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"6/2 update: 30k+$100 link" BOA introduced Alaska Airline credit card

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"6/2 update: 30k+0 link" BOA introduced Alaska Airline credit card

The card orientation:

  • For Alaska Airlines who hold annual fee $75, BOA Deal, free Museum benefits
  • Also suitable for cards a year, pay the $75 fee, 30k+$100 card rewards.Go after other BOA card to avoid annual fees

BOA Alaska Airlines credit card:

1. application

  • Application link: BOA Alaska Airline Credit Card (card sent directly 30k mileage, flower $1000 send $100 within March cash back)
  • Apply for difficulty: medium, suitable for more than one year of credit history and score more than 700 applicants
  • Request status: BOA application status online
  • Note: this card has three levels: lines more than $5k for Visa signiture,25k+$100 card incentives; lines $2k-$5k Platimum,5k+$100 card incentives; lines $2k, 3k+$100 card rewards.If your credit history and score good enough, BOA does not give you more than $5k lines, just could not get the highest rewards.In addition students can only have 2 BOA credit card, will automatically be rejected.Other please look at BOA Bank properties

2. The basic characteristics of

  • Opening bonus: 30k Alaska mileage +$100 cash back
  • Consumer return mileage: Alaska Airlines, holiday gift spending 3x, other 1x
  • Mileage Exchange: changeable number of air miles tickets
  • Airline benefits: free checked baggage, each year a ticket to a peer
  • Annual fee is $75 (but for the first year)

3. Highlights

  • Card rewards: gift 30k Alaska Airlines mileage does not require other consumers can get, exchanged for tickets worth about $480+; plus $100 cash back total applications for $580 card rewards are well worth it.
  • Peer and welfare: every year a ticket to a peer, a person after buying Alaska airline tickets, plus a ticket only $99+$22 peers (taxes).Only Alaska Airlines of the United States domestic flights.
  • Alaska Airlines mileage (each mileage value 1.6cent)
    • Exchange flexibility: you can exchange their flight, AA flight, Cathay Pacific Airways.S one way can be added to a travel exchange between the US and China is particularly cost-effective business and first class.See: Alaska mileage Exchange
    • S Hainan Airlines: Alaska new Hainan Airlines as exchange partners, supporters are plentiful, from the United States for second-tier cities directly to second-tier Chinese cities.See: Alaska mileage s Hainan Airlines
  • BOA card benefits
    • Free: first weekend of the month, BOA cardholder, the major museums free of charge.You can add a second card to family, let your family card holders free of charge.Look at each State's list of free museums, click here
    • BOA Deal: provides various businesses 5%-15% or a fixed amount of cash back, there have been good deal:Sears 15% cash back ($25-CAP), Nordstrom rack 15% cash back ($37.5-CAP), use a BOA Deal to send $5, see: Guide for using the BOA Deals
    • Free credit score: BOA credit card now offers a free TransUnion credit score.See: free credit score
    • Go card option: this card can turn into other BOA credit card with no annual fee, and want to pay an annual fee to go card after one year.See: turn summary cards

4. Disadvantages

  • When you apply for a credit score and history is not enough, been relegated to get to the highest card rewards
  • Alaska Airlines mileage of sources is relatively small, as detailed in: Alaska mileage accumulation

My reviews:

I have not applied for the card, but this card in my account.But I recently applied for a credit card, affecting a certain credit score, so I'm going to wait for credit score recovery after application.Because I do not often sit Alaska Airlines, I will not hold this card will only take after the opening reward, go into a no annual fee credit cards from other BOA.United States mileage Exchange in the territory, Alaska Airlines recently acquired Virgin United States airlines, enrich the routes, so mileage Exchange will become more convenient.In terms of mileage between China and Singapore, Alaska mileage is only one way companies can stay, you can be back in New York, Chicago and Beijing or Shanghai to stay a few days and then continue to fly.In Exchange for business class and first class, AA mileage following the devaluation of Alaska mileage exchange business first class AA is the most cost-effective.

Application link

"6/2 update: 30k+0 link" BOA introduced Alaska Airline credit card


"6/2 update: 30k+0 link" BOA introduced Alaska Airline credit card
"6/2 update: 30k+0 link" BOA introduced Alaska Airline credit card
"6/2 update: 30k+0 link" BOA introduced Alaska Airline credit card
"6/2 update: 30k+0 link" BOA introduced Alaska Airline credit card

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