon)
  • Has covered categories of shops to be able to use my credit card to buy corresponds to the Gift Card, please?(Most of the supermarket card allows your credit card to buy oil)

If everything went through like brackets, good for you, as long as you have a picture in one of the categories high rebate cash back credit cards, you can in the other categories by category-way to get a high return on the other shop to convert points.

4. Wide conversion of bridge

You may have noticed, all the methods mentioned above have a very important bridge–Gift Card.If you have high rebate categories can directly buy Gift Card to another category that are not covered that everything is very simple.Sometimes, however, you have high return to the store and don't have the gift card you need, such as Chinese supermarkets generally do not have their own gift card,target,Walmart and few other shops inside the store to sell my GiftCard.At this time, we will be considering the purchase of a universal bridge–VISA/MASTER Gfit Card.

In General, the store will accept VISA/MASTER accept VISA/MASTER credit card Gift Card, so if you can shop high rebate categories (such as supermarkets) bought the two Gift Card, theoretically, you can use them in all the stores pay, this is equivalent to all of your consumption were the high cash back and rebates.Like you to repair car to spent a large money, and most repair car shop does not belongs to credit card of high returned points returned now categories, so, you in supermarket using AMEX Everyday Preferred credit card purchase several Zhang $500 of Visa gift card, gets n*500*4.5 of MR points, then again with these VISA GIFT CARD to paid you of repair car costs, such on makes you of repair car spending also got has 4.5 of returned points.Is in need of attention, of course, the gift card has a certain fee ($3.99-$6.99 each), so buy value $500 to the cost control on 1%, which is more than you get the cash back is much less.

Another good bridge is eBay gift card, you can use eBay on eBay.com gift card to buy many kinds of gift card (for example, target, Staples, etc), and eBay 5x ebaybucks sometimes and some cash back on net, it can be lossless or even made to convert eBay gift card in the hands of the gift card you need to complete the category conversion.Of course, this approach requires a certain amount of time to study, at this site will also give you examples.

5. I recommend some of the conversion

AMEX Offer

Often someone refers to 80 percent oil card, 80 percent of AMAZON gift cards, how did these come from?First of all, AMEX will often provide some office supply stores (STAPLES, OFFICE DEPOT, OFFICE MAX) Offer, such as 50-10,100-20.If you are lucky enough to add to the offer, then congratulations!Because these stores tend to sell a lot of other shops Gift Card (Shell AMAZON,EBAY), and also includes VISA/MASTER Gift Card.So you use your AMEX credit card to buy your Gift Card is the equivalent of 80 percent buy (buy $50 oil $10/AMAZON,AMEX card Offer will return to you).Therefore, seeing such good AMEX OFFER to get added to the account.If you don't know AMEX OFFER, you can refer to this article: AMEX OFFER details.

Skill-class credit card conversion

Supermarket VISA/MASTER Gift Card

United States supermarkets will often take the opportunity to sell some other store Gift Card, but also sells VISA/MASTER gift card.This supermarket has a high credit card cash back rebate is especially useful.Assuming you have a supermarket cash back credit card 5% you buy VISA GIFT CARD (loss of 1% fees), and then use a VISA GIFT CARD to pay for your all else in life, then you will get all 4% cash back (5%-1%).

Skill-class credit card conversion

6. Which cards which store/for categories of conversions?

From recommended above can be seen in two ways, first of all, AMEX-issued cards are very suitable, as often can provide 80 percent of Gift Card, 50-10.Equivalent to the category you want which only 80 percent you can buy what you want.List to view specific AMEX credit cards: credit card page.

Secondly, those in supermarkets, Department stores, drug stores, office supply stores, gas stations have high rebate cash back credit cards are also very suitable for these stores Visa/Master GiftCard to achieve high return on the all points and cash back.Because of the high power rebates to offset charges due to VISA/MASTER Card.Some commonly used credit cards listed below:

7. Matters needing attention

  • Because the conversion when buying a Gift Card, the card may be lost or stolen, so I'd better to use
  • Not all the stores are allowed to use credit cards to purchase GiftCard, especially VISA,MASTER GIFT Card, if not successful, might as well try it another time for check out
  • Purchase bulk GIFT CARD is likely to trigger a Fraud Alert credit card companies, and say hello to the company ahead, or when the phone has to lift the Alert.Of course if it is just a credit card purchased large amounts at once is not recommended, so as to avoid the Bank's attention to you.
  • Try not to have to another full brush high rebate cash back card categories, occasionally buy 1% categories of banks also earn money

Skill-class credit card conversion
Skill-class credit card conversion
Skill-class credit card conversion
Skill-class credit card conversion

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