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"Expired" AMEX Starwood Preferred 35k the highest rewards!

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"Expired" AMEX Starwood Preferred 35k the highest rewards!

"2016.3.12" users without a SSN to apply for adoption: Web site fill 000 00 001 SSN, submitted after the shows let me call 800 221 4950, and providing a Ref#. On the phone (I played), verify basic information, then ask which Bank, banking that information is accurate, then asked for bank account three-way calling, again verify the name and address of card.See: non-SSN to apply for

0. 35k offer link

"Expired" AMEX Starwood Preferred 35k the highest rewards!

  • If you are interested in applying for SPG of business credit cards, business credit cards and 35k offer
    • Application link (three-month 5k, 35k)
    • If there is no business to apply for business credit cards, watch out FR (click here for details)

1. 35k card incentives

Everyone likes card rewards card rewards because it 35k can easily exchange $700+ value, and points are very flexible and can activate a number of air miles.

1.1 advantages of Starpoints

  • Booking value: in the hotel can be reached 2C+ ($100 5K point average exchange value of SPG hotel), can sometimes swap out 5C.But the hotel if it is Cat 3 and above, you can enjoy four nights free night offer.Weekend booking need 1000 fewer points than usual.
  • Turning point offers: 2W per turn points into air miles (such as AA,AC,ANA), the bonus of 5,000 points.SPG Hotel consumption, maximum 2.5 air miles (Hotel consumption 2x *1.25).1.25X air miles with purchase of any other consumption (consumption of other 1X *1.25).
  • Turning point partners include: ANA,AC, AA, Alaska Airlines, BA
  • Turning point partners sometimes provides extra incentive: for example, go from 2W to AC/AA, and 5K.Is 2W Starpoints into w AC/AA 3 miles.

1.2 my advice

Based on the above analysis, I'll give you a few methods to value maximizing card rewards:

  • If you need a SPG hotel accommodation: Hotels must be very, very easy to swap out high value.If the long stays high, the best choice of four nights, delivery is free for one night.Cat 3-7,000 point-for one night, so there will be four spent late opening 28,000 points in the reward, you can stay for five nights, very good!If we live a short, low, the best choice for weekend stays can save a little.Cat 2 only 4,000, just 3,000 points at the weekend, will suffice.Opening of 35k change to 10 weekend stay!Is it a bug.
  • If you need a free round-trip ticket between China and: for Central America round ANA is the most cost-effective should be for economy class only 60k round trip.And, if you every time you go to ANA 20K SPG points, also can be given to 5k.So my suggestion is the best to save 40k (35k 2k card +3k card + then consumption), and then with ANA, so you can get (20K+5k) *2=50k ANA Mileage.You from Membership Rewards 10K, or another 10K directly on the SPG is enough.ANA s round, also can add a free stay!Your round-trip time between China and can be in Japan or Korea transit, free play for a few days.Wouldn't it be nice!
  • If you need a free one-way ticket to travel: Alaska Airlines is the turning-point of the SPG partners.Its biggest feature is one way you can stay, such as Alaska mileage United States domestic one-way ticket, you can also choose in the United States any urban transit and stay a few days, and finally to city you want.A roundtrip, up two to stay, equivalent to A-B (travel)-c and c-d (stop)-a direct play only spent three round-trip mileage!If you decide to transfer to Alaska Airlines, your the best and fill 40k SPG points in turn.
  • If you need to make up for a lack of other airlines points: we know card reward mileage tend to send embarrassing enough return mileage ticket.So, with transfer partners the most flexible SPG points to make up for those missing points is the best!Citi AA card 50k a little, China and to and from 70k.So, by SPG just exchange between the 20K the past.Don't forget, 20K can also give 5k AA mileage
  • Waiting for the turning point offers: before Canada Aviation (AC) turning-point bonus, if 40k SPG points, can get their 40k+ additional 10K SPG Bous+10K Air Canada bonus=60k, is also very cool.Similarly, the AA also have similar deals.40k SPG points can be converted to 60k AA mileage.So, if you need a lot of air miles, may wish to wait

Details on the SPG points, see:

2. SPG credit card profiles

This card is known as the God cards, and not just because open rewards high.The key reason is the usual SPG points at credit card use is very flexible.This card took $1 to accumulate 1 SPG points, but due to the high prices of the hotels of the SPG points value (value 2cents/point) and flexibility (can be transferred a number of air miles), equivalent to a all 2%, or 1.25 miles credit card.Therefore, many people without reward spending categories will be placed on this card.Also, since this is the AMEX card, buy electronic products, there are additional extended warranty benefits are also good.

In addition, last year, the AMEX has also added some additional benefits

  • Hotel have free access to a high speed network (new)
  • Free access to Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots (new)
  • No outside use fees (new)

This card really suitable for traveling use!

Details on this card, please see:

3. On the AMEX credit card application

AMEX credit card application is easy, generally have credit history can live for several months.Of course take note of the following:

  • General could only come once in a lifetime card AMEX credit card rewards (formerly took the SPG card opening cards this time didn't stand a chance)
  • AMEX in a day can only apply for a personal credit card and Charge Card.If applying for more than one credit card, need to call is possible
  • If you already have an AMEX credit card application was rejected, there will only be Soft Pull will not affect your credit score
  • AMEX credit card applications on the same day, credit card and charge card Hardpull will merge
  • If you have credit history, no SSN application online
  • A person can only hold four AMEX Credit Card (not included, PRG, Platinum, low-end gold, low green), already has four application will automatically be rejected, may only need to call off a pass
  • See: AMEX credit card application characteristics

If you have several credit cards, applications, no need to rush to apply for this one.You can choose an auspicious, applications can improve through probability, view details

4. on the AMEX SPG credit card of the future

First of all, SPG Hotel Group has been acquired by Marriott group, mergers will be completed this year or next.Issued by AMEX SPG credit card should last longer (to be discontinued), it means that the 35k offer is the AMEX last crazy!General credit card reward card is 25k SPG points, when in June of each year, there will be big 30k big offer, so we held to such applications.The 35k offer is unprecedented, was anorexic!

Of course, while hotels and Resorts will be merged, there is still plenty of time to redeem SPG points.Rumored to be in by the end of 2017, SPG points will be the status quo Exchange.Therefore, we have to worry about the points will be immediately devalued.Concern SPG points, because SPG SPG points not only to exchange our hotels for a very high value, you can 1:1.25 convert air points.So, before merging to get so many points, to good use, is King!

This credit card will not be issued in the future, the user should turn into AMEX card their cards, but no news yet.Anyway, this Offer is free into the brain.


"Expired" AMEX Starwood Preferred 35k the highest rewards!
"Expired" AMEX Starwood Preferred 35k the highest rewards!
"Expired" AMEX Starwood Preferred 35k the highest rewards!
"Expired" AMEX Starwood Preferred 35k the highest rewards!

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