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United States aviation (AA) introduction to mileage 10% return

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United States aviation (AA) mileage will depreciate by March 2016, especially business class one way between China and jumped from 55K to 70k, and one way in first class from 67.5k up to 110k.But the AA's mileage is still several miles (UA,DELTA,CA,ANA) in the exchange value of the Sino-US economic and business class the highest, thanks to lower fuel surcharges, and Cathay Pacific Japan Airlines ticket number, can be one way ticket and AA credit card 10% range associated with the return.Today we introduce the 10% return is all about mileage.

United States aviation (AA) introduction to mileage 10% return

1. 10% mileage return profile

If you have the following two United States airlines AA credit card, every time redeem AA miles can enjoy the 10% mileage return, return to 10K the most mileage each year.

Because each Exchange can get return 10%, if you have two cards, ideally, your AA miles can be exchanged for a factor of 1.111 … Times.Opening Citi AA credit card you can get 55.555k miles, spending $ 1 at a time, you can get the 1.111-2.222 AA mileage.

2. How to get 10% back

2.1 obtaining necessary conditions for return

Get return mileage requirement is that you have this two one of the AA credit card, and it does not exceed the total return of the year 10K AA mileage.If you just get a joint credit card, you can sign in to your AA accounts confirm that you have connected to your credit card.Below the figure on the left is connected to the Citi AA credit card, pictured to the right are connected to the Aviator

United States aviation (AA) introduction to mileage 10% return

As long as you use and Exchange mileage AA associated credit card accounts, regardless of what Airlines flights are the Exchange, Exchange which position is called Exchange or online direct exchange, can get back.

2.2 at the same time holding two credit cards

If you are owner of Citi and Barclays two AA groups of cards, total return of ceiling or 10K, are displayed for each card gets the 5k mileage reimbursement.

United States aviation (AA) introduction to mileage 10% return

If you have two Citi AA signed a card, if the associated to the same AA account, then returned to the mileage limit is unchanged.

2.3 when can I get back

In the margin of your mileage out of that instant, the mileage is deducted from your account at the same time, 10% return immediately appear in your mileage account.Below is a photo of my AA miles for online exchange of Sino-US business mileage, miles will appear in your account.

United States aviation (AA) introduction to mileage 10% return

3. Use skill

Although the mileage refund is quite simple to understand, but there are still a few tips here to share with you.

3.1 using Hold, tickets are sold separately

If AA mileage in your account not two/Central American round-trip ticket to do?Economy class, for example, every single 35k AA mileage, if your mileage is only 68k, whether you need to go to the official website of paying high prices to buy 2k AA miles for a ticket?Of course, the answer is no.Mathematics is very simple, first bought the first one, cost 35k, back 3.5k, then left in the account 68k-35k+3.5k=36.5k, mileage enough second votes.

The specific operation, what about insurance?First of all, you need to set two separate tickets, if you are round trip, trip tickets into two one-way and return (effects of actual flight time to and from exactly the same), if two people separated by one.Either way, you should ideally use AA mileage tickets provide the ability to Hold 5-day free.To use the Hold feature, is because of the mileage ticket needs a certain amount of tickets, mileage refund only after the issue would return only after the mileage is deducted from the AA account.In case your first ticket after the second ticket of being robbed, two people cannot take the same plane is very troublesome.So, you are booking to Hold each of the two tickets, and then confirm the first mileage ticket, after paying the money ticket, you can get the mileage.Then, to confirm a second mileage ticket, so you can guarantee to buy two tickets.

Of course, this method is also suitable for SPG points go AA mileage ticket, if you have a certain amount of SPG points, you can change part of the AA votes out of the account.Separate tickets for specific case requires a minimum of how many points you according to their own calculations on the line.After all, flexibility of the SPG points, can maintain the flexibility point, the more the better.About SPG points for details, please read:

3.2 new year's tickets

Since each association the AA credit card account can only get up 10K miles to return each year, so if you happen to be at the end of the issue, and need to buy two tickets (such as two economy class round trip), can be considered the end of a piece (get return 7k), next year a piece (get return 7k).Of course, the Hold function is recommended here, it is best to first day of the end of December, five days after the beginning of January, so perfect.Similarly, if you can't just cross Holde years, suggest you both one way, two people return again for the second year, ensure that each flight was together.

3.3 distribution of AA mileage

If there is more than one person in your family that AA and related credit card, you accumulate points AA or a turning point when better watch equally.Because AA mileage is to transfer money from one account to another account, so an account number not to hoard too much or use up more than 10K return line is not worth it.At the time of Exchange, from small to large to Exchange miles for each account clean.

When you apply for AA credit card, don't fill your AA frequent flyer number, AA will give you automatically assign one.So, maybe you have two available 10K return AA account.Which I have not tried, if the churn of the AA credit card who can try ~ of course, points enough to SPG points to make up in the account on the line.

4. Matters needing attention

4.1 impact of change on 10%

AA mileage votes despite the fact that is free of change, but free to endorse the use of mileage is the same, but the actual operation, the back of mileage deduction mileage may occur.Generally speaking, as long as you don't change the fly airline and departure at the airport, is not going to happen.We care about that because if you set the ticket last year, changed this year, so if there is a back button again, return of the 10% will be in the line of your 10K this year.

4.2 other

  • After the cancellation, the 10% return will also return
  • If you want to turn off the credit cards, the best welfare then, can fix the ticket change

United States aviation (AA) introduction to mileage 10% return
United States aviation (AA) introduction to mileage 10% return
United States aviation (AA) introduction to mileage 10% return
United States aviation (AA) introduction to mileage 10% return

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