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As a gift-card sales industry bosses, cardpool is the industry benchmark.Buy discounted gift cards can enjoy the 100-day warranty period, selling gift cards can receive free USPS label was uncomfortable.Plus cash back network cooperation allows you to buy gift cards at 5%-30% discounts, selling gift cards up to sell to 93%!Today to share with you my experience with cardpool.

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1. registration and signup bonus

Registration to this site is not directly reward, registered through our recommended links, new users can receive $5off coupon

After entering the link, click on the lower right corner of the sign up will be able to register

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Registering can see pop up reward coupon

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Buy a gift card, use the code to get $5 off

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2. Purchase gift card

2.1 basic features

Cardpool is a veteran sellers, many of its features are improved, what attracted me most:

  • 100 day quality guarantee + real card free USPS shipping
  • Discount good, abundant at any time release

Discounted gift cards is often we care most about the quality of, since joined to buy gift cards at a discount if it is invalid, or was secretly spent was really crazy thing.At this point, cardpool provides a 100 day quality guarantee, which means that you purchase a discounted gift card within the first 100 days, if what the problem, cardpool is a full refund.That we could rely on it to buy discounted gift cards.Sometimes we buy a gift card for the store, cardpool for the real card free shipping is good for.

Since cardpool is buy discounted gift cards from various sellers, then sell to everyone, equivalent to a real business is to act as a role (like Amazon), rather than as we introduce the "Raise" just a trading platform for buyer buyer (like eBay).So, on the discount, cardpool tend to maintain a fluctuation is relatively small, good discount and Raise the discount may be particularly large fluctuations, it's difficult to get special deals.In terms of supply, cardpool is relatively sufficient inventory adjustments according to their own discounts, also quickly sold out when releasing a new batch of gift cards.So, if I Raise the above discounts not found good's gift card, you will see on Cardpool.

On the shipping speed, cardpool seconds most of the time, but occasionally review your list 1 day or so, so this is quite annoying.

2.2 gift cards last reminder

Sometimes you would like to buy gift cards more popular, not buy.Cardpool also provides a last reminder on this function.You can add in this wishlist.

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However I think this cardpool did not Raise good, Raise alarms can include discounted value, to buy discount we got the greatest gift card, and ignore those discounts is relatively small.

2.3 buying tips

If you do not plan to immediately purchase a gift card, this card can be added to your shopping cart, but do not check out.A few days later, cardpool will take the initiative to send you mail a coupon for additional 5%off.If you have just registered today, try this trick.

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2.4 with the cash back network

Even if buying gift cards at a discount, don't forget that you can also go back to network, and then make a bundle.Now offering cardpool highest in Topcashbakc and Giving cash back network Assistant.If you buy totaling $1000, you cannot get cash back.

3. Sell gift cards

Cardpool feature I like most is his function to sell gift cards, for the following reasons

  • Free USPS first class shipping
  • Sell high, fast
  • Cash back network offers the 4% selling the gift card cash back!

3.1 sale of gift card steps

  • From Giving cash back network Assistant to cardpool (section 3.2),
  • Choose whether you want cash or Amazon gift card, select Amazon gift card amount higher than cash 6%

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  • Select what you want to sell the businesses and the amount of the gift card (must be greater than $25)

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  • Choose your way to the gift cards, fuel cards are to be sent by mail, others may not, but mailing the selling price will be higher than the direct transmission code.Since it is free postage, it is recommended that you select mailing.

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  • Fill out the sell the card number and PIN

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  • Print out the final list and USPS first class mail label, and sold together with the list of cards in an envelope.
  • Post about 3-5 days, you will receive the message, says it has received a

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  • 1-2 working again, you will receive has to send out the cheques

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3.2 cash back network

Cardpool buys gift cards we can go back to not only get cash back network, even selling gift cards can also get cash back of up to 4%!Giving Assistant provides the inverse-day cash back, so our selling prices as a whole rose by 4%.Sell target, high prices, such as oil card card, can achieve the value 93%!

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4. Matters needing attention

  • Gift cards and credit cards, after all, different, although cardpool offers 100 days of guaranteed, it is recommended that you get as soon as possible after use.
  • When buying gift cards, sell price fluctuations over time, seize the opportunity.

5. Specific examples


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