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Hotel basics-article-IHG

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Hotel basics-article-IHG

About IHG

IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group PLC), formerly called the InterContinental Hotel (InterContinental Hotels IHG for short), is a listed company (LSE:IHG, NYSE:IHG), based in the United Kingdom Andrew (Denham). In January 2010, InterContinental Hotels Group is the world's biggest and most number of rooms of multinational hotel companies, as one of the top ten famous brand in the world.Owned by the InterContinental Hotels Group, operation management, rent or make the right hotel over 4500, hotel rooms more than 650000, positions in some 100 countries and regions. Business hotel brands include Crowne Plaza Hotel (Crowne Plaza), Holiday Inn (Holiday Inn), the InterContinental Hotel (InterContinental), the Holiday Inn Express Hotel (Holiday In Express), Hotel Indigo (Hotel Indigo), Staybridge Suites, etc. There are approximately 3800 rooms for the franchise.


High-end luxury-class Intercontinental Hotel (InterContinental, and IC)

Hotel basics-article-IHG

Is the world's first truly Intercontinental Hotel on the Hotel International brand, owned by five-star hotels all over the world, more than 60 countries, more than 60 years of experience really give us an in-depth insight into the understanding of each destination.From the elegant, to the modern metropolis, to the tropical beach relaxing and quiet, each hotel has its own unique style and taste unique for us travellers bring all kinds of style.

High-end luxury Crowne Plaza level-(Crowne Plaza)

Hotel basics-article-IHG

Crowne Plaza Hotels and resorts, we ensure that your business trip easier control over everything you need to succeed.Each of our hotel offers a full range of integrated conference facilities, leading at Crowne Plaza sleep experience, a 24-hour business services and a well-equipped fitness centre, make sure that you are in a highly efficient, smooth finish.Crowne Plaza Hotels and resorts, we make sure that you need to succeed in business trip relaxing control over all

High-end-class-Hotel Indigo (Hotel Indigo)

Hotel basics-article-IHG

Hotel Indigo has been around many major cities in the world with its fresh design, personalized service and unique features of fusion of local, provides endless inspiration and enjoyment for our guests stay.Our trusted brand brings many advantages, providing a true boutique hotel experience.Hotel design is imaginative, fully shows the full features of our communities. Artwork from the walls to the local food specialties, all refreshing

In the high-end luxury-class-hotel (Holiday Inn)

Hotel basics-article-IHG

Fresh, modern, than ever before.Today's Holiday Inn hotel offers comfortable, familiar atmosphere, where guests can relax and enjoy a variety of amenities such as high-speed Wi-Fi, a restaurant, a fitness centre, comfortable lounges and free food and lodging.Perfect blend of business and leisure, for today's travellers seeking comfort.

Midrange comfort level-Holiday Inn Express hotels (Holiday In Express)

Hotel basics-article-IHG

Simple and welcoming, hotel for you to rest, relax and take a job, it is for the wise choice.Whether you are travelling to a place or stay for a week, you will love our Holiday Inn hotel, it provides everything you need.Simple and welcoming, hotel for you to rest, relax and take a job, it is for the wise choice.Whether you are travelling to a place or stay for a week, you will love our Holiday Inn hotel, it provides everything you need.

Midrange level suite-Ambassador Bridge suites (Staybridge Suites)

Hotel basics-article-IHG

An extended stay hotel brand offering comfortable and stylish accommodation.

Middle and low level suites-Candlewood Suites hotels (Candlewood Suites)

Hotel basics-article-IHG

A clean, uncomplicated extended stay hotel choice offering convenience and good value.

Low-end in the mainstream class-Evan hotels (Even Hotels)

Hotel basics-article-IHG


EVEN™ Hotels is the first hotel brand designed for business and leisure travellers who maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and are looking for a complete wellness experience at a mainstream price point.

Member rank

IHG membership is divided into four levels, from high to low was SPIRE,PLATINUM,GOLD,CLUB.
Specific benefits at all levels, please see the following table:
Hotel basics-article-IHG
About IHG recent status changes, see the article site IHG added another elite membership, to Chase IHG new users is a good

Exchange standard

IHG hotels, Singapore is divided into 9 levels, namely

  • Cat 1 = 10k/night
  • Cat 2 = 15k/night
  • Cat 3 = 20k/night
  • Cat 4 = 25k/night
  • Cat 5 = 30k/night
  • Cat 6 = 35k/night
  • Cat 7 = 40k/night
  • Cat 8 = 45k/night
  • Cat 9 = 50k/night

Specific coordinates refer to the figure below (Thanks to TravelIsFree)

But this is not completely accurate, IHG frequently reorientation of the hotel belongs to category (see the article site IHG hotels level adjustment, news), specific points required for Exchange, and is subject to actual.

Point value

TPG valuations

According to TPG's latest valuation (in July 2015, for reference purposes only), IHG points USD/CHF 0.7c.

Point source

Chase IHG credit card

Hotel basics-article-IHG
Currently open card reward 60k three months ' consumption 1000 knives, annual fee of 49 knife (first year), after the first year, an annual fee per year to one night room voucher (not limited to hotel level).
Application link

Chase turn UR (not recommended)

If you have a CSP, INK PLUS, INK BOLD, you can use your UR credits converted to IHG points.But since UR credits value well above the IHG points, so the Exchange is actually a big devaluation, which belongs to the baotiantianwu!
Specific information about UR points, please refer to this article: Chase Freedom–my introduction to chase tour points system (3): United States three big credit card point system

IHG selling activities

Can buy the IHG points at Points.com, normally in the absence of promotional cases per 10,000 price $ 116.Very worth it.
But IHG will often have some promotions, such as ongoing (August 31) 100%bonus promotions, reduced per 10,000 58 knife, if reasonable, is well worth the …
Hotel basics-article-IHG
Purchase address

IHG P+C trick

Normally in the absence of promotional cases mentioned above, direct buy IHG score is not worth it, but there's a trick of P+C-buy or every 10,000 points and 70 knives (Basic in TPG's valuation), if reasonable, is worth it.
Simple operation is described below:

  1. You first need to IHG account has at least 5k points as seeds (10K well)
  2. Search for any hotel reward nightHotel basics-article-IHG
  3. Found using the POINTS+CASH Exchange (the equivalent of 40 cutter 5k, 70 knives 10K)Hotel basics-article-IHGHotel basics-article-IHG
  4. Check-out, actually you are using 40 knife bought 5k or 10K or 70 knives, IHG in CHECK-OUT also prompted this purchase can not be refund.Hotel basics-article-IHG
  5. Cancel reservations, and points used in the room will return to deposit to your account
  6. At this point, you have completed the 40/70 knives purchased 5k/10K IHG points.

Special usage

point break

Pointbreaks refers to priority Club Rewards launched a promotional activity members in designated hotel can enjoy 5000 points for the night, regardless of the hotel price money.Under normal circumstances, Exchange owned by IHG Hotel 10000-50000.So, for some hotels to this promotion, the equivalent of 90% point discount.
Latest point break activities, see IHG-Point Breaks!5k Canadian promotional activities!-Fall 2015

Agreed price

It is well known that the hotel there is a signed agreement between the groups and companies, employees of major companies that use these protocols, you can rate staying at the hotel.Price is usually lower than the retail price.

  • Price: in the book, enter the license code
  • Use price risk: when in the foreground may be required to produce relevant documents, if not to show their IDs, are subject to market price for admission.

Code and note the use of the specific agreement price will be mentioned later in the article.

Hotel basics-article-IHG
Hotel basics-article-IHG
Hotel basics-article-IHG
Hotel basics-article-IHG

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