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Barclays Ring Card–low low interest

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Barclays Ring Card--low low interest

The card location

  • Long term (cost 0/year)
    • Get low fees
    • Low interest Balance Transfer no fee

I'm with this card

I have not applied for the card, because the Chinese people, after all, not like Americans today to spend tomorrow's money, this card is needed to maintain low interest rates.However, if you often have cash flow problems trouble, this card can be used as a long term working capital cash (balance transfer) credit card.Moreover, cash withdrawal (cash advance) also have certain advantages.

Low interest card

1. application

2. the basic characteristics

  • Opening bonus: none
  • Consumer free cash back
  • Balance Transfer no fee
  • Cash Advance fee each time you $3
  • All of the annual percentage rate (APR) 8.75%
  • No annual fee

3. highlight

  • Monthly free FICO score
  • Blance Transfer artifact: the card has no Balance Transfer fees, so you can go another card balance at any time.Moreover, the Balance Transfer APR is 8.75%, much lower than many other credit cards.For card balance here, reducing interest rates.
  • See Balance Transfer analysis: introduction to Balance Transfer
  • Cash Advance artifact: this card $3 cash fixed a charged, regardless of how many.This is better than a traditional credit card fees 3%.Moreover, the annual interest rate is 8.75% 20%+ is much lower than others.
  • Analysis of Cash Advance, please see: introduction to Cash Advance

4. shortcomings

  • No card rewards credit card or cash back

Application link

Barclays Ring Card--low low interest
Barclays Ring Card--low low interest
Barclays Ring Card--low low interest
Barclays Ring Card--low low interest

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