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AMEX Premier Gold Rewards (PRG)-a local gold

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AMEX Premier Gold Rewards (PRG)-a local goldYour annual fee is high, I have a local gold.

Your position awkward, I have a local gold.

A closer look, you, too, especially a local gold.

The card orientation:

  • Long term (cost 195/year)
    • To buy tickets, eat out more people.
    • AMEX Offer fanatics.
    • In the shop of Amazon,Sephora number of people (MPX).
    • Face control
  • Short term (cost 0, return about $850)
    • Card holder for a year without annual fee
    • Aviation claims can take two $100 +50k MR card reward (value in $500)
    • AMEX offer another year (about $150)
    • MPX, tickets, eating high returns

I was with this card:

Applications for January this year, sec.Mainly brush AMEX Offer money, occasionally using the MPX buy gift card 3X MR points.MPX $100 aviation fees reimbursement is very easy, usually eating a shot is the local gold, another waiter in high esteem.

Introduction to local card

1. application

2. The basic characteristics of

  • Opening bonus:
    • 25k MR
    • Go BA can exchange up to 5 United States territory/one-way ticket/1 Toronto 5 New York United States to Europe one way flights
  • Credit card saved MR
    • Major airlines official website tickets 3X
    • Food, supermarket 2X
    • Other 1X
  • MR points Exchange:
    • Can I exchange a number of air miles, hotel points
    • Can be used to pay bills, AMAZON, McDonald's, on its website shop consumption, Exchange gift cards
    • For more details, please see: guidelines for using MR
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Each year to reimburse air fees $100
  • $195 annual fee (annual fee waived for the first year)

3. Highlights

  • Rebate without Cap: aviation 3X rebate, eat supermarket 2X rebate, 1X return no upper limit.
  • MPX partners: use the MPX to buy any merchant gift card can 3X rebate (click here for details)
  • Aviation claims: natural years reimbursement of airline fees $100, equivalent to the annual fee of 95 (click here to see concrete steps)
  • No overseas charges
    • No longer worry about their official website booking
    • AMEX credit card credit card outside non-DCC, is the checkout conversion rate in local currency and the dollar is the same, don't worry about using local currency exchange rates like the visa is very poor
  • Debit cards (Charge Card): there is no preset limits (theoretical limit is infinite).
  • Save MR points:
  • AMEX card
    • AMEX offer: what?Amazon return to 20 under 20?Wal-Mart 15-5?75-10 pay the phone bill?Generous Offer AMEX cardholders a bit, was cashed by you at the time of consumption.See AMEX OFFER details.
    • Free Shoprunner membership can enjoy many online shopping free shipping in two days to, see: website links
    • Extended warranty: using AMEX card to purchase things, manufacturers warranty is automatically extended for one year
    • Free report: some users can query a credit score for free, can receive one free credit report annually

4. Disadvantages

5. Summary

This card revised to increase the meal 2X, no overseas charges; raised annual fees, and increased reimbursement of airline fees.With AMEX offer, and MPX's magic can work long-term.Of course buying a plane ticket and dinner for people with high consumption, the absolute need to have.(3X air 6% of the cash back).

Application link:

AMEX Premier Gold Rewards (PRG) how about credit cards?Good application?Good long-term holding it?What are the characteristics?Card rewards high?Max card reward?Useful?I applied for it?How much credit history?Do you need a SSN?Year fee?MR how to use it?At home with you?In Europe, please

AMEX Premier Gold Rewards (PRG)-a local gold
AMEX Premier Gold Rewards (PRG)-a local gold
AMEX Premier Gold Rewards (PRG)-a local gold
AMEX Premier Gold Rewards (PRG)-a local gold

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