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AA in March next year with the new depreciation of the exchange table–no surprise (1)

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Yesterday, the AA has finally officially announced the 2016 membership plans and details of the mileage plan members plan chanye line to rival-AA frequent flyer programme changes in the 2016 article has written a clear, beginning in the second half of next year, and UA, Delta, flying gets AA mileage and consumption linked to Mileage Run earnings will be substantially reduced.As to the mileage plan, generally thought to be devalued, banished to what extent AA yesterday gave us an answer.Existing exchange table will continue into next year, on March 21, new forms of Exchange will come into effect on March 22 next year.

Relevant forms can look at these links: AA AA flight mileage exchange links of the old form, AA AA flight mileage Exchange new form link

AA miles of old forms of aviation links exchange partners, AA mileage aviation links to new forms of exchange partners.

Following is a OneMoreDay sorted out the AA table compares the old and new forms of Exchange (United States triggered, one way):

AA in March next year with the new depreciation of the exchange table--no surprise (1)

Note *:7.5K is greater than the distance from the Exchange standard is applicable to flights of 500 miles.

**:32.5K for low season s AA flights, 35K for high season s AA flights, 37.5K for Exchange OneWorld partner flights.

1. Change Sino-US round-trip economy class, business class and first class mileage required to increase

It can be seen that we are most concerned about China and round trip (China, belong to the Asian zone) above, finally joined the Canadian off-season in economy class, and from just 65K, cheaper than the original.Note that the off-season Exchange can only change AA flights.Season s AA flights and the flat.If you want to change the OneWorld partner flights (such as Cathay Pacific, JAL, etc), economy class, you will need more miles – one way 37.5K, is 75K, and this is higher than both UA and Delta, and Aeroplan Exchange were flat.Off-season dates between the two countries is as follows:

Visiting the Mainland/Hong Kong: January 1-April 30, July 1-September 30, October 11-November 30
Starting from the mainland China/Hong Kong: February 1-May 31, September 1-19 and October 2-December 31

It can be seen that home more than eight months was off-season (including summer), beauty is more than seven months (including national, 51, and the Lunar New Year holiday) is the low season.

As for business and first class of the Exchange, the Exchange than we all know AA UA too much cheaper and Delta, returning one way business now only 55K, first class is 67.5K, so this line of devaluation is positive.Business is OK, just devalued to 70K, in the United States is the most honest of the three shipping.After all although up beauty is 70K, but up beauty Exchange East Airlines will received expensive YQ, and big Han and tightened has to partners are put of mileage votes (each class flights only put two economic class and a business class), as UA, Exchange home of is 70K, but if wants to Exchange ANA, Hana, long wing, flights to enjoy good of service, on need 80K of one-way.By contrast, AA are 70K and exchange their own as well as coalition partners don't accept YQ, and is very kind.

First class, are sharply increased its fees, soaring from 67.5K to 110K.So I want to change Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific first class friends to capture the Exchange.However, even if it is devalued, we could have a way to respond.Note in the new table, Japanese-American first class one-way only need 80K (Korea and Japan in the Asian region, so Korean American Prime is 80K).So, we were able to enjoy cheap JAL first class, how to get to Japan?If Nikko's base is in the country of your destination, then congratulations, and may be replaced with a BA domestic Japan flights (about BA Miles you can see OneMoreDay written by United Kingdom air miles (1) – mileage Exchange).Nikko China routes are as follows:

AA in March next year with the new depreciation of the exchange table--no surprise (1)

As can be seen from the figure, in fact, these routes are not long, when BA short artifact can be exploited.Shanghai (Pudong International and HongQiao) JAL flights have started 7,500 Avios Exchange.The same number of Avios can exchange in Dalian-Tokyo, Tianjin-Nagoya, Taipei-Nagoya, Taipei-Osaka route.Other JAL flights are only 10,000 Avios.I'm sorry?These business class you want to try?In fact, JAL's business class hardware are generally of short, can't lie, JAL's soul lies in the long-distance business and first class, especially in first class, OneMoreDay have YY the many airlines first class the next day longyin Roppongi (Michelin star) packages, even after the devaluation of the AA, the airline's first class is still very affordable.So, 7.5K~10K Avios+80K AA miles or to meet the needs of students to experience China first class!But also the way to Japan or Korea to play Oh!

So how JAL Mileage of the first class ticket?Written by OneMoreDay Japan Airlines mileage (1) tickets – universal tool, which has a detailed query method of JAL Mileage.After the JAL website to check the best go BA official website to Double Check it, and then you can call the AA customer service ticket, concrete steps of AA booking chanye wrote United States air miles (3)-miles (Pro/Engineer CAD 1).

Nonsense sentence again, if you're not a big city, but also want to use the above trick, UA mileage, AC miles (December 15 before depreciation), and ANA Mileage is your good helper!

2. North America short 7500 Miles Exchange

And eggs, only for the direct flights, BA finish blasting.

3. the United States to Europe and South America rose slightly

AA was keeping the two value-for-money exchange, low season economy class to Europe from 20K up to 22.5K, high season economy class is 30K, very affordable.Trade rose from 50K to 57.5K, it's not fair.First, only BA first class between the USA and Europe, high YQ AA for BA flights, so nothing really cost-effective, can be ignored.

AA to the South American region (Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, and so on) in economy class from 15K/17.5K up to 17.5K/20K, or keep the sweet spot, a conscience (unlike AC value that, taking away the few bright spots).Business-class exchange standards maintained at 30K.OneMoreDay looking forward to South America for a long time, and still think AA mileage pain killers in South America are not appreciated.

4. United States to Central America coach exchange standard

Now America is than slack and AA 12.5K, high season 15K!Business is also down!Cancun, Panama, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico here I come lol!

5. Summary

AA form has long been an area of adjustment, and lower standards than the UA and Delta, the depreciation is to be expected.And the first between China and other depreciation is also acceptable (first class first class can also be used between China and Japan and the United States to save him, just to enjoy the Cathay Pacific first class, it is recommended to use the Alaska mileage ticket).Now most frequent flyer of trend is the increasingly high mileage for first class, it is more difficult, but the same number of miles for economy class.So if readers are mainly economic class, in fact, UA, Delta or AA, mileage devaluation effects change little for you, sometimes it is cheaper (just like the AA plus the off-season between China and Singapore, as long as the 65K can roundtrip).I hope you can look at this with a normal depreciation.Don't forget, holds the AA Citi Platinum credit card or credit card Barclays AA Aviator series 10% of exchange students can offer, equivalent to more than 90 percent to Exchange, Sino-American business one way under the new table 63K, but also finished the explosive UA and us.

In view of the depreciation as well as Citi and AA closer cooperative relations, OneMoreDay a bold prediction, AA mileage depreciation (that is, after the March 22) soon, Citi's Thankyou go AA mileage Point will open the skill.

In this article we analyze North American AA of new forms, in the next article we will be based on the analysis of China's Asian zone table.

AA in March next year with the new depreciation of the exchange table--no surprise (1)
AA in March next year with the new depreciation of the exchange table--no surprise (1)
AA in March next year with the new depreciation of the exchange table--no surprise (1)
AA in March next year with the new depreciation of the exchange table--no surprise (1)

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