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AMEX Blue Cash (OBC)-large selection

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AMEX Blue Cash (OBC)-large selection

Hidden artifact,

Only God can handle.

The card orientation:

  • Long term (cost 0)
    • Buy food, come on super multi
    • AMEX Offer enthusiasts
    • Can grasp practical rhythm
  • Short term (cost 0)
    • No card, no annual fee, open do not close at all

I was with this card:

Once, countless heroes to this card's brains.Once, someone from this card gets thousands of dollars a month in profits.Once's AMEX level storm destroyed many people's dreams of riches.Now, there are still many people who flock to this card, as all four must be in possession of the card AMEX card.I was after a wave of barriers that apply for this card, but not a great deal of power to really make good use of his saving grace, as a collection.

5% this card before cash back and no upper limit, so tens of thousands of people each month tens of thousands of brush, return of thousands of thousands of.Finally, the AMEX could not resist, and closed a large number of people and confiscated some cash back.Moreover, new applications for users increases the consumption of an annual return on 5% upper limit of 50000.Despite the increase of the ceiling, but 50000*5% can get cash back with $2500, which became the main reason for most applications.

Large cards Description:

1. Application

  • Application link: click here, no card rewards
  • Difficulty of application: this card application thresholds, suggested more than half a year's credit can be applied.
  • Request status: official website application status inquiry link
  • Notes:
    • No SSN application rejected or pending consider "reconsideration"
    • Please use stealth mode to open the application links
    • Recently applied for a Blue Cash Everyday or Blue Cash Preferred please apply again in a few months, or it will be seconds refused
    • This card was removed from the website can apply for card list, so I don't know when it will not directly apply, so if you really interested to start as soon as possible,

2. The basic characteristics of

  • Opening bonus: none
  • Credit card cash back
    • Supermarkets, fuel consumption 1%, pharmacy cash back (ex-$6500)
    • Other 0.25% back now (formerly $6500)
    • Supermarkets, fuel consumption 5%, pharmacy cash back ($6500-$50000)
    • Else 1% return (after $6500 other consumer, drug or $50000 food oil consumption)
    • After reaching 6500 does not need a Bill, the corresponding consumption automatically becomes 5%
    • 6500 according to reward year count, your card can be used as from you since the first day after the end of the 12-month billing
  • Cash back with Exchange:
    • Each $25 can be exchanged for $25 added to the account (statement credit)
  • No annual fee

3. Highlights

  • 5% cash back limit: most card or cash back with 5% or low ceiling (such as $6000).This card, on the contrary, ex-6500 cash back is very low, but more than 6500, becomes a greengrocer, pharmacy, come on all the 5% cash back credit cards.Of course, in order to prevent abuse, AMEX plus a 50000 limit, which means that you can get $2500 back up now.
  • AMEX card benefits
    • AMEX offer: what?Amazon return to 20 under 20?Wal-Mart 15-5?75-10 pay the phone bill?Generous Offer AMEX cardholders a bit, was cashed by you at the time of consumption.See AMEX OFFER details.
    • Line height: AMEX customers is very generous, often given much higher limits than other banks.
    • Three times the forehead: AMEX card in the card holder the 61st day after the website enhancing lines by a factor of three times.
    • Free Shoprunner membership can enjoy many online shopping free shipping in two days to, see: website links
    • Extended warranty: using AMEX card to purchase things, manufacturers warranty is automatically extended for one year
    • Free credit score: some users free access to credit scores

4. Disadvantages

  • For the average consumer, this card has little use, in order to get the cash back to pay ex-6500 5% the opportunity cost.
  • Improper use of the card after getting, can easily lead to AMEX Financial Review, leading to your other AMEX cards are locked together.Need to submit income tax returns and other material to unlock

5. User Guide

  • Get don't brush after thousands of cards, take your time.
  • Daily consumption can be placed on this card, avoid drug is vegetable oil consumption, is the Bill too monotonous.
  • Evenly distributed throughout the year in the consumption as much as possible, such as monthly 3000-4000
  • Get cash back with Exchange right away, avoid checkpoints cannot be cashed
  • Without a certain level of income support, better not touch this card, FR is not a joke
  • Please read the FlyerTalk related article, then decide whether to apply for

Application link:

AMEX Blue Cash (OBC)-large selection
AMEX Blue Cash (OBC)-large selection
AMEX Blue Cash (OBC)-large selection
AMEX Blue Cash (OBC)-large selection

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