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12 consumer category credit cards cash back competition

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12 consumer category credit cards cash back competition

A smart consumer, know how different categories use their credit cards to obtain the maximum benefit.Today we take a look at our daily consumption of various types of cash back cards don't have any better, we will return in the 12 categories are considerable credit card listed, newbies can watch their own type of consumer to choose the most suitable card, Kato looked easy to select each consumption category of the card.This article will not be updated on a regular basis.

  • For ease of comparison, value of banks points need to be considered, TPG is widely used standard for the Internet, I personally think that some high, most people can't use such a high value (teach you some way to point out value is also one of the purposes of this blog), so I used my personal point value standard:

1 UR (Chase Ultimate Rewards) = 1.8cent

1 MR (AMEX Membership Rewards) = 1.8cent

1 TYP (Citi Thankyou Points) = 1.6cent

PenFed points (PFP) value I $250/29600=0.84cent

This is just my personal criteria, each point estimate of the value of may be different, this article is for reference only.

  • This article collects only the category cash back credit cards greater than 3%, such as missing welcomes readers to add.
  • AMEX card supermarket category not including Target and Walmart.
  • Discover it cash back card does not include Double Cash Promotion, if the event is registered friends back now will be double, more impressive.Old user has not registered, new users can register for this event, have not Discover it can apply through this blog a link to apply for this God daily cash back card.
  • Hotel cash back using only the General standard of hotel, did not take into account special hotel brands, co-branded credit card rewards.
  • U.S. Bank Cash+ Visa Signature card in particular, each quarter you can choose two 5% (upper $2000) and a 2% cash back categories, specific categories that can be selected here.This card is not included in the scope of this paper.
  • Table sorting feature, so as to facilitate comparison.

Introduction to the meaning of some abbreviations and can look at this index.



Chase Sapphire Preferred3.6% (2UR/$)$95首年免年费,每个月第一个周五有
4.8% (3UR/$)返现
Chase Sapphire3.6% (2UR/$)$0现无法申请,可从CSP降级为CS
AMEX Premier Reward Gold3.6% (2MR/$)$195 首年免年费,部分餐馆使用MPX返现可
达4.8% (3MR/$),且每年可返$100。
Citi ThankYou Preferred3.2% (2TYP/$)$0
Citi ThankYou Premier3.2% (2TYP/$)$95
Citi Prestige3.2% (2TYP/$)$450在Branch申请有$350年费版本
Chase Freedom9% (5UR/$)$0Q2 in 2015,其他季度1.8% (1UR/$)
Discover it5%$0Q2 in 2015,其他季度1%,申请难度低
Citi Forward8% (5TYP/$)$0已无法申请
Upromise World MasterCard5%$0 需在Upromise指定餐馆


AMEX Everyday Preferred8.1% (4.5MR/$)$95每年消费前$6000,且每月消费
AMEX Blue Cash Preferred6%$75每年消费前$6000。
AMEX Everyday4.32% (2.4MR/$)$0每年消费前$6000,且每月消费
Salie Mae Mastercard5%$0每月消费前$250
AMEX Premier Reward Gold3.6% (2MR/$)$195首年免年费
AMEX Old Blue Cash 5%$0每年消费满$6500后的消费方有
Chase Freedom9% (5UR/$)$0Q1 in 2015,其他季度1.8% (1UR/$)
Wells Fargo Visa Signature5%$0仅限开卡前6个月,返现若拿来

Come on:

Salie Mar Mastercard5%$0 每月消费前$250
AMEX Everyday Preferred5%$0 每年消费满$6500后的消费方有5%,
AMEX Everyday Preferred5.4% (3MR/$)$95 每月消费30次方有3MR/$
Citi ThankYou Premier4.8% (3TYP/$)$95
AMEX Premier Rewards Gold3.6% (2MR/$)$195 首年免年费
AMEX Business Gold Rewards3.6% (2MR/$)$175 首年免年费,可选为3MR/$,每年消费
AMEX Mercedes-Benz5.4% (3MR/$)$95
Chase Ink Plus/Bold3.6% (2UR/$)$95 首年免年费,每年消费前$50000
Chase Ink Cash3.6% (2UR/$)$0 每年消费前$25000
Sam’s Club Mastercard5%$0 Sam's会员,每年消费前$6000
PenFed Platinum Cash
Rewards Visa
5%$0 仅限于Plus版
Wells Fargo Visa Signature 5%$0 仅限开卡前6个月,返现若拿来兑换
Amex True Earnings Business
Card from Costco
Fort Knox Federal Credit
Union VISA Platinum
Chase Freedom9% (5UR/$)$07.1-9.30,其他月份返1.8% (1UR/$)
Discover it5%$0Q1 in 2015, 其他季度1%,申请难度低


