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From Guangzhou to Minneapolis

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Hello, I'm Pinkee, write about how comprehensive to be in 101 points.Allow me first to express the OneMoreDay shoes I love, I was his little fans, learned a lot of mileage from his post of knowledge.Grandmother how to suck eggs, writing in the wrong place, but also please correct me.

Today I want to write an example Exchange mileage ticket: how to buy CAN Minneapolis MSP from Guangzhou summer mileage one-way economy class tickets.As we all know, summer July or August is the most season tickets, one way ticket exchange than return more limited (for example China and a good deal of ANA is to keep for the one-way mileage votes, called JAL needs is possible).Often buy, one-way tickets and ticket prices, mileage roundtrip is generally strict one-way twice times.For the majority of students, I want to talk about the economy of Exchange.Method is not the same as breaks for business and first class, also drew attention.

From Guangzhou to Minneapolis

Exchange mileage tickets, the most crucial point is that your time is flexible, it's going to be your biggest advantage.Needs to be emphasized is that mileage is often one month in advance would have more votes, and use the money to buy the ticket is not the same.For example, that you would like returned to the United States in mid-August, before and after ten days or so you don't care, tickets that you can start in early August, the closer the departure time will be more tickets, last week and even a lot of ticket release.As long as you have enough Division of major airlines mileage, we don't need to panic for the ticket, since big business and first class.

If you are basically three major Union and the SPG can be a bit (or even the major turning point "bus" have a better rate of Exchange), you can a Union to consider the past.Tickets need to be alliances, because a significant portion of the mileage is often shared in the League.However, I also believe that Exchange mileage is one of the purposes.If the pursuit of maximum point value, you might as well every time-for first class.Repeatedly checked too time-consuming, most people shouldn't be seeking, so a coalition without having to check all air Division again, almost.For example, in this sector generally do not fly in the world, not for the moment, today we mainly talk about the Star Alliance and SkyTeam.

Note: check screenshots below are derived from 8/17, but was released at the moment, sorry for delay.

1. United Airlines (UA)

Mention the Covenant naturally look at the UA.Turn it up, he found 8/21, 22, 23, 27, 28, 31 were Saver tickets, that is 35K+$120, for example, 8/23 has two seats:

From Guangzhou to Minneapolis

From Guangzhou to Minneapolis From Guangzhou to Minneapolis

If you chose the date very limited, even if other days don't have the votes, 80K for first class can be taken into account.Of course, the UA top sucks, you should look at other facilities better navigation Division of the first class of hardware and software.

UA mileage unable to save mileage.Within 21 days will incur a $ 75 in fees, you can book a ticket for the beyond 21 days, 24 hours online free tickets inside.Can apply for Chase UA UA mileage card 50K card, it is not enough you can go take UR point (although UR turning point for UA is only suitable for a small number of emergency, it can use more).Also note the brush normally MPX 1.25x, access to these points will not repeat them.

2. Canada Aviation (AC)

In the same League, a division of air mileage ticket to federated partners on an equal basis, in addition to their own airlines ' Division some lurking around.So we should pay attention to aircraft Division searched mileage tickets, to be more flexible.For example, we consider the Covenant in Air Canada, found the same flight can be found below the calendar, dates are good:

From Guangzhou to Minneapolis

From Guangzhou to Minneapolis


For example, 8/27 37.5K+$75 Saver tickets, mileage 2500 more than the UA, but $45 less fees.

Air Canada mileage by MR 1:1, if you don't have UA/UR, MR, MR is also quite used.

3. Delta Airlines (DL)

Then tell Trina.Trina's main force of Member Delta has a very good hardware and software, membership is also good, but the mileage system sucks, by blogger hung and beat every day.For example, a few days ago, suddenly unable to found one-way mileage big sister tickets online, he kept an error saying no vote, but if you search, and can be found, fortunately this vulnerability a few days later he was up, a false alarm.Digression: recent promotions these winter holidays (span several months) mileage tickets, exchange rates are very good, needy children's shoes can look must be 8 votes out of the 21st, at the latest.

We found the same flight, he found so awful:

From Guangzhou to Minneapolis

9/8 the ticket goes in is wrong.8/18 the ticket had been able to vote I wonder looked carefully not southern, no wonder the ticket.

From Guangzhou to Minneapolis

The calendar above eye-watering causes, is the southern shield big sister.In other words, not found in the Delta needs to CZ to fly a mile, while flying from Guangzhou, often require CZ help.In order to prove this, we look at PEK-MSP miles, at least a ticket to a calendar is full of:

From Guangzhou to Minneapolis

In fact, another way is another buy themselves a ticket to Beijing, Guangzhou, then go save him from Beijing.

Big sister's mileage by MR 1:1, can also be obtained through the Amex Delta card.

4. France Aviation (AF)

Mileage tickets since big sister is so miserable, but the aviation Division for software and hardware is good, have any remedial measures?We can with an Air France ticket on the day.Air France's recent high-frequency queries to the new Member account mileage and help other people sensitive to the issue, if you don't have Air France FFP, you can now register a.

Check the same leg, found the tickets are enough:

From Guangzhou to Minneapolis

Carefully open each ticket, will discover that tend to be CZ fly leg.

Air France mileage can also use MR 1:1.


  • Tickets need to be Union consciousness: as long as you're familiar with the cities and airlines of each Alliance would fly, not difficult to determine which Union the possibility of more; Alternatively, you need to combine your points;
  • Each Union has himself of main members, and good out votes and difficult out votes of members: such as Star AU in the UA is tickets compared stable of, and volume big, ANA is easy but has many limit, AC also is good often has surprise; and as world in the BA is short artifact; again as days collection in the DL tickets of system is rotten, need combined small partners AF and so on;
  • Instead of pursuing the maximum point value: your time is important, light touch, change is made.Theoretical knowledge is, after all, the overhead, as the learn to swim in the pool, how to check the mileage?Still need to learn from practice tickets!

From Guangzhou to Minneapolis
From Guangzhou to Minneapolis
From Guangzhou to Minneapolis
From Guangzhou to Minneapolis

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