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AMEX Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG)–I was Queen of the wild

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AMEX Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG)--I was Queen of the wild

Dressed in a red suit, affectionate, we meet in the unnamed space.

Love your tall, love on your movement, you are the Queen of my ever-changing.

"Update" in late 2015, Marriott Union announced the acquisition of SPG Hotel Alliance, so this card is likely to be called history.However, SPG points will change there is no message.Sure is, we will have plenty of time to redeem these points.If you do not have a credit card, apply'd, the village has no shops.

Application link:

The card orientation:

  • Long term (cost 95/year)
    • Hotel enjoy high-speed wireless network, outside enjoying the Boingo network, overseas credit card fees-free (new benefit)
    • SPG Hotel high return and give SPG members can help avoid relegation
    • AMEX offer
    • No reward consumption high returns (2%), flexible points value
  • Short term (cost 0, return about $700)
    • First year annual fee
    • Opening 25k Starpoints (value $500+)
    • AMEX offer (about making $150)


Queen cards Description:

1. application

2. The basic characteristics of

  • Opening bonus: 25k Starpoints, value $500+
  • Consumption get Starpoints: 2x SPG Hotel consumption, other consumer 1x
  • Use Starpoints: Starwood (Starwood) hotels, can be converted into air miles
  • No overseas credit card fees
  • $95 annual fee in the first year free

3. Highlights

  • Card rewards high, practical
  • Hotel have free access to a high speed network (new)
    • SPG free public WiFi network to the peak, directly into a turtle.Cardholders can find Internet access under this
    • This benefit would only achieve Gold or Platinum SPG members have, or like every day $20
  • Free access to Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots
  • No outside use fees
    • Again don't worry about booking United States hotels outside of the
    • AMEX credit card credit card outside non-DCC, is the checkout conversion rate in local currency and the dollar is the same, don't worry about using local currency exchange rates like the visa is very poor
  •  Advantages of Starpoints
    • Value: in the hotel can be reached 2C+ ($100 5K point average exchange value of SPG hotel), can sometimes swap out 5C, please look at the actual booking.But the hotel if it is Cat 3 and above, you can enjoy four nights free night offer.Weekend booking need 1000 fewer points than usual.
    • Turning point offers: 2W per turn points into air miles (such as AA,AC,ANA), the bonus of 5,000 points.SPG Hotel consumption, maximum 2.5 air miles (Hotel consumption 2x *1.25).1.25X air miles with purchase of any other consumption (consumption of other 1X *1.25).
    • Turning point partners include: ANA,AC, AA, Alaska Airlines, BA
    • Turning point partners sometimes provides extra incentive: for example, go from 2W to AC/AA, and 5K.Is 2W Starpoints into w AC/AA 3 miles.
    • For more details please see: guidelines for using SPG points
  • AMEX card advantages
    • AMEX offer: what?Amazon return to 20 under 20?Wal-Mart 15-5?75-10 pay the phone bill?Generous Offer AMEX cardholders a bit, was cashed by you at the time of consumption.See AMEX OFFER details.
    • Line height: AMEX customers is very generous, often given much higher limits than other banks.
    • Three times the forehead: AMEX card in the card holder the 61st day after the website enhancing lines by a factor of three times.
    • Extended warranty: AMEX practice, extend the manufacturer's warranty period of one year
    • Most users can query a credit score for free, can receive one free credit report annually

4. Disadvantages

  • Save cash points cannot be 1:1 (who is dumb enough to put cash value SPG points 1:1)
  • In addition to SPG hotel in local consumption, no double points category.Consumer-save hard.

I was with this card:

1.5 years ago, just to understand the credit card, in the unknown space Forum to see a lot of people discuss this credit card.Without thinking, just go with the flow also applied for a.Later proved how correct this choice are: lines has risen to 1W, brush pressure nothing (tall).Saved points can be transferred to more than one airline to stay is a good (smart).For no reward consumption main brush daily (the Queen).Points for trip to Disney for five nights, 19k points out the value of $1000: the actual booking.

This card and AMEX Everyday as Preferred, can be used as the main consumer cards because of consumption can be equivalent to 2%+ cash back (if the hotel or go to Exchange air miles).Also, this card can be turned into AA mileage, equivalent to $1 get 1.25AA mileage, 1AA than AA and joint $1 card Citi miles better.Card's annual fee is not high, with AMEX Offer fully able to earn it back.So, I've been holding this card.

Detailed analysis on the open card rewards, please see: AMEX SPG card rewards

Application link:

AMEX Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG)--I was Queen of the wild


AMEX Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG)--I was Queen of the wild
AMEX Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG)--I was Queen of the wild
AMEX Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG)--I was Queen of the wild
AMEX Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG)--I was Queen of the wild

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