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AMEX Platinum (Ameriprise) credit card introduced

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AMEX Platinum (Ameriprise) credit card introduced

The card orientation:

  • Long term costs about $175 per year: suitable for high-end benefits for individuals and families; can be earned back by air claims and Amex offer annual fee
  • Possessing only a one-year, return more than $500: $400 (aviation claims twice) +$100 (AMEX offer) *N

Ameriprise Platinum version introduction

1. application

2. The basic characteristics of

  • Opening bonus: free first year annual fee
  • Credit card saved MR: all 1X every $20K, top of 5k MR
  • MR points Exchange: changeable number of air miles, hotel points, see guidelines for using MR
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Each year to reimburse air fees $200
  • $450 annual fee (annual fee waived for the first year)

3. Highlights

  • Secondary card benefits: a secondary card has no annual fee for the first year, so the first year we can open several Deputy card AMEX Offer, Deputy main cards cards are enjoy a range of benefits (except aviation claims).Secondary card is also required for the second year annual fee $175 (each of three).
  • Aviation claims: natural years reimbursement of airline fees $200, equivalent to the annual fee is $250.Can easily be done by MPX to purchase gift cards, see: AMEX airline reimbursement analysis
  • Debit cards (Charge Card): there is no preset limits (theoretical limit is infinite)
  • Membership Rewards:
  • AMEX card benefits
    • AMEX offer:Amazon 20 to 20; Wal-Mart $15 5 per cent; pay the phone bill 75 minus 10.Generous Offer AMEX cardholders a bit, was cashed by you at the time of consumption.See also: AMEX OFFER detailed solutions and the AMEX best Offer summary
    • Free Shoprunner membership can enjoy many online shopping free shipping in two days to, see: website links
    • Extended warranty: using AMEX card to purchase things, manufacturers warranty is automatically extended for one year
    • Free report: some users can query a credit score for free, can receive one free credit report annually
  • Comes with a lot of high end welfare (welfare official website introduction)
    • The "new" Hilton Gold members can enjoy complimentary breakfast
    • Starwood (SPG) Gold member can upgrade for free rooms, enjoy high speed Internet
    • Premium Lounge (Centurion Lounges, Delta Sky Clubs, Airspace Lounges,Priority Pass)
    • Reimburse Global fee for Entry and TSA Pre
    • Fine comes with discount Hotel accommodation (introduction)
    • Boingo wireless network premium membership
    • Free magazines, InCircle members, car rental Avis, Hertz, National Car Rental Premium Member
    • After you add a second card (under card requires an additional fee), the above benefits under registered card holders can also (need to call)

4. Get the card to do a few things

This card comes with generous benefits, but different and common card, many benefits need to register themselves before the entry into force, a specifically listed here, please do not forget to register:

5. Disadvantages

  • This card as a charge card, need Bill completely paid off the money, or critical high interest rates
  • Annual fees seem very high $450, and adding a second card on my second year also needs additional annual fee
  • Although consumer $20K top of 5k MR, but not AMEX sent Everyday Preferred credit card 1.5x consumer $20K 10K MR

My reviews:

This card AMEX Platinum credit card version of Ameriprise, biggest bright spot is the first year annual fee waiver and a second card annual fee waived for the first year.Free for equivalent experience a year of high-end service, $200 aviation claims on two occasions on the way (can be easily done by MPX) and the under card master card AMEX offer, equivalent to the first year can earn $400+N*$100 (n primary and secondary card number and card).But now that the application has no rewards is a bruising, if there is no need to wait until the highest card reward 25k apply when MR.

Reminded people who want to apply for, get the cards don't spend too much money.This card belongs to the Charge Card AMEX special easy to trigger a Financial Review of the risk calculation, if only a few are likely to be turned off all of the AMEX card.See: barrier analysis of the AMEX credit card.

Application link:

AMEX Platinum (Ameriprise) credit card introduced
AMEX Platinum (Ameriprise) credit card introduced
AMEX Platinum (Ameriprise) credit card introduced
AMEX Platinum (Ameriprise) credit card introduced

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