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"Gift card deal+ 3.17 updated new student number 5" Amazon shopping and saving money tips

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Amazon good after-sales service, product details and reviews, reliable quality, good prices make people stop.Today's talk about tips for shopping at Amazon, let you add province to province.

"Gift card deal+ 3.17 updated new student number 5" Amazon shopping and saving money tips

0. Update column

  • "2016.3.17" Amazon's third-party gift card deal (Dominos,applebees), as described in section 6.2
  • "2016.3.17": good news!Amazon's third-party gift card can now pay with Amazon gift card balance!
  • "2016.3.17" new Amazon top of $5 Student accounts.See section 2.2

1. Introduction to Amazon money-

Many ways to save money on Amazon, the most common is to add something to your shopping cart, and then every now and then look at the price, if the discount to buy.In fact, in addition, there are many ways to save money in the Amazon.As a user of Amazon for many years, I still understand the Amazon sale above operation and ways to save money on the Amazon payments.Today we summarize how to Amazon province to the extreme.

2. Amazon Affiliate

On Amazon there are several members, each Member has a unique advantage.Save on shipping costs, acquisition deal in advance, specific categories of discounts, and so on.

2.1 Amazon Prime (fee $99)

Amazon Prime is a membership system launched Amazon, has the following main benefits:

  • "The most important" FREE Two-Day Shipping:Sold/fulfilled by Amazon can get two days free shipping to transport experience. I believe that this is the main reason for purchase of Prime.Pay the freight at a time add up to enough members of the annual fee.Amazon Prime Shipping Benefits.
  • Membership Sharing: two people can share all Amazon Prime benefits through Amazon Household, only one annual fee.View details About Amazon Households.
  • FREE Same-Day Delivery: some States still have one day to the welfare. FREE Same-Day Delivery.
  • Prime Video, and Music, and Photos: free video movies (Prime Video.), music (Prime Music)., photos About 
  • The "new" Prime Pantry: now to buy some household consumables and snacks, you can use the Pantry this function, send me monthly, free shipping.And the price is similar to big supermarkets, such as Wal-Mart, target. Prime Pantry
  • The "new" Prime will be launched in Early Access:Amazon some bargains, such as lighting deal, the Member can ensure you are snapping up 30 minutes early. About Prime Early Access
  • All the benefits of induction, please see: AmazonPrime introduction to benefits

If you're shopping on Amazon, or get a prime member is better, at least you can save a lot of freight.Prime when members have a discount, but not often.If you are a student you can buy for half price Prime! (See below)

In addition Prime will have some special benefits, such as:

2.2 Amazon Student (free of charge!)

If you were still a United States College, good for you, Amazon offers a free Amazon Student project, benefits are as follows:

  • The "new" register now through our recommend links you can also get extra $5 Credit!"Gift card deal+ 3.17 updated new student number 5" Amazon shopping and saving money tips
  • Registered for the first time can enjoy six months of Prime membership (see above benefits), and enjoy unlimited free two-day shippingQQ picture 20150608000808
  • After six months, as long as you purchase over $35, you can also enjoy free shipping, but generally delivered within two days to enjoy the
  • Flowers at half price ($49) regarding the purchase of Amazon Prime membership, continue to enjoy two days of arrival and all Member benefits
  • Amazon Student registration link (registration to $5 credit, better to use student edu register email at the end)

Amazon Prime members of Student access is unable to share with others, but half of the Prime member and enjoy all the other benefits, is also very cool.

2.3 Amazon Mom(Amazon Family)

Amazon Mom is great for MOM you like online shopping.If you have a Prime Member, you can enroll for free membership.Additional benefits of this member are:

  • 20% off diapers with Subscribe and Save.
  • 15% off baby registry completion coupon (non-members get 10% off)
  • Exclusive Amazon Mom coupons (you can't see them unless you're a member)
  • Details about this member: About Amazon Family

So, if you are a mother, and often buy diapers and baby products on the AMAZON, registered the Amazon Mom is able to save a lot of money.After all, money to buy diapers and baby supplies are made quickly.Of course, the Member of Amazon MOM Prime is needed in support of $99 annual fee or to pay for Amazon Student $99 Member is required to use the Amazon Mom

3. Subscription and Save(S&S)

This is my favorite, Subscription and Save (S&S) has the following characteristics:

  • Additional discount: Save 5% by S&S than outright purchase, if you have five things while S&S a month, which gets all five things 15%off
  • Free shipping: whether you buy lightly smoked paper or a box of drinks heavily, you can use S&S free shipping
  • Scheduled transportation: you S&S of the month will be shipped out on the same day of the month, so if you need this thing S&S is not for you
  • May at any time cancel: you S&S can be canceled at any time.So you can use S&S to save freight cost, and then received cancellations after a S&S

What about how to S&S?: Very simple, buy snack food household consumables may see the S&S flag on the right side, you directly select a S&S, 5% can be seen immediately.

