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To match line-AA frequent flyer programme changes 2016

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Remember in a previous blog post, chanye AA to introduce frequent flyer programs relative to the UA/DL's one bright spot is convertible mileage calculated in accordance with rather than fares to fly to.Well, although not officially announced the change, but it seems AA in the near future, UA/DL will be in cahoots.

To match line-AA frequent flyer programme changes 2016

Chanye below to tell you about, this AA mileage plan changes, how will what

Good news

Elite membership does not require consumption

This can be regarded as a change of a few of the good news, after all UA/DL elite membership (address in the United States) compliance requirements, shameless add the minimum amount of such a requirement, which may want a mileage run to achieve elite membership package, is a bad thing.AA does not follow in UA/DL's footsteps, also gave the elite membership of friends through MR.Of course, the better and the next change

Simplified elite membership compliance standards

Cancelled in accordance with points (EQP) to calculate the standard of elite membership, just miles (EQM) to form, and the lowest accumulation of positions will also have 100%.

As follows:

  • Full fare First/Business F/J 3 EQMs per mile flown
  • Discount fare First/Business 2 EQMs per mile flown
  • Full fare Y/B 1.5 EQMs per mile flown
  • Discount Main Cabin 1 EQM per mile flown

Mileage exchange table there will be no big change

At present because the news had not been officially released AA, so just speculating.We wait and see it.However, as mileage plan, depreciation is basically trend of this change.

General news

  • 4 500-mile class upgrade coupon every 12k5 EQM (currently 10K EQM)
  • EQM elite membership criteria will not change
  • Through a number of flight segments (EQS) in order to achieve the standards of elite membership does not change

Bad news

Convertible mileage accumulation is subject to purchase amount

Booooooooo!AA has finally joined the ranks of demons.Since after DL this, UA,AA have jumped into the pit.Standard and everyone is about the same (really low three routes of a Feather).

In particular, the criteria are as follows:

  • Whiteboard: 5 m/d
  • Gold: 7 m/d
  • Platinum: 8 m/d
  • Executive Platinum: 11 m/d

Anyway,chanye think this devaluation is probably inevitable, we accumulate are the same, then you just need to buy a ticket when focused more on fares, for most people, perhaps not a bad thing.

System upgrade certificates (SWU) shrunk to 4

For Executive Platinum members, is now 8, cut in half, which is not small, and even than the UA1K, DL DM.


Basically, the devaluation of the frequent flyer programme is a general trend, none of this can not change.Therefore, chanye again, points are not accumulated, will cost is King.


To match line-AA frequent flyer programme changes 2016
To match line-AA frequent flyer programme changes 2016
To match line-AA frequent flyer programme changes 2016
To match line-AA frequent flyer programme changes 2016

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