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BOA Better Balance Rewards (BBR)-lay take the money?

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BOA Better Balance Rewards (BBR)-lay take the money?

Pay the money, time and money.Hidden benefits, don't forget.

The card orientation:

  • 0 cost long-held every quarter send $25/$30
  • BOA deal, free monthly two-day Museum


Send cards Description:

1. application

2. The basic characteristics of

  • No card rewards, consumer free cash back
  • Pay off bills every month, send for the quarter $25/$30
  • No annual fee

3. Highlights

  • Pay off your bills, send money
    • Need to guarantee before each billing account has more than $1 (mention $4 bills waive, so most insurance $5)
    • After bills, pay off that part of the money
    • Last three months (or application got to all pay off bills that are not $0 4,7,10,1 month)
    • End of the quarter (4,7,10,1 months) will give you $25 or $30 (a BOA checking)
    • Note 1: a small consumer can go to CVS to buy bottles of water, or Amazon account-filled $1.5, or use the Amazon Allowance.
    • Note 2: you can directly set the automatic return $25,$30 to any Checking Account to avoid getting money and need to call $25/$30+$2 on the card of the month, to meet the bills your account $2
    • Note 3: in case of accounts appeared in the month Bill negative (such as returns, return money directly to a credit card), online chat, and requested that the part of the credit in the form of checks to your bank account, or send a check.So you don't have to change the Bill, many in shopping on this card.
  • BOA Deal: provides various businesses 5%-15% or a fixed amount of cash back, there have been good deal:Sears 15% cash back ($25-CAP), Nordstrom rack 15% cash back ($37.5-CAP), use a BOA Deal to send $5, see "Guide for using the BOA Deals"
  • BOA card benefits
    • The first weekend of the month, BOA cardholder, the major museums free of charge.You can add a second card to family, let your family card holders free of charge.Look at each State's list of free museums, click here
  • Security transfer card: this card has been mentioned by BOA Security Card (no SSN may also apply) to be, very good.

4. Disadvantages

  • No card rewards
  • BOA Deal of general consumer does not return

I was with this card:

Blogger is to apply this card when I first launched, it was actively discussed, fancy is the card on time or money each quarter send $25 or $30 (a BOA checking account).Then this card is said to be transferred from other BOA credit card card, and even print out four cards, known as the lie can $480 a year.And finally have more than confirmed that BOA would no longer allow other credit cards to the card, bloggers on other BOA card interest was greatly reduced.


Application link:

BOA Better Balance Rewards (BBR)-lay take the money?
BOA Better Balance Rewards (BBR)-lay take the money?
BOA Better Balance Rewards (BBR)-lay take the money?
BOA Better Balance Rewards (BBR)-lay take the money?

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