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Second Discover card credit cards It

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Now available in over-abundance of credit card, card number.Why do I want to apply for a DiscoverIT credit card?In the application, but also what problems?

Second Discover card credit cards It

1. Discover IT credit card profiles

Discover credit cards IT is not high application threshold, is a very suitable for novice to apply for credit cards, even when zero credit history you will be able to apply directly to the.My first discover is just the United States, when I first got the SSN application, called verified identity soon after.However, the application does not mean that this is a Standard Chartered card, on the contrary, I think all credit cards with no annual fees, the card's value should be in the top three.

The main advantage of this card is as follows:

  • Apple Pay offer of God: from now until December 31, 2015, using Apple in business spending can Pay for extra 20%-30% cash back (post consumer 2-3 Bill, for extra 10%-15%, opening day and then get the rest of the 10%-15%), specific analysis, we can see: introduction to Discover Apple Pay Offer
  • Double cash back: opening up to the first opening all day back now will be double (including card reward $50, General 1%, quarterly 5%,discover 5%-15% in the deal).For details, please see: Discover Double Cashback Promotion
  • Flexible cash back: Discover gets cash back can now be directly 1:1.Most importantly, you can exchange a lot of merchant gift cards at a discount, be 50 percent convertible rental car coupons, Staples 80 percent Exchange, 90 percent convert Sears, BBB, and Macys, Starbucks, 93 percent Exchange Shell Oil card, wholefoods
  • Quarter 5% returned: 5% cash back each quarter has a different set of categories, including: gas, Department stores, such as Amazon
  • No annual fee, free FICO credit score, quarter 5% cash back, student awards, no foreign transaction fees (back to the consumer the most convenient)
  • Specific analysis of introduction can be found in: introduction to Discover credit card

2. Why to apply for a second Discover card credit cards IT

On the benefits of a Discover credit card IT, main is to analyse why this second copies of the same card to pave.To open a Discover credit card benefits are the following:

  • Upgrading Appay Pay cash back limit
  • Get double cash back event
  • Raising the cash back quarterly 5% ceiling
  • Credit records

Apple Pay cash back limit:

Apple Pay to get 22%-30% before the maximum cash back is 10K consumer, which is the best you can get the $2200-$3000 back now.Discover Gift card and be excluded from the Apple Pay Offer, the man who, to flower-10K is not easy.But for some special groups, such as special purchase, or in the United States to resell, they spend 10K of consumption there is no problem.And now Apple popularity Pay at several major stores, such as Apple Store,Macy's,Staples,BestBuy, in these businesses get 22%-30% cash back would be a huge profit.So, if you have Apple Pay line of 10K, and also to "family" with cosmetics, like Apple's products, Shen could be considered a DiscoverIT credit card.

Double cash back event:

This event start time, all cardholders can participate, receive double cash back within a year.However, Discover later changed the rules, only new users can participate in the activity.New applications for users in card activated, is automatically signed up for this event, and received the following email.

Second Discover card credit cards It

January 2017, here is my card after the anniversary of the first Bill (my card is early December).So, I'm 2015.12-2016.December gets all cash back can be doubled if you double back to existing problems, can see the official Q&A: the official double cash back Q&A.If you are not registered on the double cash back, you might consider opening a new Discover card, so that the general consumer can get the 2% back now, quarter can obtain a 5%,Discover Deal to get cash back for 10%-30%, Apple Pay to get 20%-30%, is also very cool.

Upgrade 5%-quarter cash back

Discover every quarter for a specified category of consumer, get the 5% back now, those categories include:

  • First quarter: fuel and public transport (official news)
  • Second quarter: Home improvement or for dinner (guess)
  • Third quarter: eat, AMAZON (guessed)
  • Third quarter: Department stores, Amazon consumption (guessed)

5% cash back is a cap of these categories, only the first $1500 can get the 5% back now, and Discover new user first year can get the 10% season resort now, this 10% is very tempting.You might ask, I was a student I consumption low, even a quarter spend $1500 discontent, why consider next the Discover credit card, $3000 the amount spent is not finished!

