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Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: All Nippon Airways round-trip

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AA mileage announced that after the devaluation, Sino-US business class from 55K one way up to 70k one way, remains the most cost-effective Sino-US business mileage ANA Mileage outshine all that's left.ANA mileage out of Sino-US business-class round-trip, just 95k, it is a conscience.Although ticket also has a high surcharge fee (YQ), but for business class, and other votes out of the mileage compared to the mileage was worth far more than these taxes and fees.At the end of December 2015, I use 190k +$400 ANA Mileage tax to his family the two Sino-US business class return air tickets.Here to share with you.

Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: All Nippon Airways round-trip

1. background information

Only use AA and UA, two miles out of several one-way economy class air ticket between China and recently opened several credit cards, access to the large amounts of mileage, so intend to honor their parents, giving them a ticket in July 2016 and August business to and from China.Miles a lot now on hand, can business class are:

  • Direct UA,AA,BA
  • Through the Membership Rewards (MR) to ANA, AC
  • Tickets are sold by ThankyouPoints can go CX range

Ultimately, I chose MR to ANA Mileage, ANA Mileage tickets, there are several reasons:

  • MR points account is enough for two people with ANA business class mileage
  • Business-class tickets (except AA outside) mileage cost is significantly greater than other House ANA (ruled BA,UA,AC)
  • My city is not United States in first-tier cities (excluding CX mileage)
  • More determined parents round trip (no need to use AA, and from separate clause)

Most important is the final point, because although the ANA mileage out of Sino-US business class, very good, but have to round-trip to be bruising, worse than AA,UA,AC one-way flexibility a lot.So, if you are necessary to make a roundtrip, may wish to consider using the ANA Mileage.

2. The steps to set mileage tickets

Here first of all introduce the booking steps, in the following chapters will explain in greater detail

  • Add family as ANA Mileage can be used (see chapter three)
  • ANA Mileage ticket websites available, OK has a vote and then to go (see the 4th chapter)
  • AMEX MR account, MR points to ANA Mileage (for more detail see: guidelines for using MR points)
  • Waiting for 2-3 days, seen in the ANA account number (12.1, 12.3 points to ANA)
  • Query mileage tickets, family ticket

3. Family ticket, ANA Mileage

United States airline, mileage is very convenient tickets for my family, just fill out the opportunity on person's name and date of birth on the line.ANA Mileage, you first need to add miles in ANA mileage account access (award user registration), then vote to select the specified family.

3.1 use of ANA Mileage

Official website of ANA, mileage can be added directly to the consumer.After you log into your account, can be found in Member Service-Award in the user registration, or click on the links below to view steps

Is in need of attention, a total of 10 family members can be added free, after you add a full you want to modify, 5k mile changes.Relatives of family members is limited to the following, but the registration is not checked, and may ask you to prove that.

Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: All Nippon Airways round-trip

Required elements are: name, date of birth, gender, and the relationship between account holders

3.2 considerations when booking

Tickets booking, please note that if you don't come with them to buy tickets, please check the options below, or else I will always appear in the passenger, cannot be cancelled

Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: All Nippon Airways round-trip

3.3 bucket (Family account) and mileage can be used differences

We know that the ANA has a bucket feature is that it is possible to account for all family members (Family Account) mileage set mileage can then be used to purchase tickets.Need special attention are, adding bucket can only guarantee your mileage can be put together, and if you want to use, or need to add mileage to users.So, if you just need to give your family the mileage, you don't have to add them to your bucket (add takes 1000 miles).I was initially confused about the difference between the two, white added family members spend mileage.

4. Use query ANA Mileage Sino-US business class (go: China United States)

And accumulate mileage easily (just finished three cards) than using the mileage is about skill and luck.Tend to be more easily obtained tickets and tickets for direct flights to more easily finished ahead of Rob, tickets and the rest of the vote depends on your technology.In fact, mileage ticket greatest skills was: segment query.If you want from the A-B, other than direct, there are many possibilities of transfer.In General, if a, b are China and the United States of small cities, Sino-US ticket needs A-C-D-B, and even A-C-D-E-B.So, if both routes you can understand transit hub of the city, the easiest method is to find the HUB city into, a time ticket.

Tickets from the difficulty, are: transatlantic (China to the United States) > transoceanic segments (Japan and South Korea to the United States) > United States domestic > transoceanic (China, Japan and South Korea).So, if you are lucky enough to find China to the United States direct mileage, suggested to the parents directly out of the direct, after all, a very cumbersome to transfer.However, if your parents have lots of travel experience, can be specifically selected Japanese and Korean transit ticket and enjoy Japanese and Korean Airlines (ANA,JAL,OZ) business-class high-end service and good food.

