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Italy introduction of air miles (1)-Trina ANA?

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Italy introduction of air miles (1)-Trina ANA?

Italy air (AZ) is Italy contains flag airline, HUB, including Rome (FCO) and Milan (MXP and LIN), which belongs to the SkyTeam Alliance include everyone is familiar with Delta Air lines, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, China Airlines, Xiamen airlines, Korean Air and so on.Routes only because of its greater China in Beijing (July 16), and United States destinations only JFK, MIA, Miami, and Boston BOS (Chicago ORD only quarter and Los Angeles LAX flights), the destinations were mainly in Europe, so his family is not very familiar.Most of the people through his family status match to match every now and then a SkyTeam Elite Super (equivalent to OneWorld Sapphire or Star Alliance Gold card), as for his mileage plan is rarely mentioned.Due to the minor league in the SkyTeam Alliance and Al Ittihad, so mileage can change his home there was plenty of tickets, let us now take a look at highlights of his mileage.

1. Mileage Plan profile

Alitalia plan called MilleMiglia miles, cheaper economy class is the Standard award of Exchange, Flexible and more expensive Elite Award Award.Cheap business class is a standard award, more expensive SuperFlex Award.Usually we Exchange Standard Award, like UA Exchange is generally exchanged saver award.

Registration address: https://www.Alitalia.com/en_US/special-pages/subscribe_mm_program.html

2. Point source

  • By plane.SkyTeam flights accumulated mileage is often not 100%, so the accumulated mileage will not be too many of them flying.
  • AZ mileage partners in North America had an important–AMEX Membership Rewards, turning point is 1000:1000.After turning-point was measured in seconds.MR points the main source is the brush opening or usual Everyday Preferred credit cards.
  • SPG points: 20K = 25K AZ mileage SPG points.And like other mileage is not second to.For non-traveling party, SPG points mainly depends on the brush AMEX SPG credit card.
  • Official website: official website-buy discount between May 18 to June 18, this is the link to buy, maximum 50% bonus:
    Italy introduction of air miles (1)-Trina ANA?
    In accordance with 50% of the bonus to be obtained each mileage 1.67 cents is the cost, or about $ 1.874 cents.Note that Exchange mileage mileage can only be 75% for tickets bought, leaving at least 25% to come is a flight or points or other means.

3. Exchange rules:

  • Exchange their flight: one way, one way round trip 60%, up to twice per one-way transit.One way and return are not there, there are openings in the same district.North America belong to AZ in the exchange table 5, China belongs to the AZ area 7:
    This is their flights in economy class and premium economy class exchange table,
    This exchange table is to exchange their flight in business class.
    Date is changed or modified class at the airport is free of charge.Changing passenger name, stroke, aircraft Division, or call to change accommodation will charge the fee of 55 euros or 5000 miles.
  • S SkyTeam partner flights must change, and up to six paragraphs, you can have a travel and layover time spend more time at the destination.Change table at the SkyTeam partner flights, China belongs to the Southeast Asia region.
  • Redeem Etihad Alliance partner flights: the exchange table on this page, you can click on the logo to view all air Division.Visual inspection can only be round-trip, direct flights and limited, do not mix partners.
  • There are Malaysian Airlines, GOL and Virgin Australia small partners outside the Union, given the bright spot is no longer on him, not repeat them.

4. Exchange highlights

  • S SkyTeam partner China round trip: just 70K/95K+YQ (economic/commercial)!Business class and ANA exchange standards, is really very kind and standard.And Secretary many Asian airlines in the SkyTeam Alliance, including everyone's familiar with China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Xiamen airlines, and Korean Air.Compared to UA exchange between need to 70K/140-160K,AA is 70K-75K/140K, Delta mileage Exchange need to 70K/140K-160K, compared with AZ and ANA exchange business mileage to and from only 60%-70%, this is a good deal.
  • Exchange home and SkyTeam partners and from the US and Europe: just 50K/80K +YQ (economic/commercial)!More honest than ANA 55K/88K, we introduced before the Korean and mileage required mileage, as is the exchange of one sweet spot.
  • Exchange SkyTeam partners as well as Jet Airways United States-India (including Sri Lanka and the Maldives) round trip: just 80K/100K +YQ (economic/commercial).As for business class, a great choice for North America-horse, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Korean to the flight of the horse's.
  • Exchange of Delta United States domestic roundtrip: United States local business a roundtrip as long as 40K.UA,AA,DL should be at least 50K.
  • Exchange day partnership of North America-southern South America (Brazil Argentina Bolivia Chile Uruguay) round as long as 50K/75K + YQ.By contrast UA 60K/140K, AA to 60K/115K,AC to 60K/110K,DL to 75K/125K, Mexico there are many business-class air miles tickets.
  • Canadian flight Los Angeles-Tahiti round trip: 60K/90K (economic/commercial).
  • Exchange their flights can call customer service hold,hold for up to two weeks.According to the blogger said, before calling had better have some mileage in the account (you can turn your AZ 1000 MR account), and then Hold, then, the last ticket.

5. Exchange method

Table pretty, Exchange cannot be against Lu.And exchange it is AZ mileage Thorn (KE mileage).

Exchange their flight can look it up on its website, but the official website can be found all over the world and Italy flights between the cities.United States official website is not very stable, I is generally use Italy's official website booking links (friends do not understand Italian, best use of the Chrome browser's translation), click Enter a member number (Note beginning membership number 000 removed leaving only the last 7 digits) and PIN will appear the following interface:

Italy introduction of air miles (1)-Trina ANA?

For example queries on September 15, JFK-the Roman economy class one-way ticket:

Italy introduction of air miles (1)-Trina ANA?

Point lower right corner of the Red grid will appear in business class mileage tickets, but do not display the required mileage (according to the AZ forms required mileage is 48K one way, 80K round trip):

Italy introduction of air miles (1)-Trina ANA?

The flights with A330 flies, new-old-class, the new cabin is equipped with fully lie flat business class seats (how to find the page about old and new in FT you can query):

Italy introduction of air miles (1)-Trina ANA?

Also has a calendar feature on the left side, light green represents a standard economy class mileage tickets (that is, the lowest mileage):

Italy introduction of air miles (1)-Trina ANA?

Exchange partner airlines ' driver must call Exchange, United States customer service phone number is (800) 223-5730, is said to go to Albania, just very wide of the mark.More reliable are Italy customer service, phone +39 066-5649.Of course, if a mileage plan Italian PEAR service is the most reliable customer service, you know.So the best DL segment check good and AF ticket then called Italy customer service for the ticket (note that AZ mileage rules such as one way of no more than three paragraphs, and so on).Sometimes if you look it up, met Italian customer service says not out, or English option is selected the results have no customer service in English, or you can hang up.Best customer service find a turning-point and then immediately after the vote, MR AZ is second anyway, it is better than MR go ANA a lot.

Italy introduction of air miles (1)-Trina ANA?
Italy introduction of air miles (1)-Trina ANA?
Italy introduction of air miles (1)-Trina ANA?
Italy introduction of air miles (1)-Trina ANA?

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