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"The highest reward 25k" low-end AMEX Gold–gold

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"The highest reward 25k" low-end AMEX Gold--gold

The card orientation:

  • Long term (cost 160/year)
    • AMEX Offer fanatics
  • Short, one year after the opening level (return >-$0+$500+$150=$650)
    • No annual fee for the first year (-$0)
    • 25k MR card reward (about $500)
    • AMEX offer another year (about $150)
    • AMEX card comes with benefits (>0)

My reviews:

I have no plans to open the card to get this 25k MR card rewards.Due to recently opening more, but MR points or more on their hands, so even if this is the highest reward in recent years, I have very little interest.If you do not loose any cards and took other AMEX card rewards, is the master of playing AMEX Offer, consider opening the card take off AMEX Offer card rewards + a year.This is a low-level version of the AMEX Premier Gold Rewards card, the biggest difference is that there is no air to reimburse ($100 per year) and lower rebates (air 2x), and low annual fees just a measly $30, I really do not know what the AMEX card is designed.Unless you brush a lot of AMEX Offer, or still do not hold, one year after the checkpoint go

Low-end card introduction

1. application

2. The basic characteristics of

  • Opening bonus: 25k Membership Rewards (about $250-$500)
  • Credit card saved MR:
    • Aviation website to buy tickets 2x, restaurants 2x
    • All 1X
  • MR points Exchange:
    • Can I exchange a number of air miles, points to maximize value
    • Can be used to Exchange hotel points, pay bills, AMAZON, McDonald's, on its website shop consumption, Exchange gift cards
    • For more details, please see: guidelines for using MR
  • No overseas charges
  • $160 annual fee (annual fee waived for the first year)

3. Highlights

  • Open card 25k MR points:
  • AMEX card
    • AMEX offer: what?Amazon return to 20 under 20?Wal-Mart 15-5?75-10 pay the phone bill?Generous Offer AMEX cardholders a bit, was cashed by you at the time of consumption.See AMEX OFFER details.
    • Free Shoprunner membership can enjoy many online shopping free shipping in two days to, see: website links
    • Extended warranty: using AMEX card to purchase things, manufacturers warranty is automatically extended for one year
    • Free report: some users can query a credit score for free, can receive one free credit report annually

4. Disadvantages

Application link:

"The highest reward 25k" low-end AMEX Gold--gold

"The highest reward 25k" low-end AMEX Gold--gold
"The highest reward 25k" low-end AMEX Gold--gold
"The highest reward 25k" low-end AMEX Gold--gold
"The highest reward 25k" low-end AMEX Gold--gold

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