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And two relating to the AA news today

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And two relating to the AA news todayNews one: transfer AA 20% bonus SPG points, link here.(7.1-8.7)

Journalism II: Citi ®/AAdvantage ® Executive World EliteTM MasterCard ® (referred to as Citi AA Exe) opening incentives jumped to 75,000miles (need to complete $7,500 within three months of consumption).

AA is one of my favorite FFP mileage plan, readers are also a lot of AA mileage.Then the two offer is worth jumping?

Let us talk about the news, see ymlulu SPG points does not understand written introduction to the SPG card.We all knew that the SPG points air miles has an advantage, is 20,000 SPG points per turn bonus 5,000 points, he took AA, for example, when there is no activity, can turn into 20,005 AA mileage 20,000 SPG points.This activity allows us to convert 20,000 SPG points to 25000*1.2=30,000 AA mileage.So this is 1SPG->1.5 AA, I valued SPG points is 2cent,AA value is 1.6cent,1.5AA is 2.4cent, so demand for AA mileage friends turning points is a good deal.

30,000 AA miles can change a season of the United States to Colombia Peru round trip air tickets to get a United States territory a roundtrip ticket to spare, plus US Barclays bank card or Citi AA Platinum card reward 50,000 AA mileage, you can get a return airfare or a one-way return to Cathay Pacific's first class tickets.

If you need a lot of AA mileage, press and the other is good news.You may be scared by it $450 the high annual fee, but you can take the card rewards for $450 to buy 75,000 AA mileage, about $1,200, plus a member of Admiral Club and AA flight priority boarding and other concessions.Admiral Club membership allows you to access to all AA at the airport lounge, even if you did not take the AA flight the same day.Of course, within three months of completion of $7,500 consumption is also a bit difficult, if you don't produce, the people in General is still difficult.

No mileage enthusiast that you want on the General worth for this credit card applications?Let us look at this card open card rewards change history: in October 2013, the card open card incentives rose from 30,000miles to 60,000miles ($5,000 within three months of consumption) and 3 months later, on January 24, 2014, driving rewards up to 75,000miles ($7,500 within three months of consumption), and give your Statement Credit $100.Just 4 days, on January 28, 2014, card reward unprecedented rise to the 100,000miles+$200 Statement Credit, card spending also rose to a three-month $10,000 's request.So I suggest you don't jump, you can wait for a few days.One is $100 less than last year's offer, second, might have a better offer.

Interested students should pay attention to this card Citi 8/65 policy: 7 day can only apply for one, can only apply for two tickets for 65 days.More than words will automatically decline.If you're on or off the past 18 months had the same card (into the other cards count), so you do not receive your card rewards.I skipped last year 100K friends want to apply slightly until next month.

Conclusion: If you just want a great demand for AA mileage and consumption requirements, Citi AA Exe is very worthy applications.If you need a small amount of AA mileage, then transferred from SPG points is a good time.

If there are no SPG points do?You can consider applying for the SPG AMEX credit card, card spending spending $3,000 three months can get 25,000 SPG points, the link is now able to find the best SPG credit card Offer.Consumer spending requirement is six months before $5,000 to get to 25,000SPG, now opening low consumption, so it is difficult to have a record of 30,000 card rewards.If you have a large payout this month, applied for this card now, satisfied after opening the card, can still catch go AA discount.

If you use the link to our application, we will get some mileage, thank you the United States credit card 101 support.

And two relating to the AA news today
And two relating to the AA news today
And two relating to the AA news today
And two relating to the AA news today

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