I need to get from China in July to fly United States in August, from the United States to fly China air ticket, this time not the busy season (most of the students are from China in August to fly United States), however, direct flights from China United States cities were not available in business class.So, I used is in the Japan/Korea turnaround strategy.Also, my parents and my city are not city of transoceanic flights.So, I need the following three sections:

  • China
  • Trans-Ocean (Japan or Korea turn)
  • United States domestic

4.1 domestic

If the tickets are sold by ANA, ANA now are unable to check the air tickets in the system, so only one of China's major cities (Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan).You can choose a big city near you, buy yourself a ticket or train followed.Domestic air tickets and car prices are not very expensive, train more than 200 RMB aircraft 400RMB can be bought, so not particularly worried about this for a while.So, I also direct access from the Shanghai Pudong (PVG) based on queries to the United States, please.

4.2 cross query

Of the most difficult queries across the ocean, especially Japan and Korea flew United States section.So, you can start with this check.

Japan twist: when I was this last query, found directly using ANA their tickets system, found many of them in Japan connecting flight, and is in Japan overnight.Don't know why ANA flights mostly from Japan flights to United States, from China to Japan's aircraft arrived in the afternoon, this has required us to in Japan overnight.NET Japan night Raiders, but after a careful understanding, still feel very troublesome.After all, the safest way is to handle Japan transit check, and then in Japan one night out of the airport, then take the aircraft the next day.So, I basically gave up Japan turnaround plan.

Korea twist: tickets directly with ANA's system, is unable to directly display Korea transit ticket, needs to be your multi-destination section input.General, Korea turn in Seoul (ICN).So, enter the PVG-ICN-United States of a large city can query.PVG-ICN this is a more general, so, you need to consider the ICN to the United States have a city business-class seats on the line.Here, recommend the use of UA tickets system, because UA is can look one way, and ANA can only round trip.Use the UA system can be found in ICN-ORD (Chicago) for business class.Returns ANA ceiling systems, set this period of transoceanic segments to confirm on the line.

Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: All Nippon Airways round-trip

Hana tickets generally more so if Japan transfer can't find time or don't want to spend the night, you can choose Korea turn.

4.3 United States domestic enquiries

United States domestic, it is recommended that tickets directly through UA system query, and UA was if you have a credit card, will query the flight to XN holdings.These tickets Tickets at the ANA is not displayed in the system (only to holders and senior members of the UA card), so you'd better register a UA new account, used to query the United States domestic air tickets.Look it up United States domestic section, confirmed United States territory transit is more than 3 hours, you can return to ANA's official website, and then make up the United States domestic tickets are available to confirm whether this paragraph.

Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: All Nippon Airways round-trip

Because ICN-ORD is already, so, you might want to overnight in ORD.So I select ORD for a stay (stopover), so that parents play in Chicago for three days, and then to my city.ANA a roundtrip ticket is a travel + two openings, so no white No.

5. Using query ANA Mileage Sino-US business class (return: the United States flew in China)

In General, summer China United States tickets will be more difficult to find, and the United States flew to China's relatively easy.So, I haven't used for a while for some way to check, ticket inquiries directly in the UA system, and then, after you find the right connection, return the ANA system will make up line at the rest.Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: All Nippon Airways round-trip

6. Analysis of fuel tax

ANA Mileage tickets, most annoying is the addition of the fuel tax, generally speaking, a person is about to close around $400 (non-UA,CA flights).So, from Washington to Japan this section, I chose the UA to fly business class, while eating something that might almost, but the models can be lying down, but $200 less per person, enough at home to eat a good meal.From Korea flight to United States this and no UA flights fly, so I can only come to this part of the fuel tax (around $200 per person).Finally a business class round-trip ticket fees are as follows:

Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: All Nippon Airways round-trip

7. Summary

7.1 cost calculation

This two business-class tickets cost:

If you do not take into account the value of three-day stay in Chicago, about Sino-American business round trip cost about $4000-$5000 per person, so probably swap out the

  • ($10000-$400)/190k=5.1c the value

7.2 change experience

  • Check tickets well in advance, then MR points, it is best to select the days go, so you can guarantee about 2 days into account
  • Tickets more tickets using the UA system, then in a period of losing to ANA tickets
  • If want to save taxes, UA could be considered fly tickets
  • Best business class check each type of seat, choose the lie is the most comfortable
  • United States immigration are best left to 3-4 hours change

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Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: All Nippon Airways round-trip
Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: All Nippon Airways round-trip
Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: All Nippon Airways round-trip
Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: All Nippon Airways round-trip

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