Discover it5%$0仅限电影院,Q2 in 2015,其他季度1%,申请难度低
Citi ThankYou Preferred3.2% (2TYP/$)$0
Citi ThankYou Premier3.2% (2TYP/$)$95
Citi Prestige3.2% (2TYP/$)$450在Branch申请有$350年费版本
Citi Forward8% (5TYP/$)$0已无法申请

Bookstore (including Amazon):

Salie Mae Mastercard5%$0每月消费前$750
Discover it5%$0仅限Amazon,7.1-9.30,其他季度1%,申请
Chase Freedom9% (5UR/$)$0仅限Amazon,Q4 in 2014,其他季度1.8%
Barnes & Noble MasterCard5%$0仅限Barnes & Noble书店
Citi Forward8% (5TYP/$)$0已无法申请
Amazon.com Store Card5%$0仅限Amazon
All AMEX Small Business Cards5%NA仅限BN.com


Old Blue Cash5%$0每年消费满$6500后的消费方有5%,消费上限每年$50000
Wells Fargo Visa Signature5%$0仅限开卡前6个月,返现若拿来兑换机票则为7.5%


AMEX Premier Reward Gold5.4% (3MR/$)$195 首年免年费,每年可报销$100航空杂费
AMEX Business Gold Rewards5.4% (3MR/$)$175 每年消费前$100,000
Citi Thankyou Premier4.8% (3TYP/$)$95
Citi AT&T Access More4.8% (3TYP/$)$95 Online Only。
Citi Prestige4.8% (3TYP/$)$450 在Branch申请有$350年费版本,每年可
Citi Dividend5%$0 Q3 in 2015,不接受新的申请,但可从
PenFed Travel Rewards Amex4.2% (5PFP/$)$0
Chase Sapphire Preferred3.6% (2UR/$)$95 首年免年费。
Upromise World MasterCard5%$0 需通过Upromise.com


Citi ThankYou Premier4.8% (3TYP/$)$95
Citi AT&T Access More4.8% (3TYP/$)$95 Online Only
Citi Prestige4.8% (3TYP/$)$450 在Branch申请有$350年费版本。
Chase Sapphire Preferred3.6% (2UR/$)$95 首年免年费。
Chase Ink Plus/Bold3.6% (2UR/$)$95
All AMEX Small Business Cards5%NA仅限Hyatt酒店
Upromise World MasterCard5%$0需通过Upromise.com

Other tours:

Citi ThankYou Premier4.8% (3TYP/$)$95
Citi AT&T Access More4.8% (3TYP/$)$95 Online Only
Chase Sapphire Preferred3.6% (2UR/$)$95 首年免年费
Upromise World MasterCard5%$0需通过Upromise.com

Online shopping (not including Amazon):

Discover it5%$0 Q4 in 2014,其他季度1%,从Discover Deal
Citi AT&T Access More4.8% (3TYP/$)$0
Upromise World MasterCard5%-10%$0 需通过Upromise.com

Department Store:

Discover it5%$0 仅限7.1-9.30,其他季度1%,申请难度低
Chase Freedom9% (5UR/$)$0 Q4 in 2015,其他季度1.8% (1UR/$)
Citi Dividend5%$0 Q4 in 2015,不接受新的申请,但可从其他Citi卡降级得到

Office supplies/mobile phone

Chase Ink Plus/Bold9% (5UR/$)$95 首年免年费,每年消费前$50000。
Chase Ink Cash9% (5UR/$)$0 每年消费前$25000。
AMEX SimplyCash Business5%$0 每年消费前$25000。


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12 consumer category credit cards cash back competition
12 consumer category credit cards cash back competition
12 consumer category credit cards cash back competition
12 consumer category credit cards cash back competition

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