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Air Canada Aeroplan mileage introduction (1)-miles conversion analysis

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Long time no see. Today OneMoreDay miles, do you ever think about me lol (flower and eggs you flew over it!)。 Today's Aeroplan is the lead, which is Canada airline mileage plan (actually has independence from their Air Canada operations), referred to as AC.And the United States have to do with friends?Remember OneMoreDay whiny repeatedly stressed the point, is to have a "Union" (do not trouble trouble saying so many times that is enough): Air Canada belong to the Star Alliance, including UA, air, Eva air, all Nippon, Asiana, Singapore Airlines usually sit to the air Division.Because of the existing Union, allows us to take these flights can be AC mileage, which in turn AC range can also be used to change to the Division of these airlines flights.


1. Equal to Star Alliance flight AC required mileage?(China-us routes)

AC mileage standard of Exchange and UA Exchange similar to the miles required depends on the start and finish area, and not related to the flight path.AC mileage Exchange form can look at this link: AC Exchange form.China area is Asia 1.

2016 years: Air Canada began in December 2015 devaluation devaluation devaluation of the route could see this Air Canada mileage, how do we respond?

Air Canada Aeroplan mileage introduction (1)-miles conversion analysis

From the United States and Canada (including United States domestic, Canada and Alaska) Exchange based on criteria shown in the following figure:

Air Canada Aeroplan mileage introduction (1)-miles conversion analysis

We can see that everyone is most concerned about Sino-US routes, and economy class 75K need AC mileage (round trip, the same below), business class 150K, class 210K.We come to the most common UA mileage comparison, Sino-US UA miles for economy class round-trip needs 70K, business-class 140K (UA flight)/160K (non-UA flight), first class 160K (UA flight)/240K (non-UA flight).So can see, if you wants to Exchange economic class or UA home flights words, with UA of mileage is better of select; if you and OneMoreDay as is a foodie sleep goods food lovers and pursuit comfortable travel of people, wants to exchange such as full-time empty, Hana, long wing and so on to service catering known of boutique aviation business or first class words, so with AC mileage words by needed of mileage number than UA mileage more less (this not representative UA mileage exchange such of flights no advantage, for what does?Because the fuel surcharge, we will talk about later).

There is also a noteworthy column, that is, Premium Economy, that is, advanced economy, required mileage between between economy and business class.High-quality, if you want to change ANA premium economy class, then I am afraid you will be disappointed, because this column just for Air Canada by their high, AC mileage for Air Canada their flight with fuel surcharges, worth of opinion.

2. Travel and opening policy

In the major airline mileage travel and open policy we introduced in Air Canada's open and travel policy (if you don't know what is open and stay if you can see this article): AC mileage may be one way, and one way to enjoy a stay, one way mileage required is half the round-trip.

Travelling is more complex, required the following:

  1. Intercontinental travel (travel between two continents): the official website only a stay or an opening, called Air Canada to two stops or to open a travel mileage.(Two travel can be fun, detailed examples refer to this Alaska Airlines mileage convertible)
  2. In the territory of the United States and Canada: you can have an opening or a stay.
  3. The United States and Canada to Hawaii/Puerto Rico/Mexico/Caribbean/Central America: If only Air Canada, can have an opening or two stay stay.If Star Alliance partners (such as UA and COPA): you can open a stay.
  4. Remaining continents travel (travel within the same continent): can't stay, you can have an opening.

3. Exchange highlights 1:Asia in 1 round trip (highlights are dead after the devaluation of the Air Canada)




4. Change highlight 2: transatlantic round trip

Europe 1 includes the following countries these green labeling, including the main countries of Western Europe:

Air Canada Aeroplan mileage introduction (1)-miles conversion analysis

Other parts of Europe (including the European part of Turkey and Mao Ziguo) were assigned to Europe 2.Continue to ridicule compliment Aeroplan under the background of imagination, well, partitioning highlight look.This map reminds me of Winston Churchill's famous iron curtain speech:

"From Stettin on the Baltic to the Adriatic, Trieste, a trans-continental Europe's iron curtain has to fall.At the back of the line, lies the ancient capitals of Central and Eastern Europe.Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Bucharest and Sofia – all these vicissitudes of the city and its inhabitants are all in within the Soviet sphere of influence, not only in one form or another succumbed to the influence of the Soviet Union, but also by Moscow's growing pressure control.Only Athens, the radiation it eternal glory in England, France and the United States each of the three countries, free to decide its future.

