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United States air miles (2)-miles (primary segment)

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United States air miles (2)-miles (primary segment)A blog post describes how to save on AA miles (United States air miles (1)-mileage), but knowing how to save mileage, is only half the work, and half is relatively simple.Play cards play more critical and more complex is that of how to use it, will only save point, point for you is just a bunch of numbers, only to point, in order to truly appreciate the benefits of playing cards to play to their own.
Starting from this blog, chanye will introduce you how to use AA mileage, to get a free trip for you!Of course, when introducing anything, should be implemented progressively, so we start from rough miles up.

Basic steps

  • Open AA Web site
  • Logging into your account, enter the departure and the destination, choose a good time, travel, one way/return, check the "redeem miles" to a predetermined mileage award ticket.United States air miles (2)-miles (primary segment)
  • Election day "MileSAAver", then click continueUnited States air miles (2)-miles (primary segment)
  • Select the flights that can be exchanged for, and then click continueUnited States air miles (2)-miles (primary segment)
  • After fill in the passenger information page appears, after you fill out and click continueUnited States air miles (2)-miles (primary segment)
  • Information will appear selected seats, blue for the optional seat, once selected click below to submitUnited States air miles (2)-miles (primary segment)
  • Then enter the review of this book interfaceUnited States air miles (2)-miles (primary segment)
  • Will allow you to select the method of payment at the bottom, from left to right is a credit/debit card payment, for six-month loans, reservations booked for the time being.
    If you have chosen credit card payment, the payment information below will appear, after deductions, it succeeded.
    If you chose to keep a reservation which was scheduled to leave five days, pay five days valid (screenshot date as August 25, 2015).United States air miles (2)-miles (primary segment)
  • Here we select the reservations book for the time being, you will see the confirmation page, if you have paid, then appears at the red box "ON REQUEST" or "CONFIRM" to indicate that your ticket has been booked.United States air miles (2)-miles (primary segment)
  • So, enjoy your free travel.


This blog is just getting started, to provide you with a step by step simple to use United States aviation (AA) miles to book return tickets steps.

For simplicity, the model chosen by United States airlines (AA) direct operation of Dallas-Beijing (DFW-PEK) flight route, this route this year before sailing, tickets are relatively plentiful.

Getting started, according to this model, you can have yourself booked return tickets.

However, you may be asking:

  • United States aviation (AA) miles, you can only book United States aviation (AA) do you operate flights?
  • United States aviation (AA) miles, just booked a direct flight?
  • United States aviation (AA) miles, only intended/Shanghai to Beijing return flights?

The answer is no!You can using United States aviation (AA) of mileage, scheduled any United States aviation (AA) partners airlines Division (specific some partners can scheduled line will has limit, this for not mention) of flights, and originating to and destination can is any United States aviation (AA) and partners can arrived in of Airport (actually may will has MPM and published fare of limit, this also for not mention).These questions will be answered in the next article.

In addition, the use of United States aviation (AA) miles, with strong skills, there will be some tips for booking, also mentioned in the article in the future.

United States air miles (2)-miles (primary segment)
United States air miles (2)-miles (primary segment)
United States air miles (2)-miles (primary segment)
United States air miles (2)-miles (primary segment)

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