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Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: AA single tickets

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AA mileage announced that after the devaluation, Sino-US business class from 55K one way up to 70k one way.So, if you now have AA mileage, and in need of business class mileage tickets, preferably before the March devaluation to start!Previous introduced me to ANA Mileage Sino-US business class return, in this article, I'll use AA mileage one-way tickets to China and business class.This time, I used the 100k +$150 AA mileage, changed two families starting from the second-tier Chinese cities, flying United States one-way business class ticket for second-tier cities.Here to share with you.

Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: AA single tickets

1. background information

This time to Patti's fly out two May China United States tickets, since they return time yet, so plan to start using two AA mileage one-way business class ticket.Choose AA mileage is as follows:

  • AA miles in March will be devalued, business class needs range from 55K one way to 70k one way, so in advance
  • Need a one-way ticket, could not be better to use ANA round-trip 95k ticket
  • If they have a CITI AAdvantage Platinum credit cards, mileage refund exchange mileage can enjoy 10% each year (the highest return 10K)

Select tickets are sold at the end of December, cost 110k AA mileage, just return the 2015 years 10K AA mileage.And then only need to continue buying from the 2016 United States mileage tickets back to China and take a 10% miles to return.In future if CITI AAdvantage Platinum credit card, and need to Exchange two business trips, may wish to Exchange at the end of one Exchange a piece at the beginning, so you can enjoy the two 10% mileage reimbursement.Of course, if you have planned Exchange business class, we might as well Exchange prior to March of this year, if the itinerary changes, can call AA modified for free tickets!

Is in need of attention, although using the AA's mileage, but booking tickets and not necessarily by the AA to fly.As long as a member of OneWorld (AA,JAL,CX) to fly the flight, just released the mileage of votes for Union members, are you can use AA's mileage to book, and specifically how much mileage is determined by the mileage form AA (business class one way between China and 55K AA mileage).

2. Mileage tickets procedure

Here briefly explain the basic steps for using AA mileage out mileage tickets:

  • British Airline mileage ticket section of the search engines to find members of the world (see in particular Chapter 4th)
  • Call AA and newspaper membership number, booking with AA mileage (see in particular the 5th chapter)
  • After the booking is completed, through concrete to fly the airline record locator, elected seats from the airline website (see in particular the 5th chapter)

Because AA family ticket when tickets are sold only on the name, sex, birthday on the line does not need so much like a previous booking ANA Mileage, so it does not go into details.

3. Use AA mileage ticket booking basis

First, we need to be clear, although we use AA mileage, but tickets can range from choosing between all of the OneWorld airlines.Need to keep in mind is that UA mileage for flights of Star Alliance can be Europe, but use AA mileage booking is not, therefore, and the related airline routes are the following:

  • United States aviation (AA): China direct flights to United States
  • Cathay Pacific (CX): generally need to change planes in Hong Kong
  • Japan Airlines (JAL): generally needed in Japan connecting

For AA mileage ticket to fly direct flights to China and all you can search directly on the AA website.So, if you want to buy a direct flight between, you can search directly from the AA website, and then you can use AA mileage booking directly online.However, if there is no AA direct flights, requires the use of Cathay and Japan Airlines to complete the transit route between, the two flights is on the AA website search less, but if you call the AA customer service, and can use both AA mileage.Is very lucky, although AA's website cannot be found directly to the mileage of the two partners, United Kingdom Airlines (British Airline,BA, also members of OneWorld) website can be searched directly to two votes.Therefore, we generally use AA mileage partners when mileage, all BA tickets search engine and booking call AA AA mileage.

Book tickets at the ANA Mileage, I mentioned the mileage is the maximum skill segment query.For Star Alliance, in fact, this is not particularly important, because UA check engine is more advanced, already lists the majority of transit options.For OneWorld, because BA is used in search engine (behind, more difficult to transfer all combinations), you need your imagination, a period of combined mileage.Crazy mileage?See

4. Query range

In the previous article I mentioned, mileage ticket is generally divided into three segments, domestic, transatlantic, United States domestic section.For AA mileage, some combination of the following:

  • China: your ticket to big cities, or by using the partner airports long Hong Kong down a
  • Across the Ocean: from direct flights to United States, or to transfer in Hong Kong Cathay Pacific or Japan Japan air transit
  • United States domestic: use AA flights connecting

Mileage tickets, no matter how complex, outside of the three connections.Of course, factors to be considered are:

  • Turnaround time (immigration United States Customs are best left for 3 hours, others turn to stay for more than 2 hours, United States territory transit 1 hour)
  • Whether for the night (and many in Japan connecting flight overnight, may require visa)
  • Business-class quality (is a lie or a lie, how are meals)
  • Transit number

Of course, the tickets can be found is the first step, there are several choices have meaning.

4.1 transoceanic paragraph query

Before we mentioned that across the ocean between China and mileage tickets (whether economy or business) the biggest nut, thus, the query range when we start from across the ocean, get United States territory and change in China.I mentioned several options above, we have:

Cathay Pacific Hong Kong directly to United States: without a ticket!Although Cathay Pacific business class people salivating, service and food was first class, and, after all, is Hong Kong's airlines, speaks Mandarin should have.So, is more suitable for Cathay Pacific mileage tickets are for parents.Pity is, BA early day to day queries in search engines May not Cathay Pacific flight HKG-ORD/LAX, economy class was quite a lot of votes.OneMoreDay and is also the author, Cathay Pacific likes to keep mileage tickets, then put out the last few weeks.So, this way is not for the time being considered.