Aeroplan in continental Europe (excluding Nordic) partition as Canada the sovereign State's former Prime Minister said that description was split into two by the iron curtain.As to the immortal glory of Athens, has long been the economic crisis also worn away, and even the Aegean Airlines A3, also lost his flying rings, min so they carry on.

If you want to travel from the United States of America AC tract West of the iron curtain, you can change one way, one-way economy class 30K, business class is the 45K (update: it has been going for up to 55K), UA mileage Exchange, you need to 30K in economy class, business class, 57.5K (UA flight)/70K (non-UA flight).It can be seen that flying economy class or UA is better (regardless of the bloody fuel surcharge), if you fly business class, AC mileage to change is very good, but also has two to stay.If you choose to UA, Poland air or Switzerland aviation, high fuel surcharges will not be (depending on what hair I said in the next):

Air Canada Aeroplan mileage introduction (1)-miles conversion analysis

Even if you go to the eastern side of the iron curtain a one-way business class is as long as the 52.5K (update: going for up to 57.5K), or more than the UA conscience, in fact, if you feel uncomfortable trying to save this 7500 Miles, in fact, to the East of the iron curtain, or as long as one way business 45K 55K, such as Turkey, is 55K:

Air Canada Aeroplan mileage introduction (1)-miles conversion analysis

This is just a minor bug, a little Evil, so not all appear, but to offer you a new way, do remember not to checked baggage.

5. 3 Exchange highlights: North America flights

The biggest advantage was North America and from there, and UA no, so can be a ticket to play in two places.

North America flights exchange difference between short-haul and long-haul, short-haul a roundtrip as long as 15K, one way is just 7.5K.For example, such flights:

Air Canada Aeroplan mileage introduction (1)-miles conversion analysis

If pay is the price:

Air Canada Aeroplan mileage introduction (1)-miles conversion analysis

AC in this Exchange mileage from more than 3 per cent of value!Note short only Exchange Air Canada flights and his younger brother, cannot be exchanged for UA and UA little brother.

This is not the best solution?You can see that the cost of more than 7500 AC mileage $53.60 additional fee.We talked about before BA mile is a short artifact, if BA Miles in Exchange, because Atlanta-ATL direct flights to Toronto YYZ no AA/US way need to change planes in Chicago, so BA Exchange, you need 9000 Avios+ $5 (update: up to 15000 Avios+$5).In OneMoreDay's view, this Exchange alone, or BA exchange value, if you don't mind turning point,, AC mileage can only be used as a spare tire alternate.Update: after the devaluation of the BA, AC Exchange short-distance performance greatly improved.

However, because Air Canada Canada's monopoly in the territory, if you go to Canada no AA/US city flights, Avios can do about it, to change than with AC with UA for a good deal.And, with AC for a short stay or transit, for example, you can open the following flights:

Air Canada Aeroplan mileage introduction (1)-miles conversion analysis

Surcharge is cheating $171 …This not only Air Canada fuel surcharge, and Canada high airport fees and the United States of the U.S. International Transportation Tax, the UA part also can't escape, the same flight UA prices are as follows, because UA did not stay in the territory of North America, so this is counted separately by three paragraphs:

Air Canada Aeroplan mileage introduction (1)-miles conversion analysis

So, in this case, even in higher taxes and fees, with AC short to change also is a good choice.What about what flights are short?Points can be found here (search for "Short-haul Fixed Mileage Flight Rewards in North America.").To cite an example, starting from the following State to Quebec and Ontario (including Toronto and Montreal) also belong to the Short-Haul, which is one way mileage 7500 AC:

Air Canada Aeroplan mileage introduction (1)-miles conversion analysis


Such mottled map, please allow me to once again moved Aeroplan backstage staff of imagination.

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Air Canada Aeroplan mileage introduction (1)-miles conversion analysis
Air Canada Aeroplan mileage introduction (1)-miles conversion analysis
Air Canada Aeroplan mileage introduction (1)-miles conversion analysis
Air Canada Aeroplan mileage introduction (1)-miles conversion analysis

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