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United States air miles (4)-miles (Pro/Engineer CAD 2)

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United States air miles (4)-miles (Pro/Engineer CAD 2)A blog on United States air miles (3)-miles (Pro/Engineer CAD 1) describes how to exchange a picture cannot be found from the American Airlines website partners Division of air tickets.AA as one of my favorite mileage, certainly there are a lot of bright.Today highlights of chanye introduce AA mileage Exchange

Canadian mileage discount (Reduced Mileage Award)

What is a Canadian discount?

Discount equal to is AA mileage for a joint credit card owner of a benefit, Exchange allows credit card holders to discount the mileage to airport destined for United States domestic flights.Specific page, you can see the official website-AA discount mileage.

The applicable credit card

Currently the discount according to the different cards held by, is divided into two levels, a discount of between 7500miles and 5000miles, respectively.

Specific card types are:

7500 miles discount:

5000 miles discount:

About Aviator series cards, see the ymlulu article (Barclays Aviator series (Basic/Blue/Red/Sliver)–US Airways song), on the Citi ®/AAdvantage ® Platinum Select ® MasterCard ®, please see the ymlulu article (Citi AAdvantage Platinum–mileage good cards)

How to use this Exchange

  1. Meet the requirements of having a credit card
  2. Find the corresponding discount code (available on the AA website-page step 2 to find discount mileage)
  3. In the list of active airports, find what you want to Exchange airport
  4. Call (1-800-882-8880) to exchange tickets

Using cheats

Us-discount mileage can be seen from the AA website, participate in the activities of the airport is monthly.So, if I'd like to change the month, my destination airport is not in the list do?

Although the AA website-discount mileage, made clear that this only applies to destinations in the list of activities, but practice has proved that as long as your trip destination or point of departure in the list, you can use this discount!

So, if my departure and destination is not in the list do?This approach can be used, and how does it work?Such as your point of departure is a, destined for b, but a and b are not in the list, but site c in the list.Then you just need to find the A-B-C transit trip, a one-way ticket and NO SHOW up at B-C.

Of course, in this way, you'd better not check-in bag, it is better do not often do, in addition to injuries outside the character, may also be of AA on the blacklist.

Low season discount (Off-Season)

What is the off-season discounts?

Low season discount (Off-Season Saver) is AA at a specific time, for a specific region, for economy class discount mileage provided by Exchange.

Participate in area and time?

AA/US Exchange

OneWorld partners and Exchange:

Specific regional definitions refer to the (United States air miles (3)-miles (Pro/Engineer CAD 1))

For details, see (AA official website-AA/US Exchange) as well as (official website-OneWorld and AA partner Exchange)


Off-season Exchange, if caught, are basically very worth it, here, chanye recommend 20K North America Europe North America Japan 25k and Hawaiian 17.5k Exchange in North America.

Alaska (Alaska)

What highlights

From the previously mentioned exchange table we can see that the AA for United States native to Alaska Exchange mileage is 12.5k one way, and the United States within the local Exchange is the same, which in the United States is the only of the three cheap airlines airlines Division.

So, if you have plans to travel to Alaska, consider using AA mileage to redeem this journey.

In addition, mention, AS is AA good friend of exchange partners and can find the AS ticket direct from the AA website.Does it feel s much easier?


Since AA cancelled international one-way in gateway city after the stop over, AA mileage use, a lot less fun was less useful than before.However, the highlight is still quite a lot of, as mentioned in this article.

United States air miles (4)-miles (Pro/Engineer CAD 2)
United States air miles (4)-miles (Pro/Engineer CAD 2)
United States air miles (4)-miles (Pro/Engineer CAD 2)
United States air miles (4)-miles (Pro/Engineer CAD 2)

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