Japan Airlines in Japan connecting: connection is so bad!Don't know if it's for security reasons, Japan flew United States flights, mostly in the morning, and from China's Beijing and Shanghai to Japan this afternoon, it's hard to find more suitable aircraft turnaround time.I checked Japan's three main transit city NRT,HND,KIX is no right turn ticket.Of course, since it is for parents to buy a ticket from Nagoya (NGO) to Hawaii (NHL) key no.

Cathay Pacific Nikko +: intelligent red-eye!My tickets are sold to parents is in principle, turnaround time is not too long, not overnight.However, itself from second-tier Chinese cities to the United States the second-tier cities would have to turn, and may well require overnight or very long turnaround time.Therefore, it is doomed to a transatlantic flight needs is a red eye flight (night flight).So, I continue to use BA again search engine, found Hong Kong (HKG)-Japan Narita (NRT) red eye!

Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: AA single tickets

At six in the morning to Japan, you can receive United States flights on too much

Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: AA single tickets

So in the end, trans-ocean choice, I HKG-NRT-DFW work.HKG-NRT business class is a large bench, but NRT-DFW is said to be Suit!

4.2 domestic

China to be booking with AA mileage, but to turn to the Dragon, just, long Sha Fei Hong Kong Dragonair flights fly.Although only in economy class, but flights will not be long, you can accept.Moreover, Dragonair also is likely to last two weeks released a business class ticket, as long as sustained attention on the line.

Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: AA single tickets

4.3 United States domestic

United States domestic section in AA and US Airways merged, the base is smooth, all kinds of tickets.Therefore, there is no fear.Also, Dallas was at eight in the morning, turn for the better has too many choices.

4.4 overall trip

Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: AA single tickets

Transit times more, but basically the way business class to sleep can be.At the Hong Kong Airport to experience the world of Fame, Japan airport experience horse slaughtering of chickens, lollipops.

5. Book called mileage tickets and selected seat

By BA search engine, we can be sure that every flight has a business mileage, but ultimately depends on whether AA there to vote.So once you vote, you can immediately call the AA Hold this mileage ticket.AA is a Chinese reservations, it is recommended that you call this book, generally high quality of customer service

  • 1-800-492-8095 (Chinese), 7 days a week (7:00-24:00 United States Central time)

When the phone book, just above look good customer service of your flight information, customer service make sure each paragraph has the mileage, it can give you a ticket.Of course, if a certain period there is no business class, economy class, business class is the total mileage, of course.

5.1 Hold ticket tips

If you have confirmed the trip, and have enough mileage in the account, you can directly set the ticket.However, if you want to think about it or not so much mileage in the account (you might need from SPG account to get), then Hold ticket is very applicable in this way.When on the phone, you can set the part of the trip, and then hold a mileage ticket, is in need of attention, can hold no more than 7 business days, if not confirm your tickets within seven days, tickets will automatically release back.If you have determined that call directly, when you hold on to your confirmation number (record locator) on the line.

Hold during the flight, you don't have to pay taxes, mileage will not be deducted from your account.So, if you need to use Starpoints transferred to AA mileage ticket, you can check, hold tickets before moving point, is a safe bet.

5.2 selected to partner airlines seats

On the phone when your ticket is confirmed, you can ask customer service to request confirmation number of partner airlines such as Cathay Pacific and Dragonair, only Cathay Pacific confirmed, Japan Airlines has its own confirmation number, AA has its own confirmation number.All flights after the airline confirmation number with you, you can selected seats on the respective website.

At present, Japan Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airways in the United States's official website has a problem, unable to choose seats.Recommendations to the Chinese the two Aviation, use confirmed the numbers and names of elected seats.

From NRT-DFW here is Japan Airlines sky suit, Zonda f

Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: AA single tickets

Food is beautifully detailed reader network: JAL business class

Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: AA single tickets

6. Mileage tax

Because it is using AA mileage tickets, there is no higher gasoline taxes (YQ).However, due to the trip after Hong Kong and Japan the two airports, airport construction fees and the like are not run away.Each business class ticket received a total of $75 about taxes, which can be ignored.

7. Summary

7.1 cost calculation

The two Sino-US one way mileage tickets, total:

As the holders of CITI AAdvantage Platinum credit card, return to 10% AA mileage (up 10K), so the total cost 100k +$150 AA mileage taxes.

Not considered by Japan Airlines business class value, according to the General's one-way business-class price is about $3000 per person, so the exchange value is:

  • ($3000*2-$150)/100k=5.9c

7.2 change experience

  • To build a transit route has been extremely important, catch a few transit HUB, a a search, there are appropriate
  • Call the AA customer service in Chinese book on the line, the business is very skilled
  • BA tickets is better, but the drawback is that only one day past
  • Business class not only has the votes, best boutique airline tickets

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Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: AA single tickets
Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: AA single tickets
Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: AA single tickets
Sino-American business mileage ticket practice: AA single tickets

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