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"Expired" AMAZON-1-click free $10 (Citi,discover)

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Write an article to introduce this deal, because this often deal over a period of time.Once the deal appears, each AMAZON accounts can be introduced through this way, get this $10 off.Looking back, I seem to have won four or five times.Take advantage of this deal can now be used, and to give you details about the process and the steps!

"Expired" AMAZON-1-click free  (Citi,discover)

1. Introduction to One-Click Offer

Each AMAZON accounts can get, Citi and Discover 10off 10off (provided, of course, is that you have two cards of the company).If you have n Amazon account, it is equivalent to N*20.

The specified credit card offer is added, as 1-click on the AMAZON payment method, and then when you buy something on AMAZON, the use of this credit card payment will be able to enjoy a $10off.The so-called 1-click, that 1-click is on the articles page by clicking the label will automatically use the default address and secondary card directly to buy this thing.Is in need of attention, activate this offer can enjoy 10off, buy when you don't have to use 1-click to pay can see 10off, but you must use that one as a 1-click means of payment card payments only.

"Expired" AMAZON-1-click free  (Citi,discover)

2. The fastest access steps

Did a special on the Slickdeals gets links handy:

"Expired" AMAZON-1-click free  (Citi,discover)

  • Replace the following code
  • Pay special attention to, some browsers will automatically get rid of beginning JavaScript:, so after pasting the if found not, manually enter the word and a colon

"Expired" AMAZON-1-click free  (Citi,discover)

  • Hit enter, enter the address, and then select the promotion you want to activate on the line

"Expired" AMAZON-1-click free  (Citi,discover)

  • After activate a need from start to finish once again, activate the second, the back is of no use

3. Original acquisition steps (Citi credit cards)

  • First computer use Chrome or FireFox browser to log into your AMAZON account
  • Add any Citi account payment card (MyAccount-AMAZON Wallet-ManagePaymentOption)
  • Click on the following link to go to AMAZON mobile interface: www.Amazon.com/access

"Expired" AMAZON-1-click free  (Citi,discover)

  • Everyone sees ads may be different, but you need to right click on the second line of the ad, select "review elements" (inspect element)

"Expired" AMAZON-1-click free  (Citi,discover)

  • This interface then appears (selected automatically is to select the pictures related to the line of code)

"Expired" AMAZON-1-click free  (Citi,discover)

  • Roll up the scroll bar on the right until you find the code

"Expired" AMAZON-1-click free  (Citi,discover)

  • Right click, choose "Edit as HTML", and replace all the contents inside the Citi code at the end of the article.Special attention is, where the code needs to be replaced is very long, you want to select all rows, are two div at the end.And need to change in the code is longer, you need to copy all.Or can not see the picture but may occur.
  • Then you will see the beginning of the little-known ads, below the ads

"Expired" AMAZON-1-click free  (Citi,discover)

  • Click on the $10 off, enter the offer interface

"Expired" AMAZON-1-click free  (Citi,discover)

  • As long as you have saved a Citi card account, in accordance with the settings 1-click Select that card as payment on the line
  • After the offer was successfully added, choose an AMAZON things into a shopping cart, you can see it at the time of check out Citi 10off

"Expired" AMAZON-1-click free  (Citi,discover)

  • Although a bit of trouble, but, after all, is $10 wool Ah!

4. Original acquisition steps (Discover card)

Steps are exactly the same, only required code (code see end of article).But recommend that you run out of Citi added 10off discover.Successfully added, you can see the ads"Expired" AMAZON-1-click free  (Citi,discover)

5. The usage best practices

Although limits must eventually adopt the Citi and Discover credit cards as a payment method, but if your account has more than "price-10" Gift Card, even if we all paid for with gift card, and can see the 10off, there are other credit nor does it affect the credit.

  • For example I'm about to buy a tripod of the AMAZON, price $23.49+$7.57 shipping, automatically use the Citi 10off, original 10 knife credit my account, and account $11.06 gift card.

"Expired" AMAZON-1-click free  (Citi,discover)

Best way to use is:

  • Complete these steps to get Citi/discover $10off
  • Return to network inside the method mentioned by Giving Assistant, first go back to network purchased the Gift Card, which you can enjoy cash back network 5%-10% 5% cash back credit cards and cash back
  • And then away again Giving Assistant, AMAOZN to buy what you want get 5% cash back
    • You can click here to register without Giving Assistant, new account $5: registration link
  • Payment when you use the height 15% back +Citi 10off now get gift card, to buy what you want, and get a cash back network 5%

6. Matters needing attention

  • 10off obtained only at AMAZON sell things here (sold by Amazon) used above, third-party sellers or AMAZON Gift Card is not
  • If you discover and Citi added promo, both cannot be used, appears when you use discover to pay discover 10off, Citi will appear when using the Citi 10off
  • The same card can be used in different Amazon accounts Gets the promotion
  • After the offer is obtained, the 10off expired in January 2016, but so little money we should be out soon
  • The HTML code for each occurrence of the promotion is different, if there is a new update at the end of the article.But using a process similar
  • After computer access a mobile version of the page, you can log on: Amazon.com/fullsite back to the computer interface, if always jump to mobile interface, it is recommended that log out, then fullsite login again on the line.

7. Related code

6.1 Citi 10off

Slickdeal building are provided in the code, find the box, and then select all and copy it.

6.2 Discover 10off

Slickdeal building are provided in the code, find the box, and then select all and copy it.

"Expired" AMAZON-1-click free  (Citi,discover)
"Expired" AMAZON-1-click free  (Citi,discover)
"Expired" AMAZON-1-click free  (Citi,discover)
"Expired" AMAZON-1-click free  (Citi,discover)

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