For this, we can do so by specifying categories of businesses to buy the gift cards they need to solve, if one works properly, the 10% cash back be best transformed into all kinds of makes you 10% consumer cash back!Specific analysis, we can see: credit card tips-conversion-consumer categories.Of course, in the first year of the 10%, the 5% cash back only the next year quarter.It does not matter, coupled with your Discover credit card, can get on average a month $1000 5% cash back limit which is enough for consumption.

Credit records

Apply for a new credit card affects credit scores.Positive effects from your total credit limit will likely increase.Negative effects from two points: HardPull Credit Bureau scores decreased with the application, opening new credit card score lower.New card effects cannot be avoided, because the new card will be reported to the three credit bureaus, which will affect your score.HP will only exist on one or more credit bureaus, Discover the General Pull TU this credit Bureau, this HP regarding your Council (EX,EQ) score is not affected.Key issue is basically Chase,AMEX,CITI most commonly pull EX, so Discover HP will not cause you to apply for other credit card TU pull EX affect applications for credit Bureau.

Is also a little boring for those credit score enthusiasts, if you have two Discover credit card, you can get two free credit score each month.If your billing period is a month is a month, then basically have 15 days to get a credit score.

There are other credit scores and records related to the problem see: introduction to credit scores and credit history

3. Application considerations for second Discover card

After seeing so much analysis and presentation, if you may wish to take to apply for a Discover credit card.While the end of the application also can catch the Apple Pay Offer and department stores as of December 31, 10% cash back Amazon.If you have decided to apply for a second, is paying special attention to the following:

  • If you first discover card for less than a year, it will not apply the second
  • No matter what you hold is the student version or the normal version of the discover credit card, when you are filling out the second discover card credit card application, must be completed in non-student capacity.
  • If you discover a line of credit is not high, you can apply on the Internet a few days prior to the application limits (if adopted, is soft pull will not affect credit score; if you referred to the need to call in the application process and credit records, not to mention would be Hardpull).Because when the time comes when playing back the phone, is likely to call you need to be part of the first line to the second to
  • After the application was submitted, if there are pending, or what needs to be submitted to the interface, straight back door phone: 888-676-3695
  • And customer service in a Word, after authentication, does require a second Discover card, and do not need to turn off the first one
  • Second card reason myself, generally want more quarter 5%, new cards, such as double cashback promotion
  • Customer service tell you after the second card is approved, you can check the card rewards and double cashback promotion
  • Don't go to the official website to apply directly, applications for official website link is not opening bonus, remember that!
  • Applications use our recommended links:
  • One is jokes!You can recommend your application, first card you can get $50 refer rewards new card you can also get a $50 card reward doubled a year later, cash back of up to get $200.Of course, if you refer ten people had applied, a link on the Welcome to the ~ support our work

Here is my experience:

  • First of all, I use a Softpull limit from 1000 to 2000.
  • First I filled out the students, after submitting an application, you reach the limit for Discover card message appears, rejected the request directly.How to play back the phone, still won't give you through this application.However, this was refused should belong to the system was rejected, and leaving HP.
  • I immediately submitted an application online (fill in a new), do not complete the student identity, at this time, applications may be pending, and then let you upload your bank statements or a driver's license to check SSN identity.
  • Without information, call back phone 888-676-3695
  • DiscoverIT needed second credit card, then customer service tells me I should part lines, I-1000 lines directly.Now two 1000 lines, basic

4. Summary

Need a second discover card, please own measure.If you opened a second, you don't need to turn off, after all, good card with no annual fee, at least at least can keep up the support length of credit.



Second Discover card credit cards It
Second Discover card credit cards It
Second Discover card credit cards It
Second Discover card credit cards It

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