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Air Canada mileage devalued, how do we respond?

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Air Canada mileage devalued, how do we respond?

Jiahang today announced adjustments to mileage Exchange, there's good news and some bad news.First the good news, that is, Air Canada's one-way exchange requirements before departure or destination is North America's only, meaning you for Beijing-Singapore ticket one-way mileage is not enough, but the one-way mileage tickets for Beijing-San Francisco is.Today Air Canada make adjustments, announced that all the tickets allow one way mileage Exchange.This greatly improved the flexibility of Air Canada mileage Exchange.

Well, under the clear mood, following all the news is bad.Mileage exchange adjustment effective from December 15, new exchange table, you can click this link.

Devaluation of the American and European lines

China entry standards remain the same, but United States-Europe zone 1 and from business and first class was increased from 90K/125K to 110K/140K!In our previous article introduction to Air Canada Aeroplan mileage (1) we said that United States-Europe 1 business a roundtrip as long as 90K, this is one of the highlights of Air Canada miles.Now rose to 110K, up 22%, rose is quite large, but it's expected range.United States-business-first class roundtrip Euro 2 also increased from 105K/145K to 115K/160K.

Devaluation of the Asian routes in the area

These gains were not small, but we are saying this line of devaluation is dwarfed by the:

Air Canada mileage devalued, how do we respond?

Yes, Air Canada Aeroplan mileage introduction (1) we introduced another "sweet spot", is 20K Asia within a roundtrip economy class, business class 30K, such low exchange also let everyone enjoy flower 30K Airlines mileage to change to Beijing-Singapore business round trip.But from December 15 began to surge in Asia within a roundtrip mileage required to 40K/80K.This standard also exaggerated than UA!

This basically means that, in addition to outside China to and from and between the US and Europe are quite satisfactory, Aeroplan no longer have the advantage of Exchange.But this devaluation of the two mileage or you can locate the appropriate alternatives.

Devaluation of the central line

China to Europe from an economic/business/first class 75K/105K/145K up to 80K/150K/210K.

China economic/business/first class to Europe II from 75K/105K/145K up to 80K/150K/220K.

European zone away from China's more recent results first need more mileage than Europe or …Can not be understood …

How to deal with

On took beauty Europe roundtrip for, we introduced had of ANA Mileage Exchange beauty Europe roundtrip business class only need 88K, big Han Aviation (KE) mileage Exchange beauty Europe roundtrip only need 80K, these are than devaluation Qian of Aeroplan mileage to deal, and ANA Mileage can from AMEX MR and SPG points turned to, KE mileage and can from Chase UR and SPG points turned to, mileage source also is is rich of.If you are in the northeastern United States to Europe have Cathay Pacific Asia Miles mileage can be selected, from 80K, is also a good choice.

Round of the Asian zone, can be solved by Lifemiles, now on sale in the North is 20K/30K round trip.About Lifemiles we will be in a future article.

The central line, Alaska Air Miles Redeem Cathay flights Hong Kong business round as long as 85K.For Star Alliance, ANA 100K business round trip is a good choice.

Air Canada also are included in different regions of the country, before Air Canada does not know whether to see the OneMoreDay range officers to use geographic level of ridicule, this partition reasonable Air Canada a lot, for example, Asia 1 and 2 sections into this, Singapore, Viet Nam, Thailand became Asia 2:

Air Canada mileage devalued, how do we respond?

The partition of Europe become like this:

Air Canada mileage devalued, how do we respond?

Luxembourg finally fall into the area of Europe, Poland is finally returning to the European zone to the East of the iron curtain, iron curtain official build is complete (the stem of the iron curtain to see this article).

The Air Canada mileage devalued once again warned us not to put all your eggs in one basket, devaluation of the mileage diversity helps us to fight this kind of mileage.So OneMoreDay like UR,MR,TYP,SPG these can be flexibly converted into different mileage points.Depreciation of the mileage is the trend, when depreciation is only a matter of time.Stock mileage is unwise behavior, and enjoy is able to get better mileage with the right state of mind.

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Air Canada mileage devalued, how do we respond?
Air Canada mileage devalued, how do we respond?
Air Canada mileage devalued, how do we respond?
Air Canada mileage devalued, how do we respond?

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