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Guidelines for using AMEX Offer

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Use of the AMEX Offer, allow the Bank to pay your annual fee ~AMEX even though, unlike CHASE, CITI, BARCLAYS has its own network of cash back rebates, but AMEX offer good returns are very impressive, a year on average and even can reach $200.If you use Citi double cash 2% cash back, takes a $10000, you can get a 200.So, to introduce AMEX OFFER usage and tips.

Guidelines for using AMEX Offer

1. What are the AMEX OFFER

Here are some blogger's Amex offer and see if

Amazon return to return to return to 10,Kohls 5,Lowes 50 25,Walmart 15 75 50 return 10,BestBuy return to 25,Neiman Marcus 250 to 300 back 55,Staples 100 50,GNC 50 to 10 and so on

An AMEX card total of the money (1.5 hours)

Guidelines for using AMEX Offer

2. Where to find AMEX offer?

Login to your AMEX account, can be seen below the legend of AMEX OfferGuidelines for using AMEX Offer

  • Available: you can now add some of the offer
  • Added to card: you've added offer
  • Saving: how much money do you offer

3. What are the offer form

Amex offer generally has three forms:

  • XX branch spent $ XX, returning $ XX
  • In disposable spend XX $ XX store, returning $ XX
  • Full $ XX at XX store, you can lose the code XX, less $ XX

Finally, a relatively uncommon and is unlikely to work, was not introduced in this paper.Both are fairly common, meaning understand very well, as long as you referred to his store a certain amount of (first need to be greater than or equal to the total number he requested, the second a one-time exceeding his request), AMEX will amount to offset bills (your statement credit) to you in the form of return.The return ratio in the range 10%-25%, which offer content.In other words, if you receive a offer AMAZON return to 20-20, so long as spending over $ 20 at Amazon.com, AMEX will add $ 20 to your account automatically.

4. How to add AMEX offer

Usually there are three ways to add:

  • By logging into his AMEX account, available on the icon Add on.
  • In the Twitter link to AMEX account, and then specify the Tweets (#xxxx) added.
  • In the Facebook link to AMEX account, and then Offer a list of Add.

Finally a Facebook can offer added, Twitter there can offer, so bloggers generally do not.

For the first, relatively straightforward, direct offer the following add to card icon click on the map, will be able to add to the list card directly.

4.1 added by Twitter offer

  • (1) first of all, you need to have a Twitter account
  • (2) since I had my account, click on the link below to bind your Amex credit card and Twitter
  • (3) the binding succeeds, you will be on your AMEX account for mailbox binding successful message is received

After these 3 steps, and Twitter links on your AMEX credit card., You only need to send a Twitter, such as #AmexSamsClub, you can then bind SamsClub now on offer.

  • Tweet #AmexSamsClub+ space + any characters (such as gogogo and the like)
  • Receive AMEX give you back on Twitter
  • Login to your Amex account, you can see added to card list

Guidelines for using AMEX Offer

There is another key is how to know which offer, what are the Twitter to receive this offer.Here recommend you focus on Blogger Sina microblog (weibo.com/chasepoints or right sidebar) or Twitter (see right-hand column).Bloggers will publish the first time some of the more valuable offer.

5. Added to AMEX card offer

AMEX play a trick, if all your cards are below an AMEX ID, same store offer can only be added to the card.After you log on AMEX on their own account, there are three AMEX account, first adding AMEX cards available offer you offer (such as Amazon), the second card is available inside the Amazon offer will automatically disappear. But if you've added offer (offer appearance Added to Card) list, then offer does not disappear.

Here are three approaches to AMEX card add offer

  • Multiple AMEX login ID, each corresponding to ID an AMEX card
  • Through multiple browser windows open simultaneously and AMEX offer
  • By way of Twitter add offer

The first simple and crude, is the need to remember multiple ID.Blogger now uses this approach.

More than more than 5.1 browser added:

  • Login AMEX account, go to first card offer page, confirmed the offer you want (don't click on Add to card at this time, or the second offer will disappear).
  • Open a browser window and login AMEX account and enter the second cards offer an interface, you can see you have to offer
  • 。。。。Repeat the number of your card, then you should open your AMEX login ID number for all cards below the window
  • Give each window a one click Add to card
  • Last log back on AMEX account, will be able to see every card offer is added.

5.2 Add Twitter account multiple times

5.3 added by tweetdeck

Eagle thanks mail pointed out, we can more than one card at the same time through tweetdeck add offer

  • Registration card and you need to add the same amount of Twitter
  • Each Twitter and your AMEX card that corresponds to the binding (binding as above)
  • All Twitter add to tweetdeck
  • By tweetdeck to send a #AMEXoffer message
  • All Twitter is sending this message is the equivalent of each AMEX card plus offer

Bloggers did not adopt this method, so you can try and try.The advantage of this method is that once and for all, just get the first time you want to register more than one Twitter will be a little trouble, then just once can complete all cards and AMEX offer.

6. Notes and frequently asked questions

  • Stay calm, do not offer buy to save money because there are things you do not need
  • Note see the online offer is still in store offer
  • Note see is requested is altogether single consumer consumption greater than or greater than
  • If you store the force, leading to insufficient consumption of single, can call Amex customer service online chat/, explain the circumstances, customer service will manually.
  • Consumption calculated on the last charge to AMEX card money to calculate item cost plus shipping and tax amounts equal to or greater than required by Amex offer
  • Use the offer does not have to redeem from the Amex listing and cash back rebates net payment by AMEX card is OK.
  • General use before the offer expires (pending appears before the expiration time, but post after the expiration time), or be able to get the money back.If you do not get, and customer service explaining the situation generally manually.Of course, no need to wait until the last moment
  • Everything from Twitter to offer in the account list to add, are the upper limit of the total number.See a good offer to get Twitter or add to their list, or the number of full, Twitter will prompt offer reaches the maximum number, originally appeared in the list can be added the offer disappears.(Already on offer will not change in the list)
  • Note see buying gift cards meet consumer requirements (General meeting)
  • Buy according to the request, but did not get the credit within a week, you can find customer service inquiries
  • If you used an offer before, but the order was cancelled, and once again was able to get back to the money (but the second time not Amex received congratulation messages)
  • If offer order refund returns, returning money is likely to be back (YMMV), so to be on the safe side, into a store credit for future use
  • Not all offer can be added on Twitter, some only appears at the specified card offer
  • Pay Amex channel cards, such as AMEX Serve,Bluebird,FIA and shop with AMEX to launch joint credit cards can also use Twitter to add offer.But binding Twitter, you must enter the card number.
  • Vice President of AMEX cards can also add its own Offer, but FIA, store groups the secondary card of the card does not have its own offer (Deputy card number and the card).
  • AMEX card is lost or stolen, if you send the new card number and card different, before that the offer might be able to add one.
  • Please reread the article, repeating three times

7. Offer tips

Guidelines for using AMEX Offer
Guidelines for using AMEX Offer
Guidelines for using AMEX Offer
Guidelines for using AMEX Offer

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