"Gift card deal+ 3.17 updated new student number 5" Amazon shopping and saving money tips

Cancel S&S: find Manege you subscription in the account on the line

4. Techniques of payment

Da Lu Huo Yuan is in front, I believe people know that Amazon has some experience.This then save money can not everyone will be used, if used well, 20% can save money!Also, Amazon Member for a fee, these tips are free!

Generally available in Amazon credit card, debit card, gift card, this can be done inside articles is very big.Can often save 5%-20%.

4.1 credit card payment (5%-10%)

Amazon direct shopping discount card are the following:

Simple comparison shows that Amazon and Chase launch joint credit cards are the most unworthy applied (3%), Amazon Store Card you will need to meet the Amazon Prime members are 5% (too single use).Sallie Mae is covered Amazon annual consumption ($750 per month limit cannot apply now), and Freedom and Discover It's actually covers the most important shopping season, nor does it fall downwind.If you do not have more than a couple of credit cards, in the Amazon is expensive, has recently proposed to apply for Discover It (double cash back with cash back Amazon 10%, card has sent $100) or Chase Freedom (most recently the highest card reward $175).And Amex credit cards because the Offer was not there on a regular basis, so there is no need for Amazon to save money individual applications.

4.2 the gift card payment (5%-20%)

Amazon gift card can also be used to cover the Amazon order including shipping, if you can buy Amazon gift cards at a discount, then Amazon consumer savings in disguise.Here are several ways to buy discount Amazon gift card.

  • Greengrocer in some supermarkets (3%-6%): If there is a relatively high cash back credit cards in the supermarket, such as Amex BCP, AMEX BCE, AMEX EDP, BOA Cash Rewards credit cards can purchase Amazon gift cards in the supermarket (no extra fee), then recharge your account to buy something.Province percentage depends on your credit card cash back rebates.Generally between 3%-6%.
  • Use Amex Offer:AMEX sometimes provides each department store (Lowes, Homedepot,kohl's) offers such as the 100-25,50-10.By department stores to buy Amazon gift cards, activate AMEX Offer, equivalent to the province, 20% or so.Most importantly all of Amex cards can be combined with this offer, this province money, please see "Amex Offer details"
  • MPX Amazon gift card: buy Amazon gift cards through MileagePlusX this APP, you not only get a cash back credit card itself, can also get the APP free 2x UA mileage award, UA credit card users can also get the extra mileage 25%.If you use Citi ATT credit card purchases, can get up to the number of UA 2X UA+3X TYP+25%.That adds up to 5.5X points, the value is around 8%, or Amazon gift card is 8% off.The introduction of the APP can be seen: MileagePlusX details

5. Cash back network

Cash back network now also gradually add Amazon.com, but only some categories of goods in line with cash back, can look at before purchasing merchandise categories, then decided to cash back network from which to buy.

In General, these cash back is not very powerful, limits more.But, after all, can save a little by little, more than if you don't have cash back network account or the flow of cash back is not familiar with, you can refer to the article "rebates cash back network getting started."

6. Amazon gift card Deal

6.1 Amazon home gift card deal

Amazon home gift card deal was target, only received the message or specific groups of people to use.There are several

  • Buy Amazon gift cards, send some promotion code (for example, buy 50 get 5)
  • Reload Amazon gift card balance, sending some promo code (such as reload 100 get 10)

These activities often occur, I will update the link, you can take a chance.Note: Amazon gift card cannot be used to purchase deal.

6.2 Amazon third party gift card deal

Amazon also sold a number of third-party gift cards, such as Nordstrom,Staples,Starbuck.See: list of third-party gift card

"Expired" these third-party gift cards sometimes have certain discounts.See: list of gift card deal

"Gift card deal+ 3.17 updated new student number 5" Amazon shopping and saving money tips

Recent Amazon quietly changed the rules, allowing Amazon gift card balance in the account to buy third-party gift cards.So, if you were using one of the above methods to buy Amazon gift cards at a discount, and then purchase these third party gift card deal is a good deal!

7. Summary

Familiar with the Amazon top member and function is the basis of saving money, skills, however payment is the quickest way to save money.One of the best is to use AMEX OFFER, store gift cards.The most stable way to save money is paid by credit card or greengrocer or MPX purchase with a credit card gift card.If you are a student, then Amazon Student must be registered.

"Gift card deal+ 3.17 updated new student number 5" Amazon shopping and saving money tips
"Gift card deal+ 3.17 updated new student number 5" Amazon shopping and saving money tips
"Gift card deal+ 3.17 updated new student number 5" Amazon shopping and saving money tips
"Gift card deal+ 3.17 updated new student number 5" Amazon shopping and saving money tips

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